Slow Cooker Love

I’ve fallen and I’ve fallen hard. I’ve fallen in love with a slow cooker.
After years and years, our old slow cooker gave up life and thanks to an appeal on Twitter for recommendations (thanks Twitter folk!), our new slow cooker turned up last week.
It wasn’t even the kind of love which slowly grows, it was BAM LURVE from the very second the somewhat rude delivery guy kicked the oversized box into my hallway. Our old slow cooker wasn’t up to much anyway, he always went one of two ways – having the meal ready too early or not having it ready at all. I told him it happens to all slow cookers and it was fine but he knew it wasn’t fine, we both knew he knew it wasn’t fine but what can you do? Then (and I’m not proud of this) we had a fight and I ended up shouting “IT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO EVERY SLOW COOKER AND IT IS A BIG DEAL” out of the door of my flat. We both knew it was over then.
Mr Thrifty and I ended up going for this cheeky little Morphy Richards fella, mostly because it was (and still is) knocked down in price but also because it gives you the ability to sear your meat (fnar) in the removable cooking pan which cuts down on washing up and other kinds of faffery. Oh and also because I had an Amazon voucher from a raffle, which meant we paid about £4 in total, ace of base. But anyway, me and Morphy yeah? WE’VE GOT A THAAAAAAAAANG GOIN’ ON.
BTW if red heads don’t do it for you, this model also comes in a a dashing black which actually looks like blue to me (but anyway) and saucy, superhero silver, so fill your boots.
We’ve had 3 dinners and 2 lunches from him it so far and they’ve all been roaring successes but I want more dear faceache, I want more. I want to dominate that slow cooker and make it want me, make it love me, make it want to produce delicious bambios (warm, tasty, dinner meat babies) from that dark, tempting, warm pot, whilst I swan off to work or roam the streets of Manchester with nowt but a small dog, exceptional taste in tights and a spunky (fnar) attitude to keep me company.
So dear faceache reader, spill forth your slow cooker loins in the comments. I want to hear your tips, your tricks and your recipes. Let me have it, let Morphy have it, let us all have it – give me your slow cooker relationship advice.

thrifty_blogP.S. Love does weird things to a gal.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I am blushing…

    Sounds great, but do you think it would make sense to get this for a vegetarian household? Any ideas for nice dishes

  3. We bought a slow cooker last week, I know exactly how you feel. So far we’ve cooked a stew and a ham hock in it it. Lovely jubly.

  4. Haaaaa omg Thrifty I love you!!

    I’m totally head over heels with my slow cooker too, as usual Pinterest is my favourite source for recipes

    My favourite has to be pulled pork though, its just out of this WORLD good!!

  5. Yeessss!!! I too am in a long-term love affair with my slow cooker – a bargain at under £20 from Morrisons, it has more that proved its worth!

    My favourite thing to make is Thai Beef Curry. Beef is beautiful slow-cooked, super tender and delicious. I just fry up some chopped onions and the beef in a pan with some thai curry paste from the International Supermarket (Rendang is my favourite, but Masaman also works), pop it in the slow cooker with a can of coconut milk and five hours later it is truly a thing of beauty. Serve with greens and rice noodles – you’ll never look back.

    Pulled pork or lamb stew also work wonderfully. Oh, slow cooker, how I adore thee….

  6. This proper gave me a giggle! I have a slow cooker and i have something even better to go with it…….a mum. I love getting home to my tea been ready even when my mum works late. Im aware that makes me sound really lazy and i do love to cook for myself but my mum lives to cook and it would be rude not to eat her yummy offerings. I hope your love affair lives on xxx

  7. I have the same slow cooker and mine is also in the throws of a love affair. Sordid but tasty! I’ve been sharing a few recipes on my blog that I’ve developed with it but my favourite two are Mexican pulled pork (great for tacos, burritos etc) and pork in a cider, cream and mustard sauce. Here are the links:

    Do let me know if you try them :)

  8. I definitely want to get a slow cooker now the weather is getting chilly! Aldi had a basic one on offer for £12.99 this week, but I am not sure how good their electrical devices are?

    I find Pinterest the best place for slow cooker recipes or as the Americans call them “crock pot recipes”.

    Could you do cola ham in a slow cooker? I always wondered how that tastes.

    • You absolutely can!

      My favourite though is cooked in cider.

      A base layer of sliced celery, and carrots cut into two or three long pieces with the meat sitting on top.
      An onion peeled and chopped in half and studded with about 6 cloves.
      About 10 black peppercorns.
      2 bay leaves.
      A quarter of a star anise.
      Some fresh herbs, thyme, sage, rosemary, whatever you have tied into a bundle with a piece of string.
      Tuck all the above around the meat and cover with a mixture of cider and water, about 50/50, or all cider.
      Cook on high for 5-6 hours.

    • I’ve only had a non slow cooker version of cola ham and it was so good I nearly lapsed into a coma. Nigella’s cherry coke version is pretty fantastic too.

      I wonder what the Aldi electrical devices are like, hmmmm…

    • I have the Aldi slow cooker, and it’s really good! :)

  9. It’s awesome for making mexican food, you can just put pork shoulder or chicken breasts in there with some salsa and they are so soft once they’re cooked you can just shred them up and put them in a taco or something.

  10. I love slow cookers! They are genius and the best for autumn/winter!

  11. I love my slow cooker and would recommend the Swartchz slow cooker sachets. They make a very tasty (and not too expensive) meal!!

    Also, on pinterest, have a look at crockpot freezer meals! I’m planning to get all prepared when I go on maternity leave with a freezer full of slow cooker ready meals!!

