What I refuse to scrimp on

Sometimes spending a bit more money will save you money in the long run. Searching out a good quality product and committing to some research time is well worth it with some items.

Good bra 
There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a cheap bra and walking around in a bad bra can cause you back problems in years to come. Underwire digging in, cheap fabric against delicate skin and straps causing all kinds of grief all day long, it’s more than just a little bit unpleasant isn’t it? Ensure you have yourself measured on a regular basis and buy the best bra you can afford. Search out sales and discount codes to grab a good deal and if you find the perfect bra – buy it in every colour! Plus good foundation garments can make even the cheapest of clothes sit better and appear far more elegant. 
Winter boots 
Sure, sometimes you can score a good deal or get lucky but in general winter boots are well worth an investment. I have a pair of boots I’ve owned for 7 years which have stood the test of time and worn really well. Opt for classic colours, good leather and easy to mend soles and heels and hopefully they’ll last you for year after year. 
Home insurance 
In my mind skipping home insurance is as daft as jumping out of a plane without a parachute; it’s simply something I’d never do. I’d rather spend a small amount on a monthly basis knowing I was covered should something happen. It’s well worth taking time to research what kind of cover you need and to talk to your insurer about your situation. 
Your back will thank you in the long run and not only that but you’ll have a far better chance of grabbing a good night of sleep. When it comes to choosing which mattress is right for you make sure you try out the mattress in person and ask the sales assistant which style of bed frame the mattress is best suited to. To try out a mattress lay down on it and try to slip your hand under the small of your back. If it slips in too easily, the mattress is too soft for you, however if it is impossible or a real struggle then the mattress is too firm. 
Red wine 
I really, really enjoy a glass or two of red and as such I just will not compromise. I can tolerate cheap white plonk but not red, it tastes like vinegar to me. As such rather than buy a cheap bottle of red wine more often, I’d rather go without entirely and really relish and enjoy the occasional glass of delicious wine. 
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P.S. What to you refuse to scrimp on?

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  1. I totally agree with the bra and the winter boots! While I love being thrifty and finding a bargain in almost all cases, these are the 2 areas that cheaper is not better. We’ve all had those “bargain” boots that let in water the first time you wear them, and I wouldn’t even begin to think of the trouble a cheap bra could cause…! In these cases, where I know I must pay for better quality, I try to shop locally and support local businesses. I figure that is still a way of shopping more responsibly.

    For the record, I’d also add makeup to that list. Not that I buy super-expensive makeup anyway, but I know which brands that are kind to my skin and do not bring me out in hives. Saving those few pounds is simply not worth the blotchy face.

    Gayle x

  2. I absolutely agree about the wine!! Im not a lrage spender but I am happy to pay the mid-range prices for great tasting vino :)


  3. My winter boots at the moment barely last me the winter. So good point there, well and truly noted.
    And I also agree with Gayle that cheap makeup causes far more problems than saving solves.
    Great post!

    I am a new reader, and I haven’t quite made the step to make my own blog yet but I’m sure I’ll get there soon. Thanks again :)

  4. Ridiculously I actually never think to get my footwear reheeled. I will definitely have to bear this is mind for when my next pair are looking like they have had better days instead of just tossing them in the bin.

    One thing I can not scrimp on is my bedding. I love really expensive bedding, but similar to the winter boots, it lasts forever as it washes so well, and feels incredible!

    Kathryn xx

    Bit of a Freak | UK Beauty and Lifestlye Blogger

    • Me neither, never get footwear reheeled but I am definitely going to start to. I’ve just moved out and had to get cheap bedding and totally notice the difference. I will also be investing in expensive bedding. Lottie x

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chocolate! The cheap stuff is just disgusting and I’d rather just not eat it.

  6. I also agree on good underwear – TK Maxx is great for getting them cheaper, I bought a bra there a while back and its simply perfect, I am hoping they stock more of the same brand again!

  7. Anonymous says:

    SHOES! I must have good quality shoes. I’ve tried to scrimp on shoes but I always regret it. Either they don’t last more than 2 yrs. tops, or I end my days with torn up and blistered feet. Ill-fitting shoes can ruin a day easily. Still, I can find excellent quality leather shoes on sale for no more than $69.99 (unless they are boots which run more).

  8. I agree on the bra front. Bought one in Primark and the under wired bit has been squeaking every time I move. Grrrrrr……. So annoying

  9. Coffee – must be fresh ground, never instant. Marmite – other ‘yeast extracts’ do not taste right.

  10. Agree! I second the chocolate as well.

  11. 100% with you on all of these, especially the bra and mattress.

    X x

  12. I agree on the boots. I have a pair that I bought from Russell & Bromley and paid well over £200 for. BUT, that was 15 years ago and they are still going strong! That works out at just over £13 a year. Yes, they’ve been re-heeled and soled a few times so it works out a little more than that, but even then they have turned out to be a bargain in the long run. Simple black knee high leather boots with a low heel. Perfect for pretty much any occasion.
    And I second the comments on coffee and chocolate!

