Are You Embarrassed About Using

Are You Embarrassed About Using

I’m always surprised when I write about discount codes and vouchers that so many people have never used or even heard of them. Use them, they’re good! It’ll be a cold day in hell when I buy something without first searching for a discount code to knock some money off the price.  Lots of people in the past have been embarrassed about even admitting they use these, but it turns out more and more of us are happy to admit we like to save money and use discount codes and vouchers.  I’m happy to tell everyone I’ve ever met that I buy my clothes in charity shops, barter at markets and use coupons, codes and vouchers, so it breaks my head to hear that people aren’t in the same mind set. I understand that it is probably very gauche to talk about money but when I’m making the savings I am, I want other people to get in on the action and save money too. I’ll admit that is partly selfish. I want more people to use them so more companies sit up and notice the demand for them and in return dish out some more lovely money saving vouchers. The rather pretty infographic from Savoo, below is really interesting to me. In my tiny little brain I thought everyone across the board would love discount codes once they’d been educated in their ways but there is a real geographical difference, with those savy folk north of the border are doing really well when it comes to discount voucher savings.

Where abouts do you live in the UK?

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How much do you think discount vouchers and codes save you every week? I’m a nosy parker so I’d love to know. My voucher use varies week on week because some weeks I simply buy nothing, others I need to spend more. My best saving has been £500 in one week but that was a week in which we booked hotel rooms and bought wedding gifts on top of our regular out goings.

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Are you using discount codes on a regular basis? And if so are you too embarrassed to admit it to friends and family? If you want to check out some discount codes I have a brand new Saturday Savings post coming up tomorrow so be sure to check back and knock some money off your bank holiday weekend shopping.