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How’s this for a little challenge?

Starting today, for one month let’s see if you can get one extra use from each item that passes over your threshold. Do you think it’s possible?
Getting one more use from almost everything I use, has become somewhat of a mission over the years and is the foundation of cutting waste from my life.
I’ve become incredibly passionate about making sure most items are reused at least once, in one method or another, before they head to the bin or recycling and I think it’s become a natural part of my thought process. Some people think it’s crazy and a waste of time but if I’m honest I think they’re a tad selfish, meh.
Reusing basics such as carrier bags and glass jars is fantastic and a great way to do your bit for our planet but could you expand to reusing more of the waste you create?
It can take a bit of extra energy and thought when you first start on the One More Use train. However after a while it becomes so much so a part of you don’t realise you’re standing in Boots figuring out the best way to reuse a lipstick tube, until your friend asks why you’ve been staring, slack jawed at the Revlon stand for 15 minutes.
How to get started:
– When you buy something after asking yourself if you really need it, follow up by asking yourself “how would I be able to reuse this?”
– Find the fun it because I promise it isn’t all dull. Create a challenge between you and your partner or even your children, to find the most interesting or useful way to reuse a jam jar or tin can, it’s amazing what kind of creativity can spring forth from a bit of competitiveness!
– If you’re struggling for ideas for reusing an odd item hit the internet and see what bloggers, pinners and other genius folk have come up with.
– Realise MOST things can be reused without hassle. For instance mascara wands have an incredible amount of uses (here), elastic bands (here), along with lids from cosmetics etc. (here) and even a chicken carcass (here). Expand your reusing spectrum past jam jars and carrier bags and reduce your impact on the planet!

– Make sure you keep the moto ONE MORE USE in your mind, you could even scrawl it on your bin or recycling bin so you’re reminded at the most useful of times.- Prepare for the odd amount of satisfaction you’ll feel once you get in the swing of it.

Are you up to the challenge?
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P.S. What are your favourite things to reuse?

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  1. I reuse the bags that come in cereal boxes to store food. Because they are so robust they are also great for smashing up biscuits for a cheesecake base :)

    Slightly Skint Blog

  2. When you reuse something it’s such a good feeling, knowing that you’ve just done your bit for the planet and saved yourself some pennies. This was so helpful, thank you El :)

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  3. What a great challenge. I think I do reuse most things but not all. Need to get my thinking cap on.

    X x

  4. Love your posts, great challenge. I like to reuse magazines, to make pretty collages/mood boards, I recently made a picture vase for a friend with pictures from mags that reminded me of my mate, hope you like my blog posts xx

  5. I love your psts, what a challenge! I love to reuse magazines and have recently made a mood board and a picture vase for a friend hope you like xx

  6. I always try to get more uses out of obvious things but you are so right – it needs to be attempted with everything!

    Georgina x

  7. I’ve just done this with my toothpaste. Actually I’ve been doing it for the last three or four days. We brush our teeth upstairs, but keep the new tubes in the downstairs loo.

    Due to complete and utter laziness (at first, but then it came to more of a competition between my husband and I over who would break first), we’ve been squeezing every last inch of toothpaste out of this current tube. Today, just so I would win this little unspoken war, I even cut the end off and sliced up the side, so I could scrape every last bit out.

    A bit of healthy competition can definitely help in challenges like this!

    Victoria, x

  8. I always try to find a second use in everything. I’m a craft hoarder so I think everything can be refashioned into something else. I’m obsessed with collecting jars and finding uses for them. For my toothbrush and cotton pad holders, I took old jam jars and crocheted them some covers.

    I hate waste!

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