  13. Hehe, I agree. There are just some things which are worth the splurge. For me it’s haircare. The £1 shampoos and conditioners are a far cry from the deluxe £20 ones on the market, and most are worth the pain as your purse feels so light!

    Sharlotte || UK Beauty Blog

  14. I don’t try to save money on organic and fair trade coffee as well as on natural cosmetics with organic ingredients that are not tested on animals. I also want organic and quality foods to cook from.

  15. I never gave up the following: my gym and my professional trainer (I run long distance and osteopaths cost more than trainers); my expensive haircut; high quality coffee and red wine. I also love electronics and it was always one of my allowed ‘wants’. Still is.

  16. I was shocked by the number of people interviewed after the recent floods who said “I don’t have house insurance” – I would NEVER go without insurance. Car rescue membership as well…Ours has really saved us from some expenses over the years. And holiday insurance too. I know of one person who didn’t take out holiday insurance and was left, after a skiing accident, with the most horrendous bills. You think it will neer happen to you – but it can, and sometimes does.

    Other stuff I can economoise on,(or do without) but never that!

  17. totally agree on the boots. I usually get a good pair of biker boots every five years or so. My mom encourages me to find the best quality/fit and sometimes sponsors them, so I get them in November for my birthday. I also agree on mattresses, I have slept two years on a crappy ikea mattress and it gave me back pain. I have never had back problems before and I’m still paying for that, years later. Chocolate is also a good point, but sometimes I find good brands (Lind,Caillers..) at Lidl or some other discount store, so I look for the right moment and stock up. We don’t drink alcohol but I am related to an awarded winegrower, so we always have some good red wine for guests and cooking.
    I don’t like saving on cooking oils/fats (no ogm, organic), catfood ( I still buy bulk and on sale, but I buy the kind that has good ingredients, good for kidney disease and is very nutritious), and fruit and veggies. I pay a little more, but I buy local and organic whenever possible. The taste is million times better, it goes bad less quickly, and I don’t get colics!!(happens with veggies that where too fertilized)

  18. Bras, boots and haircare are the the things I refuse to scrimp on! I would’ve added skincare into this, but then I remembered I never pay full price for most items, and my favourite cleanser cost me just £2.49 recently! x

  19. Great post! It really make me think when asked what do you refuse to scrimp on? For me, I love good quality meat and would rather buy from local butchers than the supermarket. Also agree with the bra! I’m a new reader and blogger so looking forward to exploring your blog.

    Lottie x

  20. Anonymous says:

    I will not scrimp on skincare. This doesn’t mean I’m out there buying La Roche posay and scoffing at lower brands, but I won’t be seen in bodycare grabbing the cheapest exfoliator, and I wouldn’t be seen dead in Boots natural collection tinted moisturiser. I only wear natural makeup, so if that means £14 for a mineral foundation in the perfect shade (expensive to me) then I’ll pay it, and save money on exfoliator by using sugar and oats at home.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything on this post and I am so glad you mentioned Home Insurance on this too. From experience from my job I can’t stress enough the importance of a good home insurance policy. I see people on a day to day basis who are paying next to nothing for home insurance (or have nothing in place at all) and think they are fully covered. Now I am not saying you should pay a fortune to protect your home, but chances are if you are paying as little as £6 a month for buildings and contents insurance do you really have enough cover in place?

    For instance if your house is worth £200000 and you have cover for £400000, it may sound like more than enough cover but if there was a situation where your house was completely destroyed and had to be fully rebuilt, would £400000 really be enough to re-establish foundations and pay for all the parts and labour to rebuild it? Chances are, probably not.

    I know it all seems a little extreme but I have spoken to many people who have tried to claim on their insurance but because they were under insured the insurance company wouldn’t pay for the full amount, or in some cases not at all.

    I just think especially with all the problems Britain has been having recently with floods and storm damage it is something people really need to be aware of.

    On a lighter note I absolutely love your blog!

    Jenny :)

  22. Totally agree with the good bra and red wine. Debenhams always have sales on D-Gs cup bras, which is a god send. I also refuse to scrimp on body lotion and a good winter coat. :)


  23. I agree with the bra thing! I wear Victoria Secret ones, they are the best but I wear cheap jeans.

  24. Fairy Liquid only – absolutely no bubbles in the bargain ones, as if you’re just washing with water
    TSJeans – no one wants to see a saggy bottom now
    Twinings Tea bags – a soil colored cuppa is not the most inviting :/
    Clinique Make-up, the cheap stuff makes my skin oily :(
    Clarks Shoes -especially sandals as the cheap ones have silly hard soles!

    The above is why I need to thrift so much!

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