36 homemade gifts you’ll be proud to give

Want to make something fabulous and thrifty to give to a loved one this Christmas? I’ve hunted down 36 of the best homemade gifts on the internet – give a gift you’ll be proud to sign your name to.

36 Homemade Gifts You’ll be Proud to Give



1. Kid’s Sleeping Bag // 2. Pebble Dominos // 3. Cardboard Guitar // 4. Crinkle baby blanket // 5. DIY felt snake

6. DIY leather drum // 7. Toy Car Caddy // 8. Wooden Toy Camera // 9. Wooden Blocks // 10. Fabric Dollshouse //11. Felt Sandwich



12. Ruffled Apron // 13. Hand warmer // 14. No Sew Key Fob // 15. Framed Pin Cushion // 16. Hot Water Bottle Cover // 17. Lap Desk


18. Tile Coaster Tutorial // 19. Confetti Tablecloth // 20. Animal Book Ends // 21. Sunburst Mirror // 22. DIY rolling storage crate // 23. Gold Confetti Plate

24. Chevron Rug // 25. DIY Cake Stand // 26. Glitter Dipped Mug // 27. Lace Print Dish // 28 .Criss Cross Ribbon Lampshade // 29. Cloth Napkins


30. DIY Safety Pin Bracelet // 31. Upcycled T-shirt Bag // 32. Ombre Chevron Necklace // 33. Cat Shoes // 34. Bejewelled Hair Combs // 35. Pastel Bangles // 36. Paper Print T-Shirt

I hope you find something there that you enjoy making and and the person you give it to cherishes. Homemade gifts have such deep meaning behind them because taking the time to create something yourself speaks volumes about the care, thought and creativity you’ve put in.

This is the 4th post in my series 12 Thrifty Days of Christmas.
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thrifty_blog P.S. If you’re making something fab for Christmas leave details and links in the comments below, you might just help out a fellow reader.

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  1. Loving this post, especially the glitter mug. I bought some necklace kits from eBay and made those. I am also making tea cup candles. Details of those can be found by googling Kirstie Allsopp’s hand made stuff. This is the first time I have made gifts and am loving it!

  2. I’ve been busy making Nigella’s chilli jam and sloe gin. I have plans for biscotti, nougat, and marzipan squares!

  3. There are some lovely ideas. I’ve been making felted soap. It’s especially useful if you want to give someone a little ‘gesture present’ without having to spend much. I already have the felting wool as I do needle felting but you can get it quite cheap on Ebay and then bars of soap can be as little as 35p for 4 bars in a supermarket. There are loads of tutorials but I have found the best way to felt it tightly is by putting it in the cut off end of a pair of old (clean) tights. I love homemade gifts.

  4. OOh thanks for these ideas, I like to make a few presents every year.

  5. These are so creative!

  6. Just dropping by for the first time today and checking out your blog– what great ideas and so creative. I can’t wait to try somet of these out for myself. I will totally be stopping back by!


  7. Thank you for this! There are some amazing Ideas I can’t wait to try. I’m trying to knit my first xmas jumper this year for a gift. Fingers crossed!


  8. I just love these ideas! I can’t wait to try them out for myself. This year I’ve been knitting a christmas jumper for a gift. Fingers crossed!


  9. With the trend for using large letters as decor, I’m planning to make a large capital letter H (the first letter of my daughter’s family surname), out of several layers of cardboard, I then plan to print and stick lots and lots of family photos on it – all in black and white which is her colour scheme.

    A couple of years ago I decorated a candle for her with a picture of her and her husband on their wedding day on it. I then made a presentation box to put it in, and then glued photos of the children on each side of the box. They loved it, and still display it now.

    Last year my husband made home made rum truffles for our son in law – he loved them, which just goes to show that a little bit of thought, and some creativity can solve a lot of your shopping problems.

    Love some of your ideas, and will be keeping them in mind for next year.


  10. Ive done the glitter dipped mugs for friends and they look fab!!

  11. Ive done the glitter dipped mugs for friends and they look fab!!

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