5 Uses For Old Tights

5 Uses For Old Tights

Most people chuck tights away when they rip, ladder, go saggy etc. but as you may have noticed by now, I struggle with throwing anything away. Reusing things doesn’t mean you’re old or a fuddy-duddy it means you can pay off your debts, save yourself money or spend your money on better things. Like shoes.

Somethings go without saying listing, use them to quickly wipe down a mirror or shining off your shoes and of course everyone uses their tights to rob the local branch of Natwest when they’ve had a run in their tights, no? Just me?*

5 uses for old tights

1. Cut a loop from the leg and use as a hair band whilst putting your make up on & taking it off. You can also do the same with thick tights and use it as an eyemask if you’re sleeping in a bright room.
2. Store wrapping paper.
3. Make cedar sachets to keep moths out of your wardrobe. Cut a loop from the tights about 5 inches long. Turn inside out and sew one side closed add cedar chips and sew the other end shut.
4. Fill a foot with cheap oats the tie the rest of the leg around the hot tap of your bath. It makes for a delicious, moisturising bath.
5. If you lose something small like an earring or hair grip put an leg from an old pair of tights over the end of your hoover, secure with an elastic band and hoover the area of floor where you dropped it. The item will be picked up without being sucked into the machine.

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