What to buy in Aldi (and what not to buy)

With so many people switching their supermarket swap over to Aldi from one of the ‘big’ supermarkets I thought it would be handy to put together a what to buy in Aldi list along with a few notes on what not to buy in Aldi. These are just a few of our favourite must-haves which we tend to add to our shopping list on a regular basis and of course this is all down to our personal tastes. I’d love your feedback and recommendations in the comments below.

What to buy in Aldi



– Severn Vale Quick Frying Steak
– Specially Selected British Angus Mince
– Premium Lean Steak Mince

– Specially Selected Free Range Whole Chicken
– Turkey Mince

– Ultimate Pork and Apple Sausages
– Ultimate Pork Chipolata Sausages
– Ultimate British Back Bacon (Smoked)
– Pork Loin Steaks
– BBQ ribs
– Polish pork pepper sausage

– Smoked, peppered mackerel
– Fresh salmon
– Prawns

– Pastrami
– Salami
– Sliced chicken
– Black Forest ham


– Parmigiano Reggiano
– Specially Selected Vintage Cheddar
– British Extra Mature Cheddar (purple pack)
– Sliced Gouda
– Mozzarella balls
– Port Salut
– Goats cheese

– Brooklea Mango and Passion Fruit Yoghurt
– Brooklea Low Fat Natural Yoghurt
– Brooklea Greek Style Yoghurt

– Butter
– Creme Fraiche

– Specially Selected Orange Juice
– Tapas Al Minito – the entire range
– Cornish pasties
– Chicken soup

We’ve found their parma ham/proscuittio and similar to be very stringy and a tad on the fatty side so we tend to avoid it. The cheap trays of mince are incredibly fatty to the point we’ve cooked meals and thrown them away because the fattiness made them inedible. When it comes to lamb we avoid altogether from supermarkets (unless we can find shoulder or neck as per this lamb and lentil curry recipe) as it tends to be all bone and no meat and Aldi is no different.
Filled pasta from the fridge is in my opinion horrible and sludgy, I really suggest opting for the dried versions, they’re lovely.
The items we’ve liked least from Aldi has to be their cream cheese, it tastes incredibly synthetic and although passable as an ingredient we tend not to buy it because if you can’t eat it on a bagel what’s the point?

Both fruit and veg are really dependant on what is in season and what they have as they rotate their stock so often. Here are our favourites based on what we’ve bought multiple times.

– Pears (all varieties)
– Granny Smith apples
– Fair Trade bananas
– Nectarines
– Kiwis
– Plums
– Satsumas
– White grapes
– Raspberries
– Oranges
– Cherries

– Courgettes
– Vine tomatoes
– Butternut squash
– Celery
– Red onions
– Spring onions
– White onions
– Bell peppers (3/4 in a pack)
– Green beans
– Mixed chillies (4/5 in a pack)
– Carrots
– Parsnips
– Cucumber
– Little gem lettuce
– Watercress
– Corn on the cob
We’ve found the Garlic tastes really synthetic and strange so we’ve given up on it altogether. I’m not overly fond of a lot of their berries and Mr Thrifty doesn’t like their tomatoes other than the vine tomatoes (I don’t like fresh tomatoes DEVILDEVIL, so I can’t pass comment). I think I might be a Spud Snob but I’ve always found Aldi potatoes to be rubbish, we tend to avoid at all costs.


– Tinned whole tomatoes
– Gherkins
– Tuna in Brine
– Mayonnaise
– Pesto – all varieties are nice
– Specially Selected Manuka Honey
– Tinned soups
– Chopped tomatoes
– Stock cubes (chicken and vegetable)
– Bockwurst
– Grapefruit marmalade
– Tinned ravioli
– Rice pudding
– Tomato puree
– Chicken gravy granules
– Morrelo cherry conserve
– Passatta
– Sardines

– Tortellini – the dried is much nicer than the fresh
– Gnocchi

– Muesli
– Bran Flakes
– Everyday Essentials Porridge Oats
– Wheat bisks

– Savour Bakes Mini Crackers (red packet)  – these and many of their cracker products come wrapped per portion so they don’t go off which is really, really handy.
– Savour Bakes Wheat Crackers (green packet)
– Oat cakes
– Pastas
– Sunnyhills Tortilla Wraps – plain
– Sunnyhills Naan – garlic and coriander
– Sunnyhills Pitta Bread – wholemeal
– Savour Bakes Bread Sticks (green packet)
– Sunnyhill Bagels – plain
– Multiseed Deli Rolls
– English Toasting Muffins
– French Marble Brioche

– Everyday Essentials Penne
– Everyday Essentials Spaghetti
– Egg noodles
(We buy our rice from Asian superstores so I’d be interested to hear what Aldi rice is like.)

