I like to look after my surroundings and belongings so they’ll last longer and perform better and part of that means a regular cleaning routine. I’d rather spend a small amount of time deep cleaning my house on a daily basis than having to spend an entire Saturday trapped in cleaning hell in anticipation of guests   I’ve been there and I hated it. cleaning products  a thrifty mrs  My daily cleaning routine slots into my life nicely mainly because I’ve organised my cleaning kits and separated them out into different areas so I don’t have to keep going back and forth to a central location to find what I need (although I do have a cleaning  HQ where large bottles and spare items are stored). My cleaning kits are broken down into kitchen, bathroom, elsewhere and outside/car/garage. Each cleaning kit is kept in a small basket or bucket in the room or area they are used most often.


Toothbrushes – We tend to use old tooth brushes (which we soak in bleach) or if you don’t have an old toothbrush to hand you can pick up a packet of budget toothbrushes for under 20p in the large supermarkets. They’re great for cleaning grout and those fiddly bits around taps.

Rubber gloves – We actually have two pairs on the go  pink for the sink and blue for the loo.

Sponges with scrubbing pads – Again pink for the sink and blue for the loo. I always pick these up in Morrisons, they come in a large packet with pink, blue and yellow – the yellow sponges are designated to the bath/shower or kitchen. I keep these for using with neat vinegar or my homemade cleaning solutions. These wash really well at 60.

Waffle or knit cloth – You can pick these up anywhere. Once I’ve wiped down something I always dry it with a waffle cloth because our bathroom gets warm and humid and leaving the surfaces damp or wet leads to mould. Again these wash well at 60.

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Large sponge cloths – Again, pink for the sink, blue for the loo and yellow for everything else. These kinds of cloths always seem to be reduced plus they last ages and survive a whirl around in the wash. Whilst the small sponger are for my homemade solutions these are used for anything else.

Caustic Soda – We usually clean drains with bicarbonate of sofa and a kettle of hot water however because we live in a basement flat (read more about that here) our drains and pipes seem to have to work a bit harder and therefore need a bit more attention. Caustic soda rocks and is as cheaper than chips expensive products.

Neat vinegar – I usually buy it in large containers (where to buy white vinegar in the UK) and decant into small spray bottles. It can be used in so, so many ways and brings a lovely shine to tiles, mirrors and shower head screens.

Homemade shower spray – Here is my post about homemade shower spray.

Bleach – Very rarely used but I do have a bottle of bleach a hand just incase. Obviously if you have children store it all somewhere safe blah, blah, blah.

You might also find useful: home Cleaning with vinegar More uses for vinegar Cleaning with bicarbonate of soda. P.P.S. I wash cleaning cloths at 60 rather than cooler washes as not only does it get them cleaner and remove any stains, I have also been told it will fight off any bacteria more effectively.