6 Thrifty Uses For Parmesan Rinds

6 thrifty uses for parmesan rinds

Just the smallest of tips but dear friend, make sure you never ever throw away your Parmesan rind when you reach the end of your wedge of delicious cheese. Parmesan rinds are an often discarded food which has many uses, so make sure you use it to its full advantage.

The rind freezes perfectly well and can be used in an assortment of delicious ways but it can also be used from fresh too.

Parmesan rind

6 Thrifty Uses For Parmesan Rinds

1. Plonk the whole (or even just cut off a chunk if you are cooking for only one or 2 people) rind into the pan as you cook up a batch of soup. The cheese will melt and give the soup lots of extra flavour and depth.
2. Add to your risotto pan for the final 10 minutes.
3. When you’re making stock add a parmesan rind for extra flavour.
4. The parmesan will add extra flavour to Italian style sauces, so be sure to chuck one in when you’re cooking what feels like a lacklustre sauce.

5. Place in an air tight glass jar and cover with olive oil, garlic cloves or lemon or even perhaps a few chopped chillies. Leave for infuse for a couple of weeks and use as a dipping oil for bread.

6. If there is no wax or plastic attached to the rind cover in foil and add to the bottom of an already in use oven, remove once the cheese is melted and et voila; delicious cheese for smothering across bread.


With all of these ideas it is important to ensure you have removed any wax or plastic coverings before cooking or serving and to fish the rind out before serving.

How do you make use of parmesan rinds?


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  1. To be honest I just eat the rinds as they are… I’m starting to wonder if that’s a bit of a faux pas now though.

  2. What great tips for Parmesan rinds! Thanks!

  3. Lovely tips! Be careful putting garlic in oil to infuse- there is a risk of horrible food poisoning. Garlic oil can’t be made at home in the same way as chilli oil x

    • A Thrifty Mrs says:

      I’ve been doing garlic oil of different varieties for years, so this is worrying! Thanks for letting me know.

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