  12. I did a ham hock overnight and it pretty much turned into glue! But this saucy post has made me think again – hmmmm – will be interested to know how you get on x Jane

  13. Last year I cooked EVERYTHING in my slow cooker, I even did the filling for my ‘come dine with me’ pie in it!

    Slightly Skint Blog

  14. Here is my:
    Chilli Concarne Recipe

    1 pack of mince or quorn
    2 onions
    Half a packet baby sweetcorn
    1 tin of chick peas
    1 tin of plum peeled tomatoes (sliced a bit)
    1 jar of chilli concarne (medium or hot)
    1 table spoon of butter
    4-6 mushrooms
    2 crushed garlic cloves
    Pasta/rice/chips/potatoes/nan bread to serve with

    I cook the mince separately in butter, medium chilli and other spices then drain it before I lob it all in the slow cooker.

    The cooker is ofcourse the second love of my life!


  15. A whole chicken, sprinkled with salt, pepper and some red spice (think paprika I suppose) cooked for hours on high falls off the bone rather than comes out of the cooker…. but it’s great. I used to love Halen Mon’s spicy salt mix, but I ran out.
    And bolognese sauce cooked for hours is rich, red and steaming. I use Delia’s Winter Collection recipe adapted. I must put it on my blog!

  16. We’ve had successive slow cooker since we first knew of them many moons ago. Never a disappointment, they are so versatile. My next door neighbour who works puts pre-cooked pasties on slow in the mornings then has them for their evening meal.
    Brisket cooked in them is so tender, casseroles once in you can forget about them, I’d certainly recommend hem.
    Winters coming, porridge put in the night before is so delicious for breakfast.

    Peg xx

  17. Gotta love the Friends reference. I have never even been near a slow cooker but I really feel like should invest in one now! x

  18. Bhahaha. That photo is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! xxx

  19. LOL mint!

    I love turkey, red onion, peppers, lime, coriander, chilli, garlic and coconut milk.


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  20. I had a slow cooker many years a go and loved it. I would prepare the food the night before. Put it on in the morning then came home to a warming meal in the evening. It was perfect. When you feel tired a lovely meal awaits you.

  21. Whole chicken soup, throw in the bird, onions, garlic, veggies and stock and leave it too it. The skin falls off so you just pull it out before serving

  22. Alas, I have no slow cooker tips .. just alot of love for this blog post! Great writing. :)


  23. My other arf cooks enough chilli in ours to last the week. Chilli with rice, over cheesy chips, on baked potatoes, in tacos, on toast, chilli bolognaise, and on and on and on :-)

  24. Our favourite recipes? Pumpkin Soup, & breatfast porridge OH SO good!

  25. I love my slow cooker, we have a very special friendship. I cook every thing in there including overnight porridge and roast chicken.

    My favourite recipe is chicken and mango curry…
    Brown onions and chicken in a pan, add to slow cooker along with, stock, red pepper, frozen mango ( it’s cheaper and comes pre chopped) Curry powder, mild chilli powder, grated ginger, garlic and coriander.
    Cook all day and add a tin of coconut milk an hour before serving.

    Yummy Yummy Yummy!

  26. This post made me laugh so much! Thanks for brightening my day, but now I’m not sure I’ll be able to look at my slow cooker in the same way 😛

  27. Ha ha ha – AWESOME post. Alas, I have no tips or tricks. However, if it’s batch cooking/freezer love you are after – I’m ya gal.

  28. I love my slow cooker even though it is getting old and the handles have cracked and fallen off. A great place for slow cooker inspiration is here:

  29. I made a delicious one yesterday – spicy chicken and butternut stew, with some rice & veg :) xx

  30. I love my slow cooker (and I think I love you for this post right now), and the best recipe by far has been a turkey, leak and bacon dish- coat turking in egg and then flour, gently fry until browned with some bacon (I used lardons), shove in slow cooiker with a couple of large leaks, cover with stock, cook for 8 hours. It’s super yummy and works really well with on the bone chicken or turkey, or turkey thigh.

  31. Damson tree says:

    Dahl – definitely. Rinse Channa dahl, sling it in, add chili, ginger, garlic, onions, spinach and all the seasonings ( I add lea and perrins , even! ) , half a stock cube if I remember…..etc, etc. Switch it on and off you go. I do a pot full and freeze portions. Had some last night with extra onions, mushrooms, spinach and chopped tomatoes plus baby boiled potatoes from the allotment. Economical or what! And sooooo yum.

  32. I use my slow cooker to make chicken stock (among other things, obviously).
    I did have a huge pot that my mother found in the back of her cupboard and gave to me that I was planning on using to make stock… but upon actually using it, I discovered the base had a slight bend and was unstable, and it would shake and rock around on the hob when it was hot.
    Not really fancying the idea of a giant pot of boiling chicken bones toppling over on to me, and not wanting to waste all the other veg I’d put in it, I decided to put it in the only other thing I had that was big enough – my slow cooker.

    It works very well. I usually leave it for around 10 hours (good thing about making stock is you can’t overdo it – the longer the better really) and because you need to leave it so long it becomes so much more flavourful, in my opinion.
    Downside is, you can’t reduce it to make your own little concentrated stock cubes in ice cube trays – it just doesn’t get hot enough to boil down. But that’s no great shakes really, it’s just a bit more awkward to freeze and store.

    I also got my slow cooker in the thrifty-est of ways – for free from my grandmother. 😛 She said she’d bought it a few years back but only used it once or twice – she’s 83 now and has multiple sclerosis so any sort of cooking is beyond her now, which is a shame as she was a fantastic cook. My grandfather does all the cooking for them now but as he’s in his 80s as well they just stick to ready meals mostly (although the posh M&S ones lol), so the slow cooker was just languishing in a cupboard. It’s a bloody good one, though – my grandparents are rich as, so they always buy the best lol 😛

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