5 Signs That Show The Need To Replace Double Glazing

5 Signs That Show The Need To Replace Double Glazing

A good set of PVCu windows offers much more than just aesthetic appeal, they can help you fight back against rising fuel bills and offer an extra level of security. However, like every other part of your home, they are susceptible to wear and tear which eventually affects their functionality. Here are five signs which will tell you that your windows are not performing their job properly.

Condensation Builds Up Between Double Glazing Panes

Double glazing is made with a vacuum between the panes which gives it its insulating qualities. Condensation is formed when water vapour turns into its liquid state on a cold surface, in this case the outside pane. The presence of water vapour is a sign that the vacuum has broken. The effect of this is a reduction of the window’s insulating capability, while the water itself will collect at the bottom causing further damaging the seal. Before you decide to replace entirely, it may be worth checking if they could benefit from a demisting service.

Frost Building Up On The Inside Of Panes

This is a knock on effect of poor insulation. Have you  ever gone out to your car in the winter to find you have to clean the inside of your windscreen as well as defrost the outside? This is a sign of a poor seal most likely caused by the door not shutting properly. If you are observing the same build up in your house check the locks and closures to make sure they are fastening properly.

Noise Creeping In From The Outside

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The vacuum of a double glazed window, as well as insulation from the cold, delivers an excellent sound proofing. If you are noticing an increase in sound levels it may be a sign that air has been allowed within the panes, providing a bridge for the sound to come through.

Drafts Around The House

While this may be a no brainer it can be difficult to pin down. The way a draft circulates around the house makes hard to judge where it is coming from. You can find yourself doing the wave test around every potential offending window, only to be kept waiting for the wind to blow again. One less than scientific test you can employ is to place a lit candle by each window, door or chimney vent that you suspect. If one struggles to stay alight, flickers or loses its flame altogether, you may have found your culprit.

Loose Catches And Hinges

As well as having an effect on insulation, also make your windows a target for thieves. Check how well your windows close from the outside. Can you fit a finger between any loose panels? If the answer is yes then you could possibly fit a crowbar. Rising utility bills is the main area which you will feel the effect of inadequate windows. With increasing fuel costs, correctly insulating your home with fresh double glazing has never been such a rational investment.