Slow cookers on sale!

Oh yeah baby, you know how much I love my slow cooker – or at least you do if you read my post – Slow Cooker Love earlier in the week.

I’m planning to buy a slow cooker for my cousin as a house warming gift so I’ve been searching out some great deals and I thought I’d share them with you. There are lots of slow cooker bargains to be had.

Morphy Richards Accents 48702 Searing Slow Cooker 
(this is the one we have here at Thrifty Towers)
RRP £34.99
Now £24.99 

Logix L33SCSS10 Slow Cooker
Was £15.99
Now £9.97

Breville ITP138 Slow Cooker
Was £36.99
Now £24.59

Cookworks 3.5l Slow Cooker
Was £14.99
Now £12

Crock-Pot 37401BC Slow Cooker

Swan SF11040 Slow Cooker
Was £29.00
Now £19.00

Tesco SCSS12 Slow Cooker

Hopefully, if you have a dream of a filthy love affair like I indulge in with my slow cooker, you’ll find something there to suit your budget.

thrifty_blogP.S. If you love your slow cooker feel free to leave a link and recommendation below – you might just help someone out.

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  1. We brought the Morphy Richards 6L one in Sainsbury’s yesterday at half price, it was £24.99 which I thought was a bargain. I feel lots of chilli being made this winter x

  2. will you be sharing an recipes? :) i love my slow cooker but am alwayys looking for new ideas xxx

  3. I’ve just got my slower cooker out today for the first time this year… excited!

    Have you got any slow cooker thrifty recipes?! (Apologies if you’ve already done a previous post on this – I will browse your blog to make sure!)


  4. I’m keeping my eye on a 3.5 litre Russell Hobbs slow cooker – £20 in Wilkinson! We use our slow cooker all the time – we shove ingredients into it in the morning and come home from work to a lovely dinner. We’re moving house soon, and planning to upgrade our old small slow cooker to a big one, so we can freeze the leftovers for even more thriftiness. :)

  5. This is such a good idea for my mum’s birthday present, thanks xxoxox

  6. I really really want a slow cooker! You have no idea how much! They are such bargains!

  7. I’ve just recently moved and the lack of a slow cooker in my life is getting to be an issue. I so want to make a big pot of scouse in this and snuggle up in front of the fire with it! :)

    Eve x
    Sugar Spun Sisters – a blog about clothes, cosmetics & coeliac disease

  8. We have got the last one there, but we bought it from Sainsburys (looks exactly the same). Just for anyone’s info, I wiped down the outside the other week (inevitable spills), and the writing wiped off. Its not a HUGE deal so long as you remember where the HIGH – LOW – WARM settings were placed when you turn the dial. I have had it a while so I wont be returning it, but that’s a bit of a design faux pas if you ask me.

  9. I have a big blue gas guzzling Aga which we use as a slow cooker – it’s super good at cooking things long and slow but sadly not cheap to run.

  10. Thanks for the recommendations – I’m planning to buy one soon so I’ll check these out.

    You’re not the first person I have seen obsessing over their slow cooker ;-)

  11. Thank you for sharing on this. My mother will love this.

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