Autumn In Manchester

Autumn In Manchester

I’m a miserable wretch most of the time, if you’ve followed me on Twitter for any length of time you’ll know I’m prone to bouts of misery and rant but something is making me smile ear to ear at the moment and that something is autumn. Autumn in Manchester. After a daft foray with an Indian summer, the weather has seen sense and given us a good dose of full on, rusty coloured, knitted clothes demanding, conker shaped autumn and I’m loving it.

The leaves, the conkers, the smell, the pumpkins, all fabulous but nothing compares to walking in the autumn rain. A slight chill in the air but just, ever so slightly just warm enough to get away with a light jacket or cardigan (perhaps with a scarf and a hat too, yeah?) rather than a coat and the big splodges of rain thrashing down through the rusty leaves into the puddles are sheer perfection. The only thing that can beat it, the first snow.
Yesterday I put on pretty shoes, my ‘me dress’ and forwent an umbrella to take a walk in the rain. Walking in the rain, the autumn rain, puts me in a good mood, a happy mood. The rain makes my hair frizzy but sometimes I don’t mind, sometimes I like it. I like being exposed to the elements. I like to walk the grey streets of Manchester, with their hints of fully-changed-season-glow colours dotted around, on my own. I like to see the people bundled up with more clothes as the we get further into the season, I like to look up at the rain, I like to feel it on my face and I like to smile at everyone who passes me. People on the 111 bus to Piccadilly Gardens, looking at me like I’ve escaped from a nearby ‘facility.’ SMILE!

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Manchester specialises in rain but the autumnal drenchings this city provides should be in the tourist guide books as a good point. Experience a true Manchester, autumnal drenching just once in your life – with a brazen smile on your face and then you have lived. Of course you’ll die soon after but you’ll have ticked that off your bucket list, so that’s fun, no?

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