Budget Mascara Fail

Budget Mascara Fail

I’m an equal opportunities mascara lover. I like bristle wands, plastic wands, spiky wands – the lot. I’m always interested in trying something new and mascara is my definite weak point. So as you might remember from this post about technic make up, I picked up one of their Monster Lash mascaras for £1.49 a few months ago and sadly I’m not impressed. Promising “volume length definition” aided by an urchin brush, Technic’s Monster Lash mascara definitely fell flat. The mascara comes out of the tube sloppily (I removed some from the wand in order to display the shape of the brush), with a thick, gloopy consistency and applies poorly, seeming to weigh down even the most vigorously curled of lash.

Once on, my eyelashes felt heavy and appeared stuck together. Upon touching them it was pretty clear the formula had set hard and removal would be a pain. Within an hour large fibres were dropping from my lashes and settling under my eyes and even deposited as far down as my nose. I wouldn’t feel confident in wearing this mascara for longer than 5-10 minutes which seems rather pointless even for the most budget of products. Here’s the deal though, I think the wand is great. I cleaned it and tried it with another mascara and it added a nice amount of volume to my outer lashes. Sadly it appears the trade off in giving this budget mascara a fancy-pants wand was in the formula of the mascara itself. Which at best is poor. To me it doesn’t matter if a product is cheap or expensive, there is no point producing it if it fails at the most basic of tasks required of it.

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Have you tried any Technic products you can recommend?

Technic Monster Lash £1.29 online here.

P.S. I loved their £1.49 NUDES eyeshadow palette and reviewed it here.