7 Tips For Removing That Charity Shop Smell

7 Tips For Removing That Charity Shop Smell

Yesterday we discussed smelly charity shops and today I’m sharing my top tips for getting the charity shop smell out of clothes etc. If truth be known I’ve occasionally, actually scrap that, I’ve often worn items from charity shops before washing them (call me a dirt bag if you want) but some have a remarkable stench and really must be sorted out before you inflict their scent upon the general public.

1. Wash your item as soon as you possibly can. Be it in the washing machine or by hand (dependant on age and fabric). Give it a good wash and hope for the best.

2. Air the garment. Hang it outside (turn it inside out if you’re worried about the sun bleaching it), particularly on a breezy day, for as long as possible.

3. Add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to your machine wash.

4. Soak in a solution of 2 parts water, 2 parts white vinegar over night and wash as normal.

5. Wrap the (dry) item in newspaper (the print should absorb the odors) with bicarbonate of soda for around 3 days. Hang outside to air or wash as normal.

6. Tackle scent heavy areas such as arm pits and neck with a gentle hard hand soap such as Pears. I wet the soap and rub directly into the area before wetting the garment and giving it a gentle scrub.

7. Put the item on the washing line when it is raining for a bit of a natural bashing about, then wash as normal.

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