Welcome to athriftymrs.com, a blog about living a realistic and fun thrifty life.

I originally set up this blog to talk about the junk I found in charity shops but it slowly morphed into chats about my life, struggling with debt, coping with a recession and ways to save money, how to guides and general thrifty chit chat.

I live a fairly normal life in a fairly normal house in the the fairly normal (if a bit rainy) North West of England. I live with my fairly normal husband and fairly normal tiny dog but my ability to seek out a good deal is not normal, it’s a superpower. If I thought wearing knickers over a jumpsuit (I’m thinking Superman) would look good, I’d do it but luckily for you I keep the superhero costume locked away and keep my powers firmly pointed toward this site.

Keep your eyes peeled (sounds painful!) for thrifty tips and tricks to make your life cheaper in the purse but richer in experience. I bring you daily bursts of how to guides, money saving tips, freebies, thrifty style, home makeovers, crafts, recipes and more sales and discounts than you can shake a piggy bank at.

Let’s get your finances on the straight and narrow without boring you half to death. Shall we? Shall we? Yeah!

A Thrifty Mrs was originally a one-lady blog but I’ve been joined by an assistant in the form of Alice. Alice is reading English and Advertising at university and occasionally drops by to tinker with background stuff and help me come up with ideas. She is a tad shy but maybe one day I’ll persuade her to share a bit more about herself.

I’ve been blogging for a really long time so it might take you a while to wade through everything, so here are some of my favourite posts.

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And you can find all of my how to guides stowed away neatly here.

For all other queries hop over to my contact page and send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.