The Two Together Railcard

The day I became too old for a Young Persons Railcard was a cold, dark day here at Thrifty Towers. Not only was I old but I wouldn’t be getting discount train fares for years unless I popped out some small folk or turned 60 overnight.

Two Together Railcard

Previously railcards had only been available to those under 26, armed forces, those over 60, disabled passengers or those travelling with children.
National Rail have gone and pulled a blinder by launching the first new railcard in 30 years, to fill in the gap. Enter the Two Together Railcard, designed for two people (be they a couple, friends, family, work colleagues etc.) travelling together, costing just £30 per year.
This new railcard is for two named (and pictured) passengers and allows for a third off adult fares when, as the name suggests, travelling together. You can use this new railcard on Standard and First Class Anytime, Off-Peak and Advance tickets after 9.30am weekdays and all day across weekends and bank holidays. For further details about this new railcard click here.
You can pick up a Two Together Railcard at any staffed National Rail station or online here.

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P.S. Do you use rail cards to reduce the amount you pay on trains?

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  1. This really is genius! I no longer have to fear the day when I turn 25! :)
    Love, Meg
    The Glee Project

    • You can buy/renew the card the day before you turn 26 (or if you want the 3 year card renew it the day before your 24th) so the expiry date is the day before you turn 27 :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trouble is you can only use it if you are both travelling together. :-( Jude.x

  3. Ou, This is great kind of exciting, still got a few to go till then, but what if I don’t have a partner by then. Oh dear! :)

  4. I plan to buy a 3 year Young Person’s the month I turn 25! Take that, National Rail!


  5. Great idea… sadly i never seen to get a train without my other half

  6. This is a really good idea, it’s about time something like this existed!

    Raise The Waves

  7. Me and my partner are really excited about it as train fares are one of our biggest expenses. This will save us a ton of money!

  8. this sounds great definitely something to consider.

  9. I’m really lucky because living in the south east we get the Network Railcars for a 1/3 off all off peak travel within the network area, which is basically the whole of the south east as far as Oxford. It works for up to 4 people travelling together. If anyone lives in this region, you should definitely check it out :)
    Rachel x

  10. This is great news for couples who travel often together, unfortunately I generally travel on the train on my own not with my husband!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  11. Love this idea! Going to London in August and often travel back to Blackpool with my boyfriend as both our families live there, so this could save us a few quid. Thanks so much for this! x

  12. This is an amazing idea, great for me and my boyfriend as we plan to go to London and Edinburgh this year, a third off is fab xx

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