Best ‘Buy It Now’ Bargains

Best ‘Buy It Now’ Bargains

Hey A Thrifty Mrs reader! Did you know you can get some real bargains on eBay? I even showed yesterday. I love to trawl the ‘Buy It Now’ sections for well priced new items. I get a lot of Christmas and birthday gifts shopping this way. If you want to search for ‘Buy It Now’ only simply click the tab below the search bar. I really enjoy giving gifts, especially at Christmas but I like to buy throughout the year to spread the cost. Some of my friends are a bit funny about second hand gifts and I like to respect that, so I hunt out cheap but new items.

Phone covers 

They may seem pointless to some but I’m of the bling-up-everything-you-own brigade, so sssh. Phone covers are a real bargain on Buy It Now and more often that not come with free postage and packaging. They make really quick and easy gifts as I mentioned in a previous post about and they come in just about every colour and design you could imagine. Here are some I’m loving right now – It comes with a free screen protector and is an utter bargain of a price. I’m loving the green one, I think these would make really good stocking fillers (I know, I know).

 –How amazing is that blue?

 – A penguin. A PENGUIN. Are you hearing me, A PENGUIN.


I buy lots of things to keep my home in tip top condition from the bay of e, here are some of my favourites.

Got an problem with moths or just scared of them eating up your clothes? These are your friends. I have some of these knocking around in my drawers and wardrobes because I don’t want the little blighters munching on my thrifted cashmere.

 –  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you’ll probably know about my love for bicarbonate of soda and its magical cleaning properties. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy from eBay, sometimes it isn’t but it is always worth while having a check because you can often get a really good bargain when buying in bulk

I use tea tree oil to add to cleaning solutions or to put on spots. I’ve used this particular seller before and been very happy. 100ml will last you ages but I believe they do the smaller 10ml one too. 

 – I use a lot of borax for cleaning, I usually get it from local cheap-y shops. You know the kind that has everything from full length mirror, hair grips and plastic soldiers. However I know a lot of you struggle to find it so eBay is a great place to find it. Price: £2.99 (delivery £2.99)

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 – I just adore this collar because you can add it to just about every outfit for a complete change and it’s just so different to the many I’ve seen on the high streetI’m a little bit crazy about it. If you know me and have lady parts you’re probably getting one for your birthday this year. 

 – My friend is obsessed with this kind of bag so when I spotted one   on good old bay d’E, I bought one to put away for her birthday. I’m   VERY tempted to buy myself one.

there is quite frankly no way I can get through summer without these. No way. I’ve actually, just as I was about to press publish, seen these reviewed on Victoria’s, so I’m pleased to hear that delivery was so quick from the US.

Everyone seems to be crazy about these and if I’m honest I am too. Every single version is sold out in shops or exchanging hands for a premium price.

 – When my friend showed me her bag, I actually said ‘ooh wantsies’ which a.) makes me a pillock and b.) a filthy consumer. But damn me if I don’t LOVE it.


I like to prattle about with crafts but I don’t like to spend huge amounts on something I may discard in favour of the latest episode of Coronation Street.

 – I’m not a serious enough crafter to require a fancy pants glue gun but sometimes I do need one to finish off a project. I’ve used this one for quite some time and had great results from it.

Yes, I do have an obsession with polka dots and yes, it is dangerous.

 – I am quite honestly so scared of owls that they make me feel a bit sick. However I bought some of these to send to my friend who is more than slightly obsessed with the bone eating sky weirdos and can craft something nice (to her, anyway) with them.

Gifts wrap idea

or you can print your own design on to and iron it on. We actually did the latter one Christmas and popped homemade chutneys and cookies in the bag.