Supermarket Petrol Price War

supermarket petrol price war 2014

As we near the Bank Holiday Weekend we start to think of jaunts out for days trips, journeying to see friends and family or even travelling considerable distances to start a holiday. The supermarkets are helping us out as we approach this August Bank Holiday (it always makes me sad we don’t get another until Christmas day) with a petrol price war.

Supermarket Petrol Price War

Prices as we lead into the Bank Holiday weekend prices are at their lowest since February 2011. Asda sparked the price war earlier this week by placing a cap of 124.7p per litre on petrol and 128.7p per litre on diesel across its 234 forecourts this weekend. Tesco and Sainsbury’s soon jumped aboard the petrol-price-drop wagon lowering their prices.

The AA says Asda is the currently the cheapest place to buy petrol nationwide with Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco following behind. According to an Asda spokesperson these reductions mean a ‘full tank of fuel now costs £5 less than last summer’ The average price across the country (as of yesterday) comes in at 129.18 per litre and diesel at 133.55p per litre.


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  1. Thank you for this, truly helpful. Am off to fill up!

  2. We just filled up as we noticed the price had been slashed! Although it still seems so expensive to fill up these days :(

    Nomad Notebook

  3. I like that Asda website tells you the price of the petrol at your local store. But I like that Tesco gives you money off petrol with fuelsave too. 124.7p is the all time lowest I’ve seen in my area. It’s nice to see the prices finally coming down.

  4. Fuel save at Tesco helps a lot too and they’ve just announced that they will run it for longer than originally planned.

  5. Asda may be the cheapest, but be careful. I have a few friends who filled up there over the weekend and then had problems with their cars – the petrol was a much lower grade and was full of rubbish which broke the car!
    I’m not sure how we’re even able to check the quality of the petrol, but it’d be good if more info on this was available. :(

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