Camping Wardrobes and Cupboards

Camping Wardrobes and Cupboards

Ah my dear friends, what to wear camping? How does one form a camping wardrobe on a budget? Let’s face it, the proposal of a camping trip asks more sartorial questions than it answers. Should one invest in lyrca, crinkly-swishy trousers and hiking boots or make wise choices from your normal wardrobe and forge forward with hesitation set deep in your eyes? When it comes to my camping wardrobe I like to strike a balance somewhere in between. Let’s face it, if you’re essentially going to be outside twenty-four hours a day, you’re going to end up cold at some point. Even in the summer months, the clouds will move over and cover-up that yellow ball in the sky, so even just for a few minutes, you’ll need a cover-up of some kind because that vintage mini playsuit just won’t cut it.

Don’t pull out everything in your wardrobe, throw it on the floor and discount it as unsuitable. Think layers. That short floral dress will work well alone when it is warm, add a cardigan on top to fend off the breeze then pop a long sleeve top on underneath for some warmth because I tell you this now, sitting around reading books next to the sea gets cold and quick. Add layers as the sun sets and the clouds draw in – zip-up tops, hoodies etc. Pack scarves, woolly hats, gloves and a nice blanket for sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallows. Leggings and thick tights work well with camping as do knee-length socks. Don’t even think about bringing anything white. Nuff said.

Camping Checklist and Camping Kits

Camping Clothes

Yep, they’re not pretty but they do keep you warm. Camping is a bit like labor, at one point it’ll get so bad – you just won’t care what you look like. When the fire burns out and the wind claims your tent for itself you will be desperate to pull a fleece over your head. Mr Thrifty and I stocked up in whilst their fleece-y tops were on offer at 3 for £20.

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Camping Socks

Lots of socks, lots and lots of socks. Take two pairs per day (they have a habit of getting wet or running away) plus a fleecy pair for bedtime and knee-high socks…just because.

Band hoodies

I don’t personally own any hoodies but Mr Thrifty does have a habit of getting drunk at gigs and spending a small fortune on merchandise, the hoodie is one of his favorite choices. They are usually reserved for Sunday afternoons in front of Come Dine With Me but these are dug out for camping and become the mainstay of my wardrobe when sitting about doing nada on the campsite. Inactivity makes you cold, shocking, non?

Camping Trainers

Find your scuzziest pair of stable trainers, a pair you don’t mind getting muddy/having spider corpses embedded into and have them at hand at all times.

Silk scarves and hairbands

Hey, did you know it is often windy outside? I know, mad right? Well it is and having your hair blown in your face gets old after the 46th time, bring something to tie it back with. A silk headscarf can add a chic twist to even the most fleece-based of outfit.

Invest in one good waterproof now and you’ll have it forever, one trip to camping shop and never again will you have to enter. You’ll thank me for this tip when you encounter the type of rain that bounces off the ground whilst it pours from the sky.

Big Knickers

This be no place for thongs, cover your arse.

Other must have stuff

Plasters, scissors, elastic bands, clothes pegs (clothes pegs & guy line somewhere to dry wet socks), eye mask, sun cream (even in the winter), MP3 player & batteries, flip flops (for the shower block) – I use the freebie ones you get with magazines in the summer months , hot chocolate sachets, hot water bottle and Percy Pigs.