4 Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor During Winter!

4 Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor During Winter!

The winter months are here for forcing your normal life off its limits. From your cars being jammed, the pipes getting frozen, the roads getting cracked, and even your skin getting dry to its extreme, these issues continue to test your patience! It is the same even when it comes to your hardwood floors. Just as your cars, pipes, roads, etc. want a special maintenance for its survival during the winter season, your floors require the same attention too. Failing it, their attractiveness and the charm in the house would fade away with the melting ice.

You can well imagine the crucial point of difference in maintaining the floor in summer and winter. It is mainly ice, snow, and salt which easily and regularly enters your home due to all sorts of sources during the winter. It’s because of these seasonal specifications, quality maintenance is to be done frequently, and some special preventive methods should be carried out in the home. This should be regularly monitored during the entire season to keep your floors safer.

How can you maintain your hardwood floor in the best way during winter?

As we know, snow or ice, just like any other liquid and moisture, isn’t at all healthy for the long life and shine of your wooden flooring. That’s because it gradually warps and starts discolouration of the planks. Salt is pretty much harder to control and clean when compared to water, as it breaks down into minute invisible particles that can easily and deeply get accumulated on your doormats and the boot trays. This salt even gets pressed into your grooves, and eventually leads to cracking in the hardwood floor. Just occasional cleaning isn’t at all enough to entirely eradicate these particles from your floor. But there are various measures you can take to prevent your floors from getting severely damaged because of it.

  • Summer maintenance — The best you can do to preserve your floors in the winter season is to ensure their regular maintenance from the summers. This includes always cleaning the spills instantly to avoid stains and also warping. Apart from this, never use household cleaners which can discolour the wood. Also, take the important precautions for the prevention of scuffs, scratches caused due to shoes or furniture. Daily dusting also leads to fending off the dust mites. Also, protection of   the hardwood floor from direct heat and UV rays, and polishing them often keeps them in fabulous shape. If you keep up with the maintenance from the summer itself, you don’t need much extra maintenance during winters.
  • Be Prepared for Winter — Winter maintenance often looks tiresome and time-consuming, but it ultimately leads your floors to last longer. If you aren’t caring for the floors enough during the seasonal changes, this will lead to warped, dull, and even discoloured wood in just a few years along with cracks, scratches on the floor — and naturally it would lead to expensive and time-consuming replacements and repairs. Thus, comes the need of a fresh sanding and coating on the wooden floor as a part of your winter preps. You can get done a  Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne by Doncaster Floorings who’ll ensure your floors are sanded and coated well covering all the scratches and gaps in the process, making it look fresh and shiny, ready for the winter!
  • Mats and mats all around — Often people who live in homes without hardwood floors make use of mats to protect their floors. And hardwood floors, being tougher than all, mostly don’t require much use of mats. But, during winters, you can make use of it to protect your floors from moisture coming from ice and snow. Again placement of thin, low quality mats wouldn’t serve the purpose well. You need good quality, thick unmovable mats especially on the areas of much traffic and near the entrance. Also, just a few instructions for your guests and family members to remove their ice cladded footwear outside will save your hardwood floors from getting spoilt due to moisture.
  • Bind the Gaps — Just as the harsh, cold winter air dries your skin, it dries the wood too. This dried hardwood leads to tiny gaps in between the floorboards. This can be reduced simply by keeping the humidity level stable inside your home. And this is managed with the use of humidifier at home.

Since, it’s wood, and winter is all about snow and ice, you have to take special care of your floor during this period! Otherwise, the effects of moisture on it can be very harsh and may damage your floor. Just be ready for the winter months with the above steps, and keep your home looking fab with the shiniest hardwood floor!

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