Are you too posh to pick up money?

Are you too posh to pick up money?

When you see a bit of loose change on the street do you walk on by or do you pick it up? How much would need to be on the floor for you to pick it up?
I pick it all up, even if it is just a penny and since May 12th I’ve picked up ¬£56.87 in loose change.

I don’t just plonk it into my purse, I have a separate little bag for my ‘finds’ so I can collect it together and then dump it in my piggy bank at the end of the week and only count it once I struggle to lift the piggy bank. I’m saving up this money for Mr Thrifty’s 30th in a few months time.

What about you? Do you pick up loose change in the street? Even pennies?

P.S. What is your limit for handing in the cash? Anything more than a couple of pound I will ask if it belongs to anyone. Anything more than ¬£20 I’ll take it to the police station.

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