4 ways with a vintage scarf

4 ways with a vintage scarf

Is there a charity shop in this nation without a vintage scarf langushing somewhere inside? I hope not because they’re beautiful, usually fairly cheap and can be used a squilion ways. I barely even remember buying this seventies number but it is one of my firm favourites and something I always sling into my suitcase when we go away because of its sheer versatility.

Here are 4 ways with a vintage scarf.

1. Plonk it in your hair but instead of securing in the back, out of the way, tie it into a big floppy bow or knot at the front. Perfect for bad hair days and hasn’t everyone been having them lately with the recent humidity here in the UK?

2. Tie it around the handles of your bag. If you tie the two together it even gives a teeny bit of extra security. Only a teeny bit though mind you!

3. Wrap around your wrist and wear as a bracelet. Each time I’ve worn a scarf this way I’ve had loads of compliments. Which is nice but bonkers.

4. Use as a bookmark. I just place the centre of the scarf on the page I want to come back to and then wrap the rest of the scarf around the outside and tie in a knot or bow at the rear. This makes for a great way to carry books too.

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