Holland & Barrett Loyalty Card

holland and barrett loyalty card

A new discovery for me recently is the Holland & Barrett Rewards for Life card. I’m fairly new to shopping in the store for anything other than a January urge to BUY ALL DA VITAMINS but of late I’ve switched up a few things in my diet (I’ve gone sugar free and it has made a huge difference to my various illnesses) and I’ve found myself popping in for chia seeds and the like. I’ve also discovered they sell a good range of organic beauty products which nearly always seem to be on offer.

Holland & Barrett Loyalty Card

The Rewards for Life card is simply a loyalty card which is free to sign up to and you can sign up at the till whilst in store. Once your card is activated they’ll give you 150 points which equals £1.50 plus 4 points for every £1 you spend for an introductory period. Btw the ‘activate me now’ sticker on the front is a nightmare to get off, so if you don’t want it sticking to the inside of your purse don’t bother.

Once you’ve earned more than 50 points you’ll receive regular ‘reward coupons’ in the post along with a booklet of money off vouchers.
I had earned 222 points so received a voucher for the amount of £2 to spend (valid until the end of November in this case) and my further 22 points is rolled over for the next period.

It’s a bit of a shame the points can’t be stored on the card a bit like the Boots Advantage Card but nonetheless I’m really pleased with this card and looking forward to spending my points on essentials.

Find out more about the Holland & Barrett Rewards for life card here.



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  1. I went in H&B the other day to purchase some essential oils, I want to be making my own smelly candles, and was asked if I had one, I didn’t but as I’m thinking of being more holistic/natural I thought I would be buying from them more, (I never go into H&B) so I subscribed. I think I spent £12ish and was surprised at the amount of points I’ve already acquired; I realise it is only an introductory offer, but it does help.

    Glad I subscribed now and will definitely use it more, and the card and money off can be used online, another bonus.


  2. Hi!Love your posts and been reading them long time.Would be very interesting to read about what exactly improved for you health-wise since you stopped having sugar,could you do a post about it?Pretty please?

    • A Thrifty Mrs says:

      I’m in the early stages of sugar avoidance (actually fructose avoidance is more accurate) and my severe joint pain has lessened significantly, I have a lot more energy (a major factor with my illnesses is difficulty in moving), less scaring on my face and a number of other issues seem improved. Those are the issues I can see externally. I also have a few issues with major organs which I obviously won’t know about until I see my consultant but all in all I feel a lot, lot healthier.

  3. Thanks for the info. I have also taken on supplements as of late, however I don’t think Hollands are very good quality, hence I don’t purchase them there – I’ve researched a lot into it and the ones you find in Tesco’s are just as good so if you are going to buy H+B you might as well buy in a supermarket and spend less or actually go for the quality ones, but no point in midrange…
    However, I am keen to learn more on where you use your chia seeds exactly? And about your sugar free diet? I consume a lot of it and definitely think it would help to give up but I don’t have the courage!
    Offtopic but I tried the Aldi mint shower gel today that you recommended and it’s bliss! Great find!

    • A Thrifty Mrs says:

      I don’t tend to buy vitamins there but rather ingredients for recipes. I’m using Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar as a basis for my new diet, chia seeds are used in a lot of here recipes throughout here books.

      • Cool, thanks for the tip, I also follow I quit sugar! :)
        What other ingredients do you recommend from H+B apart from chia seeds?

        • A Thrifty Mrs says:

          I’ve picked up things like coconut oil and 90% chocolate and cacao nibs and similar bits and bobs from H&B. I know I can get them online cheaper usually but they often have a good sale and my local shop is near to my market so it encourages me to use my town centre bit more.

  4. Thanks for sharing,I will seriously consider following your example and quit sugar at least for few weeks and see if it will help me with my own health issues,which don’t seem as serious as yours,but still pretty annoying.

  5. I work in Holland and Barrett, and it’s definitely worth noting that although the 4 points per pound is advertised as introductory, it has been that way since they started getting rolled out about 5 years ago! Nobody has ever received less than 4 points per £1 :). Alongside that it’s worth looking at the Healthy magazine we sell, it’s £2 but there are lots of half-price vouchers in there, so if there is something you like but isn’t on promotion, it’s worth looking in there to see if you can get it half price. And going in on Mondays means reductions will have been made, so often there are vitamins and protein shakes for 75% off! Well worth looking into.

  6. mark abbott says:

    Char- I hate to break this to you, but the “quality” vitamins that you buy are exactly the same as h&b supplements. And supermarket bits are often lower strength.

    Source: I work in the industry.

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