Boots No7 Vouchers Back

Boots No7 Vouchers Back

You guys asked me to let you know when these vouchers make a come back, so here’s that memo – they’re baaa-aaack!

Boots No7 Vouchers

I was handed one only yesterday when picking up some bits and bobs in store. Although I can’t find any info on this end of the transaction, I suspect you have to spend £5 (on anything) to receive one of these vouchers. However if you happen to be passing a self service checkout you might find a lot of discarded vouchers, ahem.


You’re presented with a piece of paper at the checkout which separates into two vouchers. One for £5 off No7 Skincare and one for £3 off No7 make up. Both are valid until Sunday.

– You may only use one voucher at a time and it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

– Excludes gift sets, electrical beauty, beauty services and price reduced lines.

– The voucher cannot be redeemed on Boots online services nor as part payment with your Boots card.

There are a Few Other T&Cs, so it’s Worth having a Read of a Voucher.


If you know you’ll be doing a big shop in Boots make sure to split your shop up. Ask the cashier to divide the shop up into lots or if you’re shy, try the self service tills. As long as each transaction goes over the specified amount you should get a voucher each time or for each ‘lot’. Obviously if you’re only doing this to get vouchers then it’s not very thrifty but I didn’t need to tell you that, did I?

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I’m an Ardent No7 Fan, So I Could Happily Pick Dozens of Products However Here Are My Thrifty (With the Voucher) Picks:

1. Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion // Regular price £9.50 – down to £4.50 with voucher.
I’m not sure why there isn’t more hype around this product. It is incredibly hydrating, gentle and blissful to use.

2. Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser // Regular price £9.95 – down to £4.95 with voucher
In my view this product is as good as far more expensive hot cloth cleansers and I always take the opportunity to stock up when I have a voucher.

3. Stay Perfect Nail Colours // Regular price £6 – down to £3 with voucher
This a fab range of nail polishes and one shade in particular is amazing in my opinion. Track down Temptress which is pretty much identical to Chanel’s Rouge Noir.

4. Quick Thinking Face Wipes // Regular price £7 – down to £2 with voucher
I rarely use facewipes anymore but when I’m do (when I’m drunk) it’s usually one of these bad boys. They work well and the packaging stops them from drying out. Don’t forget this little tip to stop your face wipes drying out.