– Self raising flour
– Plain flour
– Caster sugar

– Oaties biscuits
– Disco biscuits (although they’ve changed the name but I can never remember what to)
– Pistachios
– Everyday Essentials Salted Peanuts
– Everyday Essentials Roasted Salted Cashew Nuts
– Moser Roth Chocolate Dark Bar (70% & 85%)
– Everyday Essentials Tortilla Chips
– Popcorn
– Titan bars – a dupe for Mars Bars
– Passions crisps
– Ice pops – they come ready to freeze

Any time we’ve bought crisps which have a meat or mustard flavouring they’ve been too salty and we ended up with an odd coating on our tongues so we stick to their excellent sea salt flavour crisps. Their tinned salmon was a let down, especially because their tinned tuna is packed full of flavour.
I really, really don’t like their sliced bread in any form, I’m a bit funny with sliced bread in general – Gerrard’s Sliced bloomer is passable for toast.
Another we like to avoid is their brown sauce which my friend described it as ‘akin to licking the floor of a kebab shop on a sweaty Saturday night.”

– Wild Pink Salmon Fillets
– Smoked Haddock Fillets
– Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns
– Northern Catch Fish Fingers
– Quorn – we often find regular branded Quorn mince in the freezers

– Specially Selected Italian Stone Baked Salami, Rocket and Mozzarella Pizza (lovely thin bases)
– Specially Selected Italian Stone Baked Spicy Chicken & Peppery Rocket Pizza

– Specially Selected Chunky Oven Chips
– Everyday Essentials Garden Peas
– Potato wedges
– Garlic bread

Carlo’s Takeaway BBQ Chicken Pizza has a really rough textured crust and an awful, acidic sauce.


– Kitchen roll
– Magnum washing up liquid
– Tin foil (the more expensive range)
– Tissues (cube boxes)
– Magnum dishwasher tablets
– Almat washing powder (blue box)

– Q10 Anti-wrinkle Night Cream
– Lacura cotton buds
– Lacura roll on deodorant
– Kick Start shower gel
– Sea Mineral foam bath
– Carino Hairspray
– 6 in 1 Mouthwash

I find their toothpaste has a really odd texture so I won’t be buying it again. Their cling film drives me batty, RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS STUFF unless you want to spend eternity wrapped in it trying to find your way out.
So there you have it those are my current Aldi recommendations. We haven’t tried everything in store, so I can only recommend items we’ve tried, enjoyed and considered good quality but I hope this might help you out in some way.
 If you’d like me to put together a list of my recommended beers, wines and spirits let me know and I’ll put one together for you soon and the same goes for Christmas products when we head into the festive season.
I’d love to read some of your must buy and must avoids in the comments below – let’s make this into a great resource for people seeking quality on a budget! If you think this post might help someone in a tight financial bind please pin this or share it across your social media – make sure you’re sharing the direct post link and not just the link to this main page so they’re able to find the tips straight away! Thank you.
This post is purely based on my opinion and those of my family. I am UK based so the products may vary from country to country. Please check out the comments below as there are some great ideas and recommendations from people all over the world.

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thrifty_blog P.S. I’m totally not being paid by Aldi (or a competitor in the case of the ‘what not to buy’ sections – I just really love Aldi and I know a lot of people worry about making the switch because a lot of the products aren’t what they are used to.

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  1. Great post! I absolutely love their fresh piri piri chicken breasts and their pitta breads. I love most things about Aldi, a bit like yourself. A great shop!

    Donna xx

    • I am not allowed to attend any of my local aldi stores. my gran was wasted at one of the stores and puked on one of the check out girls. We have apoligised to the worker and management for my grans actions, only to be told that we are banned as a family from all stores.

      • yea because I’m sure every Aldi’s in the area will know who you are and chase you out of the store lol

  2. Really interestingly, the exact items that are not good from Aldi’s chiller (cream cheese, fresh pasta, air-dry type ham) I find OK from Lidl and vice versa. Useful for shopping around as between the 2 budget supermarkets it looks like you can get everything!

