Bye Bye Google Friend Connect etc.

Bye Bye Google Friend Connect etc.

Alight my lovely little trifles, I’m back from me holiday, innit! I’ll be posting all about it very soon.

Just a quick note to let you know (just incase you’d missed the fuss) Google, in their infinite wisdom are hanging Google Friend Connect (GFC) out to dry.

What is GFC? Well you see that widget in the sidebar with lots of lovely smiley faces? That’s a way of enabling people to stay updated with the blogs they enjoy but cor blimey, it is dying a death very soon.

So if GFC/Google Reader is your way of following blogs, a quick and free way of making sure you stay updated is to join Bloglovin’ or a similar site. There are lots of different options but Bloglovin’ is simply my favourite because I like both their app and site and no, they haven’t paid me to say that.

You can follow A Thrifty Mrs on Bloglovin’ here.
You can follow A Thrifty Mrs on Google+ here.
And I’ll be updating my email delivery service very soon.


P.S. Which methods do you use to keep updated with blogs? Share your favourites below so everyone can have the best of options.

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