10 #Lit Hacks For Branding On Instagram Stories

10 #Lit Hacks For Branding On Instagram Stories

The globally acclaimed social media platform, Instagram, is now the favorite marketing tool of local and multinational companies across all occupational spheres. It is because of its global reach and high audience engagement rate that Instagram is an effective promotional instrument in the 21st century. 

To boost your sales and promotions on Instagram stories, here are some hacks that are a guaranteed win.  

1. Humanize your Brand 

The elite, highly professional style of content marketing doesn’t work anymore. To advertise your brand, you must first find a place on the table, be one of the people. It is important that when people think about your brand, they affiliate it with a person or image. That is your brand identity, You must try building a close connection with your users by posting user-friendly content. Not compulsorily generic but fairly comprehensive for everyone. It is pivotal that you place your brand in the right market segment that resonates with your target group. If you want to place yourself as a household brand, let your Instagram stories reflect your USPs that shall prove advantageous for the household segment of the population. 

2. Relatable Feed

If you want to be popular, you must speak the language of the people. A well-known social media strategy is to post content that is trending. It increases visibility and brings more traffic to your profile. An individual is more likely to scroll through any piece of information pertaining to an on-going event or trend. Your brand can also take part in various trends and create videos with the Instagram video editor for effective social media marketing. Add relevant hashtags and don’t forget to tag famous people affiliated with your brand even in the most minute ways. 

3. Minimalism is Beautiful 

Strategizing your content wisely consists of understanding the thin line between minimalist and bland content. Your Instagram story must not lack character but at the same time, shall not be over-decorated. Use limited filters and stickers on your story so that your subject is not undermined. It is important to highlight your brand so as to garner more attention and rapture about your brand. 

4. Influencer Marketing

Sidestep ad-blockers and market your brand on mainstream Instagram by collaborating with influential personalities. The new-gen marketing kit incorporates influencer marketing as one of its most pivotal tools. Showcasing your brand’s association with a famous personality or organization can win you a larger audience engagement rate and increase customer affinity. This popular marketing strategy is also used to boost sales and build a brand’s online presence more prominently. 

5. Building Rapport

It is important to establish a community for your brand in order to win the trust of your users and make them feel heard. Instagram Stories can be an effective B2C communication tool. You can play quizzes, organize giveaways, record audience polls, and host Q&A sessions through your Instagram stories. It also gives you a chance to create anticipation among the users for a new product-launch or end-of-season sales. You can also promote your brand on YouTube by creating your own promo videos on YouTube ad makers and generate more traffic on your Instagram page. 

6. Repost Customer Testimonials

Another way to increase brand awareness and gain customer affinity is by reposting stories of users who mention you. This increases your brand’s visibility and encourages other users to speak about your brand on their social media profiles as well. It is indirectly a type of word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. 

7. Juggle the CTAs

Your Instagram stories must be a sound mixture of promotion and information. Adding too many or no CTAs at all can cost you many potential sales. You must be able to strategize your Call-to-action into an even distribution. If you plan on posting a series of stories one after the other, do not put the CTA only on the last one since people are more likely to bounce off by the end post. Add CTAs on frequent stories and always provide your customers with all the details they shall need to proceed with a purchase with your brand. 

8. Landing Pages

A prominent CTA is directing your viewers straight to your official website from your Instagram story. The ‘swipe up’ option of Instagram allows you to do so by manually feeding linking of your landing pages onto the story settings. Your customers can then simply swipe up on your stories to learn more about your product or to get in touch with you. Use Instagram video editor to create promotional content for Instagram stories and don’t forget to add your website links on relevant stories frequently. 

9. Be Consistent or Perish

Your Instagram marketing strategies can only be executed flawlessly if you post content regularly. Giving your viewers a buffer time shall only make them bounce off and forget about your brand over time. You can also lose a hefty number of followers if your Instagram page isn’t very active. Keeping your customers updated about the upcoming offers, deals, or celebrating national holidays through posts and stories ensure effective brand placement.  

9. Analyze your Performance

After creating and executing marketing strategies on Instagram stories, you must step back and analyze how much audience engagement rate did each generate. By analyzing your performance, you can comprehend what type of content works best for your brand and thus enhance your strategies to yield a better outcome. 

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