5 Easy interior wall finishing ideas!

5 Easy interior wall finishing ideas!

Just as you can’t stay without clothes, even your walls require a layer on them. Be it the smooth and soft paints, the crisp wallpapers, the artistry of plasters or some layers of wooden panels, your walls do require a certain kind of attire on them. Now what you choose for your walls is what sets the seal on the final look of your interior décor.

There had been days when wall finishing and décor was only limited to oil paints. But today, a good looking, attractive wall can be a result of various other things too. Today you also have the luxury to mix and match to create various textures and patterns in your décor (not to mention the wide array of colours). Whatever techniques you use to add an attractive layer to your wall, it should be smooth and perfectly fine to give a new life to your home and complement well with all those frames and art pieces you have for your walls.

Types of wall finishing options for your home!

When you want your home to look glamorous, you’ll have to ensure that your walls are perfect and charming. We mean, can you imagine hanging a painting or a creative art piece on a badly chipped and untidy wall? Also, your walls form the backdrop to all the furniture, furnishing and nick knacks you may have carefully chosen for your home. So, in order to get the best décor appeal, check for the various kinds of wall finishing ideas given below:

  • Solid interior wall paints — Paints are the best ways that can add an instant visual interest to your rooms. You can be as selective as you want in choosing your pick. Be it the soft hues for the bedrooms and lounging spaces, vibrant colours for the kitchen and dinette — just ensure that it’s applied perfectly by a professional to make it look as alluring as you dreamt it to be!
  • GIB stopping for designer walls — If you have plain walls, an extralayer of plaster can make it look fabulous. You can check the various gib stopping solutions in Auckland from Fine Finish Interiors who know the in and out of the plasters and can create your favourite designs on the wall giving it the desired finishing you require. With gib stopping, you can break the stereotyped traditional walls and add an X-factor to your home décor. Plastering does not stop at just covering your drywalls. You can create textures, alcoves, and even sculptural artistry on your walls if you can hire the services of talented plastering professionals.
  • Wallpapers for the best walls — Wallpapers can turn your dreams to tangible reality right in your home interiors. There is a plethora of colours, patterns, textures available in the market. The problem? You may feel confused with so many variations (all equally enticing). Make sure your home doesn’t look like a kaleidoscope of designs that clash. Choose keeping a theme in mind, and you wouldn’t create something that is jarring to the eyes.
  • Wood paneling interior wall designs — Who says woods are only for furniture? When it comes to getting the best wall, even wood can be the artist we need. Panelled walls look wonderfully elegant in traditional homes, especially in rooms like the library or the formal living and dining room. Modern homes can lighten up wood with paint and use wall mouldings cleverly to add elements of interest.
  • Mould crafts for interior walls —A well finished wall need not be just a Plain Jane! Wall mouldings come to your rescue! You can be as artistic as you like and create a wonderful art piece on your wall without compromising on elegance and sophistication.

Every home has its own persona. And one home should never emulate another. For your home should reflect you. The good news is, when it comes to walls, you are spoilt with choices to show your creativity.

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