7 Uses For Silica Gel Packets

7 Uses For Silica Gel Packets

1. Camera Bag

If you’re use your camera on a wet or cold day you may find the lens fogs or steams up but for me popping a couple of small silica bags into my camera bag seems to really help prevent this issue.

2. Clothes Closet

If your home is like ours (and what seems like every other home in our area of South Manchester) you may suffer with mould or dampness issues. Our built in cupboards and wardrobes can easily get a bit clammy and we’ve found popping a couple of silica gel packets into shoes, boots and pockets has really kept any wetness or mould at bay.

3. Save a Wet Device

Accidentally soaked your phone or music device? You’ve guessed it – silica gel! When my friend accidentally put my Mp3 player in a glass of cider did I cry – a little bit but don’t tell anyone – what I did was tracked down some silica gel and shoved my mp3 player straight in it and left it for a week. After a week it turned on straight away and had no further issues.

4. Personal Documents and Photos

You can’t risk these precious items getting damp and ruined so make sure to throw in a couple of packets of silica gel in with the likes of birth certificates, passports and wedding photos.

5. Crafts and fabric

Got a crafting stash or a heap of fabric or yarn? Look after your investment by keeping it fresh and in tip top condition by stashing a few silica gel bags in your storage system.

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6. Luggage

Extend the life of your luggage with yup…same old, same old – silica gel. Storing luggage in places such as attics, garages, basements or similar can cause it to become damp, musty or smelly but a few packets of silica gel can help keep these problems at bay.

7. Make up

If you’re storing make up in humid conditions (and sometimes it just cannot be helped – our entire flat is humid) a few large packets of silica gel make a real difference and stop powdered products from going bad.