Are you getting every single drop?


I cut packaging open to get the last drops of product out, don’t you? Call me a tight arse, call me mad…meh. I paid for that product and I’ll damn well get as much use from it as I can. I’ve spoken about this on A Thrifty Mrs a few times before but still, I know people who think the very concept is madness.

I even have a pair of scissors in my bathroom and a knife in my make up drawer both dedicated solely to the business of getting more product out of the packaging. That’s just me.

cutting tubes open to get more out

I seal cut open packages between uses with pegs, mini bulldog clips and replace the cut off portions onto the bottom half to stop them drying out. This week alone I’ve had 3 further days use from a tube of body lotion (BTW I reviewed the best body lotion in the world here), an extra days worth of application from a lipgloss and best yet I discovered about 2 weeks worth of product in an eye cream sample! Hell yeah! SCORE. Honestly this is the kind of stuff which excites me and I take that as strong indication I need to get out a bit more.

Please tell them I’m not the only one who does this, tell them your tricks and how you spend your days excited about scooping out body lotion from a cut open tube at 6.40 in the morning. Please?


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  1. I’ve done this since I saw you talking about it on here… thank you! Also, those darn squeezey ketchup bottles, they get cut open and the sauce spatula-ed out!

  2. God yes, as much as possible. I can get a week or more’s worth of extra product from my face wash. And even more from foundation. I usually cut the tube in half, then shove them back together again. Using a cotton bud helps with getting a messy product like foundation out of all the tube’ snooks and crannies (it does also soak up some product, but not much on the grand scale of things).

  3. LOL I thought everyone does this but from your post, clearly not. I do this too except for certain medicines where I do it once and then have to throw it out because it needs to be sealed properly. In fact I did it this morning with my amazing smash box concealer and have about 2 weeks left in there . It’s £17 so definitely worth it.

  4. This is a great tip. I’ve been doing this for years. There’s always so much left in the tubes when you cut them open. Waste not, want not as my Gran would say.

  5. Sharon Peters says:

    I saw this on Superscrimpers and have done this ever since – it’s amazing how much extra product lurks inside tubes!

  6. I do exactly the same! Always with things like foundation and shampoo or face wash, if I can actually cut into the packaging that is. I always add a little water to the end of shampoo/conditioner/shower gel bottles to get every last drop of product out and use cotton buds to scoop out make up in tubes if I cant cut them.

  7. I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t do this before! :) Great idea.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  8. No idea AT ALL why I don’t do this! Absolutely starting now though! I spend too much money on beauty products to not do this! haha

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


  9. How funny, I did this earlier this morning with a face wash and thought that I would blog about it when I got home from work tonight! You got in there first! 😉

  10. I have an old pair of tweezers that are perfect for scooping out the extra product left in lipsticks and concealer tubes (the push up/screw up ones). I can get weeks, if not months’ worth of use out of the leftover bits. Lip brushes are also fantastically useful for ensuring you get full usage of these types of products. I often use the little clear plastic jars and bottles you get for travel sets to dump excess product in – as leaving the product in open cut tubes isn’t particularly hygienic. One of my favourite containers are the mini Vaseline tins – I have one in my bedside table that holds the scrapings of my favourite hand cream, and it’s still going, over a week after the original tube gave up!

  11. Kathryn gallagher says:

    Always do this and wrap opened tube in a bit of cling film. BTW aveeno hand cream makes my hands look 10 yrs younger and has improved the condition of my nails like nothing else. Cheers for the info!

  12. OMG I had the scissors at my Liz Earle cleanser this morning…I had a sneaking suspicion there was alot more product than that tube was letting on and now I can wash my face for a few extra days :-)

    • LydiaGrace says:

      I’m not surprised you make the most of your Liz Earle stuff, I think if I bought some I’d boil the packaging and distill it to get out any product it may have soaked up!

  13. Bozena says:

    I just always do this… :) no worries, you’re definitely not alone.

  14. This really makes a lot of sense!

  15. I do it too, having picked up the tip from a housemate of mine many years ago. It’s amazing how much product is lurking inside a bottle/tube when you think you’ve squeezed everything out.

  16. This is such a good idea, why do I never think of this?! I waste so much in foundation bottles!

  17. I do too! Although only with certain products, I really should do it more! ie. kitchen included!

  18. Hell yeah, Mrs. I cut open everything, even toothpaste. I started doing it after I bought some \Urban Decay Primer Potion years and years ago and it seemed like it ran out after a month of use. Baffled, I cut the bottle open, to find that 75% of the product was still in there and was trapped by poor design. I think they have it in better packaging now (but am not sure as I’m too poor to buy such luxuries these days).

    Also, Aveeno is the business. And a tip for pregnant ladies/new mums – if you have eczema or very dry skin, you can get Aveeno on prescription, which means it’s free while you’ve got your maternity exemption certificate. You’re welcome 😉

    Lisa @

  19. I do that! My roommate is always horrified by my cut open tubes, but I think it’s worthwhile.

  20. I do this all the time! Once my mom gave me 120 lotion samples. Each sample lasted me 3 days and when I cut the package I got an extra day of lotion! With just cutting it open I had 4 months of extra lotion! Plus over a years worth of lotion. :)

  21. I always do this! I even like to get a cotton bud and scrap it as much as I can.

  22. I always fill my tubes with a little bit of stuff left in them and swing them back and forth by the crimped/sealed end. The force from all your swinging (centrifugal force in motion!) causes the stuff to slide all the way down to the cap and I can squeeze out a few days worth of stuff!

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