Baby Skin Review

Baby Skin Review

What the Packaging Says:

  • “Baby Skin
  • Instant Pore Eraser
  • Lightweight primer. Smooth, poreless looking skin.
  • Pores appear instantly erased for smooth-looking skin.”

What I Say:

I have fairly big pores, so something claiming to be a ‘pore eraser’ obviously pricked up my ears but despite my excitement I went into the purchase and resultant applications with realistic expectations but this product did quite literally nothing for my pores. They looked exactly the same before and after and then 2 days later my face looked like a pepperoni pizza. But not only that my face now felt slippery and greasy plus applying foundation over the top (I tried several) was a nightmare. So here’s me on my first application, all excited and shiz.

Right, this could be the end of visible pores. Alright, alright maybe not the end but y’know…blurry pores. Okay this feels like any other silicone primer but maybe it’s different. Hmmm nothing seems to be happening. Maybe if I use a brush? Wtf, I’ve looked away for 3 seconds and now my cheeks and nose are an oil slick. British petroleum., bpppppp? What did you do to my face? Right well I haven’t got time to be faffing and taking it off, maybe if I’m careful I can apply a foundation over the top, I’m only going out for 2 hours, it doesn’t have to last.


Washes Face Throws Product Across Room Stupidly Goes on to Try with Every Foundation in Make up Drawer over the Course of a Week

As the internet would say “I cannot even” with this product. I…I…well I suppose I can a bit, it is a total waste of money. It seems to be designed to be truly frustrating and anger inducing. No matter if you use a little or a lot it’s almost impossible to spread or smooth into or over the skin. It clogs pores like there is no tomorrow and no matter what you do, your face doesn’t feel clean again for 3 days afterward. If we are sticking with a star system of ratings I give this product minus eleventy billion with each star being hand made with blood clots and stitched together with the hair of rabid squirrels, with the only plus point being the pretty packaging and actually I deduct a point for the packaging too because it lured me in with false pastel hope. It can get knotted. I just want less visible pores.

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