Buying Vintage The Pros & Cons (Part 1)

Buying Vintage The Pros & Cons (Part 1)

This post is the first post in a set of two about the pros and cons of buying vintage. My real life friends fall in to two very different camps when it comes to buying vintage. I’d say around per cent love buying vintage and actively try to buy vintage for their homes and wardrobe wherever possible. The other per cent are VERY vocal about the very thought of wearing a vintage dress or throwing a previously owned tablecloth over their dining room table making them feel queasy.

Fifties pencil dress charity shop

One particular friend, Gen, makes her thoughts on vintage clothing known on a regular basis through the method of nose wrinkling and shouting ‘ugh’ at the top lungs.
‘Vintage is just second hand with a fancy name (and by any other name it doesn’t smell as sweet)’
she can be heard to cry.She doesn’t mind other people wearing it but the thought of rummaging through vintage, alright, alright second hand clothes, makes her shudder. Vintage items really do provoke extreme reactions in people don’t they? If you like the vintage way of life you tend to LOVE it, tend to love the thrill of the chase but the people who don’t love it seem to feel that wearing vintage is akin to rubbing a flea infested rat on one’s crotch.

Dressing table set  charity shop

Here’s my vintage pro list, I’ll be back tomorrow with the con side. Just to keep Gen and the rest of that  happy.

The Pro List

Pro – You’re unlikely to turn up to an event in the same outfit as someone else.
Pro – It’s green. You’re not cluttering up the planet with new items just for you.
Pro – The quality is usually far superior to that of modern clothes or homewear. Because there was no such thing as ‘disposable fashion’ items were designed to last.
Pro – Resale value for vintage items can be very good. I’ve previously bought vintage clothes and worn them to a couple of special occasions and managed to sell them on for double the price to vintage boutiques or dealers. Vintage clothes really retain value if you look after them well.Vintage home items all under from eBay, vintage fairs, charity shops and jumble sales.

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Pro Service in vintage shops, markets and fairs tends to be far better than high street or designer shops. You can build up a good relationship with your local vintage retailer. Chat to them about the eras and types of pieces you like and it is likely that they’ll keep you in mind when buying up stock.
Pro – It gives you a great buzz. Everytime I buy something vintage I get a real thrill. Rummaging through a bin of scarves or rails of dresses and finding the one that both fits and suits me gives me a buzz. I enjoy the thrill of the chase much more with vintage than with high street shopping.

 Wicker Bag  Vintage Village Fair Stockport

Pro- It exposes you do different styles, fabrics, designers and ideas.  I always think being exposed to new parts of cultures is important. Seeing a different genre of film or reading the work of a different author can be good for you, so exposing yourself to different designs and styles of clothes and homeware is just as important in my book.

Pro – You’re sliding your body into a piece of history. Someone, all those years ago bought that item and treasured it. Years ago people tended to own fewer items and really cared for the possessions they did have. Think about that as you slide your arm into that coat or use that war time mixing bowl, you are a custodian of history.Pro – Although they you can haggle in just about any shop I just don’t have the brass neck to do it on the high street (unless it is for electrical items, I just won’t can’t buy a television unless I get at least  off) but in vintage shops they don’t seem to be offended by you trying to haggle or even barter. Give it a go.I’d love to hear your vintage shopping pro list in my comments section. My con list will be up tomorrow, so hold off on sharing those for now.