How to relax over Christmas

Christmas can get stressful and there’s really no need! It’s a time of celebration and it’s important to come out the other side of it all without feeling exhausted and fed up, so here’s how to relax over Christmas

How to relax during the holidays

Here’s what gets me about many people who get stressed out over Christmas – they’re taking on all of the responsibility without talking to the people surrounding them about the support they require. It’s fab when people just step in and help but let’s face it, if they’ve never done it before they’re not going to do it now. Ask for help, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Ask your partner to clean the house, ask your mother to prepare a starter and ask your friend to help you put up those fairy lights.
Preparation is key! In the few short weeks running up to Christmas make or do as much as you can in small chunks. Bake some cookies and shove them in the freezer, iron your tablecloth, dry clean your fancy dress and even make your stuffing and freeze it in advance.
Sleep and rest
Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re not used to a lack of sleep, the great festive sleep robber might just make you feel like death warmed up. If you have guests, early starts might be on the cards but that doesn’t mean naps or half an hour in the bath is struck off the list altogether. Take that bubble bath from Great-Aunt June up the stairs and relax, honestly give yourself permission to rest, there’s no point trying to be a hero.
The great outdoors
Get out of the house! Christmas can see you kept inside for days on end and you start to develop cabin fever but make sure you don’t fall into that trap. Even small 10 minute walks around neighbour will breathe fresh life into your lungs but a good, bracing Boxing Day walk will revitalise you in no time.
Clean up
About 2-3 weeks before Christmas I give Thrifty Towers a big ol’ top to toe clean so as Christmas approaches a quick and regular dust, vacuum and mop will do.
Once Christmas is upon us make sure you and everyone in your home is staying on top of the cleaning and tidying. I know it doesn’t seem like the most relaxing thing to do but staying in control of a tidy home keeps stress filled days of cleaning at bay. It really is as simple as wiping down a table or surface as you’re walking past and making sure the wrapping paper goes out to the bin.
Looking forward
I always book something to look forward to for the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Be it an afternoon trip to the cinema (find out how to get free cinema tickets) with my best friend, a cheap pub lunch with Mr Thrifty or a manicure.


This is day 11 of 12 Thrifty Days of Christmas


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  1. Great tips here <3 I really needed this tonight.
    Love from Jasmine @

  2. All great tips! I especially love the one about being honest to the people around you.

  3. Christmas stress is the worst.
    I want to enjoy this period but I’m generally anxious and there are just much more things to stress about than usually. I still have to sew a few gifts (tea towels and clothes hampers)(maybe a bag) and make some other (handmade Nutella for my love) and then planning (tickets ok) the trips to my family, his family, my family further away, my friends..and I have only three days off work around those days. I don’t want to be a wreck!
    We will go for a walk today, maybe it will all look better tonight.
    Stay calm and festive everyone, happy advent!!

  4. Awww thanks so much for reminding me that I need to stay organized! ^_^
    I’m not very good at organizing my time since I tend to leave everything for the last minute, but this is really great advise! I am thinking of maybe making a to-do list/calendar type of thing to organize my time better. Who knows. :)

  5. lovely ideas :)

  6. The trouble is, I always THINK I’m organised. :(

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