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Be they newspapers you buy yourself or freebies posted through the door or picked up on your commute it’s wonderful to get a further use from newspaper before tossing it in the recycling bin.

12 ways to reuse a newspaper

1. If you’re moving any time soon save those newspapers to use for wrapping plates, cups and glasses. We have piles of local newspapers in our hallway waiting for this very reason. Copies of Metro come in super handy so I always make sure I pick up and copies discarded on tram or train seats.
2. Use them to propagate seeds along with fruit punnets like in this post over on Secret Seed Society.
3. Gift wrap, baby! Opt for the comic pages for children, you can even stamp patterns onto the pages like I did on Superscrimpers a few years ago.
4. Roll 4 or 5 sheets of paper and twist tightly to form easy to use fire lighters.
5. Create seriously simple and sweet gift bags made from newspaper.
6. A few scrunched up balls of newspaper are fab for packing parcels to stop items moving around in the box.
8. Always keep a couple of newspapers in your cleaning cupboard to put down should you need to do a spot of emergency DIY. The same goes for crafting because newspaper is a great way to protect your surfaces whilst you go berserk with fabric paint and glitter in the spare room.
9. Use newspaper and vinegar to clean mirrors. It just works and I’m not even sure why.
11. Create simple and easy seed starting pots and grow a garden filled with food and flowers.
12. Shoes a bit tight or rubbing too much? Stuff your shoes with damp newspaper overnight and in the morning they should have budged a bit to squidge in your mammoth trotters. Ahem.
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P.S. How do you reuse newspaper in your home?

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  1. I read that entire post being scared that the next suggest would be toilet paper!! :)

  2. Our local cat sanctuary asks for old newspaper donations so we drop ours off there :)

    Jenifer xx

  3. Hi, I use mine to send out all my ebay parcels. Use two thicknesses though and tape down well. They never go missing in the post either as they look like it’s nothing worth pinching! I sell eco-friendly papers so it fits with my company ethos too:) Wrap your items in recycled cellophane/plastic bags first to stop ink bleed and to keep them dry in this wet weather.

  4. Got a newspaper today (just for the aldi voucher inside!) I have no interest in reading the daily record so it’s going to be used as ‘moving house’ packaging. Great tips as always :)
    Rachelle x

  5. Having spent 30 odd years scanning every daily UK national newspaper for mentions of my clients and other relevant articles, I stopped buying them asap I retired some years ago. Now grateful for local freebies for mopping up spills or floods ( defrosting fridge/ leaking washing machine/ disastrous cooking spill etc). But will never again use for packing or storing fragile items. The newsprint transfers to the items and to your hands and is so difficult to remove. Loved it for chips in the good old days though…

  6. All of our either get used for seed pots in the summer or lining the chicken run. I couldn’t tell you the last time I threw a newspaper away.

    X x

  7. I use old newspapers to drain my home cooked chips of all the grease, I place them on the newspapers and sludge them in salt and vinegar, wrap them into a parcel and shake it up a little, resulting in perfectly coated home-cooked chips, loads of salt and vinegar all over them x

  8. All our paper is used as chicken bedding. I hand tear newspapers/bills/anything non glossy etc into strips (this takes NO time as I quickly do it when anything is finished with before popping it in the ‘chicken bedding bin’.) All our glossy bits of paper get saved whole (including all those flyers and junk mail that seem to drop through our door) and they get used to line the dropping tray as they don’t soak up too much poop. This all then gets dumped in our composter when I clean the chooks out weekly. This saves us cash because I don’t have to buy straw or shavings and the chickens don’t mind one bit.

  9. A rolled up newspaper is a great way of keeping those boots upright.
    I also learned many years ago from my grandma that if you have green bananas, just leave them wrapped in newspaper overnight and they’ll be edible sooner. Don’t ask me how!

  10. Scrunched up newspaper scattered around the floor makes an exciting playground for cats. Throw a few small plastic balls into the mix and they love ducking and diving in there to find them.

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