  3. Their fresh green pesto is gorgeous. The stuff in the jar is YUCK. Their rooster potatoes are fine. Their oranges are like bullets at the moment, easy peelers they are NOT. Their noodles & pot noodle mock-ups are good, their rocket lollies are tasty, their simmer soups are good for casseroles or stews, their nappies and baby wipes are fantastic, their toilet roll is like wiping your backside with a cheese grater, but their 2-pack kitchen towel is every bit as good as Plenty. Their firelighters are excellent. Their shower gels and hair colours are good too. Their sanitary towels are almost as good as Always.

  4. Their jaffa cakes are yummy, the super cheap big 30p chocolate bars are nice and really good value for cooking with, they do nice little flavoured Brie type cheeses and we love the smoked salmon fillets that come with a dressing (although, we bin the dressing because it’s horrible – the fillets themselves are full of lovely flavours).

    On the bad side, their soya milk is RANK, the low fat Muller Light type yoghurts are thin and synthetic tasting, their sliced bread is rubbish, and you have to be really careful with the fruit and veg (in the branch closest to me, at least) because it often goes rotten quickly, or the bananas will have weird crusty black bits all the way through them, or the potatoes will be covered in icky holes and stuff.

    • In my Aldi the veg is very fresh probablly the best I can find in the area. I stated shopping in Aldi 10 years ago not because of the price but because of the fresh veg and fruit and I will not be going anywhere else.

  5. Ooh I love Aldi! My favourite thing is their Feta Cheese, and always on my list! The cherries are amazingly priced and as nice as from anywhere else. Can’t think of anything I don’t really like, but I tend to buy the same things each week, so haven’t tried everything, and I always cook from scratch so haven’t tried the ready meals myself.

    Great post and very useful.

    Love Claire xxx

  6. This is so helpful. We switched to Aldi a month ago and are complete converts. I’m pleased with everything we have tried so far…I don’t love the cream cheese but my other half thinks it’s nicer than branded (doubtful).

  7. Their limited offers can be good. The running gear is a great affordable way of kitting yourself out. I have their tights, long sleeved top, socks and jacket. Camping mat was also a good buy.

  8. Ah. Aldi. My children love their gnocchi (actually, they love any gnocchi but I love that it’s 59p).

    I would tell you to steer clear of their Premier £5.99 Baileys Irish Cream knock-off. Not because it’s horrid (the £3.99 stuff is pretty rough) but because it’s rather too lovely and you can’t see how quickly the bottle is emptying because the glass is too dark brown.

  9. I’ve heard their under eye highlighting concealer pen is a dupe for the YSL Touche Éclat, and although I don’t own the more expensive offering, I must say that for £3.79, it’s very good and something I’ve repurchased time and time again!


    Megan x

  10. I love Aldi’s benefit flakes, they are like Special K and now that Special K has changed recipe the Aldi ones are better!

  11. Fantastic and thorough blog. I have to agree that the potatoes are poor quality. I’ve had to cut lots away and the bags they come in just aren’t breathable.

    The jars of antipasti items are great and always in my trolley. As for the cling film – take it out of the box and keep it in the fridge. It’s easier to use. There you go, that’s my top tip x

    • I like Aldi potatoes – they’re Rooster potatoes are good – as are Maris Piper, and baking and salad potatoes. I take them out of the plastic bags and store them in a brown paper bag to keep out the light!

  12. Wow! This was mega useful as we often switch between the supermarkets and haven’t been to Aldi in a long time. The thing that bugs me about our local Aldi is that they get some excellent plants in for the garden but then they literally just let them die and don’t water them. What a waste and also frustrating when you want to buy some but don’t get there until after the offer started and they’re just brown and limp.

    • That really bothers me too and I’ve seen it in so many stores.

    • Gill Kilroy says:

      yEs I hate that too. pOundLand are also guilty of,what Monty Don calls, ‘Cruelty to Plants’ and I,ve actually bought some, taken them to,local loos and ,watered them before getting the bus!

  13. I LOVE Aldi! For red wine, you really can’t beat the Kooliburra Shiraz & the Toro Loco Tempranillo, excellent!

    Sarah | Fortytherapy.blogspot.co.uk

    • The two Kooliburra varieties are absolutely excellent – FAR too drinkable, but there’s lots and lots at Aldi that outshines many more expensive products on sale at th Big Four supermarkets. I’d agree about the bread though – that’s where Lidle excels, with their home-baked stuff. Ciabatta? Smothered in butter, toasted, hot – mmmmmm!

  14. I love shopping at Aldi, especially as it is right next to my student accommodation (so handy). I can usually manage to do a weekly shop from £10-20! My favourite items are the tomato and spicy pepper pasta sauce, tomatoes and pizza.. but I don’t think I’ve bought anything I don’t like from there.. except the scones, they were too sweet!


