12 Thrifty Days of Christmas

Are you excited about Christmas but worried about making a tight budget work? Check back tomorrow as I’ll be launching my new series 12 Thrifty Days of Christmas.
Over a period of 12 consecutive days I will be covering all elements of budget friendly festivities from gift ideas, parties, budgeting, food and drink, expectations and much, much more – so you’ll be ready for a truly thrifty (and organised!) Christmas well in advance.
Let’s make this Christmas amazing, without spending a fortune. See you tomorrow.

This series is now complete! Check out all of the posts below.


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  1. Looking forward to this! On a very tight budget so I welcome all the tips I can find! x

  2. Very looking forward to it as for the 1st time this year, my Boyfriend and I are hosting the family Christmas dinner…and we’re a bit on a budget!

  3. I’m so excited for this! :) x

  4. Looking forward to this big time! Started browsing for gifts and now I am scared!

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