6 Signs Driveway Cleaning is Not Enough

6 Signs Driveway Cleaning is Not Enough

No one likes repairs and replacements. Sure, we love our remodelings, but repairing something? Not really. However, sometimes it is unavoidable, even for our driveways, whose only use is to be driven on and parking. You can try pressure cleaning them frequently with driveway cleaning services, but over time, you just cannot skip repairs as it can affect your house’s appearance or affect your health and that of your vehicle. So how do you know that time has arrived? Here are six signs to help you out. 

Missing Driveway Pieces

One of the easiest and obvious signs to look for is missing pieces in your driveway. This is a fairly common thing to happen with asphalt driveways, but other materials are not immune to this. Now, you can fix this for a short while using a cold-mix to patch the holes. However, this will not do long term. Therefore, get someone to check your driveway.

Stagnant Water

Water pools in your driveway after heavy rains is quite normal. However, if it refuses to flow away even on a clear day, you have a problem. Ideally, a driveway should have a natural slope to one side, where the water flows. If it doesn’t, even with a waterproof coating, your driveway will be damaged.

Cracked Surface

Caracks on the driveway are yet another easy way to know it needs repair work. They can appear for reasons including shifting ground and water between the crevices. If you see multiple cracks on your driveway, it is time for repair.

Uneven Slopes

As mentioned above, it is natural for driveways to have a slope, allowing water to flow. However, when the slopes become uneven and differ from its initial design, it may be due to an issue with the foundation and could collapse completely. 

Peppered Potholes

Potholes are a nuisance for your car and back. They may have started out as cracks, but with pressure from vehicles and shifting earth, they become gaping holes. If left as it is, these can harm your car and hurt yours and your loved ones back.

Just doesn’t Look Well

Lastly, just take a look at your driveway. It may have been stunning when it was installed a few years ago. However, if it looks shabby, unkempt, and faded, take that the first sign of your driveway needing repair work. Leaving it as it at this point could lead to bigger problems that cost you more money. 


Repairs and maintenance can be a headache and probably the last thing any house owner may want to do. However, repairing your driveway has two benefits. Firstly, you can maintain the aesthetics of your house and impress your guests with a well-kept curb. Secondly, and most importantly, it will save your car and back from harm.  

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