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A simple, free and easy source of scrap paper is the unwrapping labels from tins or other food items and making sure to use it before chucking it to recycling. It might seem like a seriously basic and ‘duh’ thing to suggest but it’s amazing the amount of people who don’t do it.
The majority of these labels are plain white or cream on the inside and make perfectly good scrap paper! And don’t forget the backs of receipts and envelopes too, they’re endlessly useful the odd note or two.
I simply unwrap the paper from a tin and pop it on the pile with others and secure with a paper clip. This kind of paper is great for taking a message whilst you’re on the phone, for writing a quick list or leaving a message on the fridge. If you have children this kind of paper is perfect for scribbles or perhaps you could challenge them to make an interesting collage with the coloured sides?
Once it’s used up you can then recycle as normal safe in the knowledge you got an extra use from that piece of packaging.
This post is part of FEB-U-WASTE-ARY, a series of posts about cutting back on waste. You can read all of the posts so far here.

P.S. Do you try to get an extra use from packaging?

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  1. Good idea! My mum always uses the old envelopes to write her shopping lists on! xxx

    Amy | http://amysbeautyjournal.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Never thought of this!


  3. Interesting idea! I usually use the backs of envelopes for scrap paper. If anything comes into our house packaged with brown paper, I save it and use it as wrapping paper. I also save and reuse wrapping paper from gifts.

  4. That is interesting. When I was little we used to turn flour bags inside out and write shopping lists, we aso teared the edges of newspapers for note paper. Nowdays I still take a great pleasure to throw flour bags away, one of those confirmations that ‘I can afford it now’.

  5. Plus, if you take off the labels and mix up the tins you get a fun game to play at meal times – guess what we’re having for dinner! Could be pineapple chunks, could be baked beans. Endless fun for all ages

  6. This is genius! Thank you!

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