Lidl Launch Clothing Range

Lidl launch clothing range

Today budget friendly supermarket Lidl launch their new fashion conscious clothing range. Previously Lidl have offered a range of basic clothing staples such a vests, underwear and leggings but their new range features the likes of jeans (£6.99), denim shirts, chiffon blouses and on trend biker jackets (£14.99).

Lidl Launch Clothing Range

Sizes range from 10-18, with prices starting at £3.99 for a t-shirt.
You can check out the new range of clothes over on the Lidl website here.
What do you think of this range? Would you wear any of these pieces?


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  1. Dear God, No! But then I know nothing of fashion and may be very wrong.

  2. Ooh I actually really like the grey biker jacket and the denim shirts! Will have to check these out. Thanks for the heads-up! Xx

  3. I’m not sure if I love or hate this idea, but I’m sure I will come across some finds, the tweet biker jacket actually looks pretty darn amazing.
    Little Blonde Life – Lifestyle Blog

  4. Ooo, I quite like the look of the Tshirts… might have to fight my way to the nearest Lidl and check those out. Thanks. Jude.x

  5. I buy alot of clothes from Lidl and I’m very pleased with them. :) Especially their black leggings!

  6. On balance?
    Probably not…..

  7. I would definitely worry about the quality. I actually really struggle to know where to buy clothes which will last. Expensive doesn’t always seem to equal long lasting and I often find myself thinking the quality of ‘high end’ high street seems no different to the ‘lower’ end. I would love a post with some tips on where to find clothes worth investing in and hopefully saving money in the long term!

    • I think M&S really do have the best quality basic essentials (smart trousers, cotton shirts, cotton summer dresses). I buy second hand on ebay and their items really do last a long time. Not always the height of fashion, but you can mix, match and accessorise to make it a bit more modern!

  8. LydiaGrace says:

    They know what they’re doing, the budget supermarkets! Another step in beating the competition, sneaky.

    I am all for this clothing range. Nice clothes make you feel better and sometimes the charity shops and eBay just don’t cut it. If this affordable range makes someone walk a little taller without worrying about their bank statement, I’m all for it. I myself own 4 pairs of their bright dolly shoes which came to £20, which would buy me a single shoe in Topshop!

  9. I read this post and rushed straight out to my local Lidl in time to snatch up the last two biker jackets (tweed and asymmetric zipped leather), which just happened to be in my size. If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is. I have to say I’m really pleasantly surprised by the quality! The (faux) leather jacket especially is soft, flexible and fits me perfectly. I am one happy bunny :) Thanks for the heads up!
    Jo :)

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