30 Day Declutter

30 Day Declutter

November is drawing to a close and my 30 Day Declutter is almost up, just 5 more days to go. Ummm where exactly did this month go? I had a bit of a wibble when it came to clearing stuff out this week, I’m not really sure why. I wanted to surround myself in stuff and not let any of it go but after I gave myself a good talking to that feeling passed and I got back on the declutter horse. What feels like tonnes of paperwork whizzed through the shredder and my linen closet was reduced to the essentials, lots more to go but I’m feeling positive and upbeat without these items clogging up my life.  Reclaiming my life back from the junk has been such a huge positive. I’m not really the kind of person who talks like that but really, truly and honestly ploughing myself into decluttering stuff and people from my life has made my life my own again and I’m enjoying it at long last.

Here’s what went this week –

59. A 3 man tent – Gave to a Twitter friend
60. Mr Thrifty’s leaky wellington boots – Gave to a gardener friend to use as decoration
61. An sleep mask that lets in a stupid amount of light – Fabric recycle bank
62 -66 Old bath sheets – Local animal shelter
67 & 68. Old flannels – Fabric reycle bank
69&70. Shower curtains – Fabric recycle bank
71. Single sheet – Fabric recyle bank
72. Shaving kit – Mr Thrifty has had a beard for nearly 7 years so it was an odd gift for someone to give him. – Charity shop
73. Internet router – The tip has a special area for electrical equipment
74. Wash Toiletry bag – Fabric recycle bank
75. Pedometer – Gave to a friend
76. A mug tree that I previously used as a braclet holder – Charity shop
77. An ugly (to me) mug – Charity shop
78. An ugly (to me) coaster –Charity shop
79. A packet of coasters – ebay
80. Some weird cushion thing – Charity shop
81. Pyjama bottoms – Fabric recycle bank
82. White duvet cover – Charity shop
83. Striped duvet cover – Charity shop
84. Sequined bag – Charity shop
85. Weird garden sign thing – Charity shop

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Only five items left to go until I reach my 90 items target. I have great plans to declutter under the beds, which are currently home to my skinny clothes, so I have my weekend filled and no doubt my target well and truly leap-frogged over. Are you taking part in the 30 Day Declutter, how’s it going at your end?
If you’re not already taking part, feel free to join in. It’s a really simple process and you don’t have to chose 90 things as your number you can go as low or high as you want.
Don’t forget to use the Twitter hashtag #30DaSyDeclutter for moral support.