Aceh Producing Chratomes in Indonesia

Kratom is felt to have had many positive effects economically for many Indonesian Kratom farmers who are spread across several islands and thrive in certain areas, such as Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Papua, kratom itself is spread across many Indonesian islands and in several countries. Southeast Asia with a tropical climate, among others, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea,

If we look at the tip of the island of Sumatra, namely Aceh Province, to be precise in Aceh Singkil District, Gunung Meriah District, Parangusan Village, where residents have always been very familiar with the kratom plant, they know it by the name Bulung Sendik and take advantage of its various properties.

After the development of information about Kratom or Bulung Sendik, and it is known to foreign countries, the economic value of Kratom / Sendik leaves has increased, so that landowners are quite enthusiastic about planting Kratom trees, and this has been proven until now, when the Covid 19 pandemic occurred and many fields The business of the people who were hit, the sale of Kratom leaves was able to help the economic needs of the residents where, according to the head of the Aceh branch of the Indonesian Kratom Entrepreneurs Association (PEKRINDO), Asmuddin, there were tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Kratom farmers in Aceh who were spread across 10 city districts.

With the large influence of Kratom’s economic value on the people’s economy, the government must be careful and wise when entering Kratom leaves into the Narcotics group which has an impact on the prohibition of both planting and using Kratom leaves, this is reflected in the many demands of the Kratom farming community, who say that what if the government wants to ban the planting of Kratom trees, then there must be a replacement program for farmers who previously depended on their economy from selling Kratom leaves, and this is considered quite reasonable.

In addition to the economic impact, the government also needs to consider the ecological impact if the planting of Kratom is prohibited, because Kratom trees grow scattered in the forests of the Archipelago (Indonesia), this is in line with what was conveyed by the chairman of PEKRINDO Indonesia, Yosef, he said that the Kratom tree is Endemic plants that grow in many tropical forests in Indonesia, so that it will have a positive impact on the communities around the forest area if Kratom is managed properly, not only for economic impact but also for the preservation of tropical forests itself.

According to Yosef, the process of planting Kratom trees is very simple and does not require special attention, so that everyone can do it, and becomes a source of income for citizens as well as foreign exchange for the State.

Understanding the Positive Side of the Kratom Leaves

Until now Kratom leaves are still seen as a controversial commodity, in addition to the economic potential and considerable health benefits, also because of the presence of a dangerous compound, namely 7-hidroximitragynine, this compound can be misused to become Narcotics, but with a simple process. which can be taught to the public this compound can be separated easily from Mitragynine. So, how to buy Kratom near me?

From this simple technology, there are only Mitragynin, Paynentein, Speciociliatine compounds in Kratom, these compounds are analgesic, anesthetic, stimulant, and pain killer so that high-value medical products can be produced, while the 7-hydroxytragynine as the intermediary must go through sufficient regulation. tight because of its potential that can be misused as narcotics, thinking about this does not seem like an easy job for the government considering the vastness of the Indonesian archipelago which also means the extent of supervision that must be carried out, but by working with various parties, it is very possible to make Kratom a superior commodity.

By looking at Kratom leaves from positive things, it is hoped that the Indonesian government will find a better settlement for its people than simply prohibiting the planting and distribution of Kratom with reasons that can be done together.

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