  15. woman after my own heart, LOVE ALDI xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  16. I LOVE Aldi. But I can’t do a whole shop there. I like to shop a various places. But Aldi do some good continental meats there.

    • Yes we find Aldi works best for us when we also supplement our shop with markets, butchers and top up shops in Morrisons or Sainsbury’s.

    • If you have a B & M near by all I can say is use it use it use it, I save so much there! and their non brand small tin of beans 19p are lovely, has anyone else found heinz have gone seriously yak! Ps as a newbie I luv luv luv getting your emails about posts and having a mooch!

  17. GREAT POST me and hubby are massive Aldi fans when we discovered it when we moved into our own place. I recon we save atleast 30% of our money when we do our shop at Aldi compared to Sainsburys/Morrisons. We found Fruit and veg amazing especially when you work out when it’s stocked (fridays for our local!) I dont like the pre cooked packet meats but pastrami was our fave (agree with stringy though) We love chicken breasts and lean mince (did as I just eat fish now)I never touch dairy apart from milk as its locally sourced. I just find it very much like yogurts you get abroad (weird) Although cheese is good especially Parmesan and red Lester. You have to be wary for that buzz word *style* as I don’t like cheese that is impersonating my favourite cheeses i.e greek style..

    If I just stick to my list we get great bargians Its the all the household stuff that pushes my bill up, I love it though! like TKMAXX hidden gems…

    Is anyone elses Aldi take credit card?? My hubby did a whole shop planning to pay via credit card due to the date his payday falls every month and got to counter and they didn’t take it!! He didn’t have any other way of paying so he just left!!! I heard from different people that they did/didn’t.

  18. This was a great post! So helpful. I’ve only recently started shopping in Aldi so it’s great to know what’s good to buy and what’s not :)


  19. Their pack of Wiltshire ham is lovely, as is their trays of Pink Lady Apples. Nearly £1 cheaper than sainsburys!
    Also like their free range eggs and their baking selection is pretty good too, nuts etc.
    Their “Seal” bars are nicer than actual Penguin biscuits and ooooh can I mention their chocolate with almonds…..it’s heavenly!

  20. I loooooove their amaretto, and cocobay rum, vodka is fab- the baileys copy is a bit much for me very tangy! But good prices and taste for the other spirits!!

  21. Thank you so much for posting this guide! I’m off to uni in September and I was planning on doing as much of my shopping as possible in Aldi so its good to know what to avoid. Definitely adding this to my bookmarks! :)

  22. I’m not sure if Ireland and UK Aldi’s stock the same stuff but if you can try the Curry Ketchup…it is sheer perfection! xx

  23. I recently switched from Asda to Aldi and my weekly shop dropped by a tenner, I was shocked. So far I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve bought.

    The Oakhurst frozen chicken pieces by far trump any other supermarket’s versions, and I loved the fresh salmon which I had the other night. All my other basic fruit and veg has been very comparible and I was impressed to see so much branded stuff too. I picked up some of the frozen yogurts they have in at the moment and really liked the strawberry one.

  24. My mum’s a serious Waitrose and M&S snob so as an impoverished student I’m trying to sneak in cheaper things here and there without her knowing on my days to cook dinner this holiday to see if she can really taste the difference! I’ll definitely take all this into account, thanks! xx

  25. Such an amazing idea for a post – Please do the same for Lidl if you go there, I can help, there are some very hit and miss stuff in there too and I know of some hehe!

    Wish there was an Aldi closer to me, their lacura night serum is awesome too I think, the ingredients are impressive considering its about £4! Love cheap chocolate too, their weird lindt style chocolates in a gold hexagon box are YUMMMYYYY 😀 x

  26. Aldi is mint! It’s still not the cheapest ingredient as it is, but their maple syrup and ground flax are excellent prices compared to other places. I bought one of their watermelons last week and it was bloody lush!

  27. I used to shop there quite a lot, I particularly enjoy their ringed donuts, sharing bags of crisps, almat washing tablets, anti-bac washing up liquid, and tinned veg (for curries).

    I was not keen on the tinned spaghetti (hoops etc) as they taste so ‘tinny’, likewise the tinned mac and cheese is a bit weird too. The cheese and onion pasties are a bit odd, and perhaps its just the store I used but always a little bit frozen?! The cheapy bin bags fall to bits (as one would expect) But the star of the show is their cut flowers! I only used to buy them when they were reduced, but you could buy a few bunches for £1 each, as gifts or for the home – and they last SO long – look out for the reduction stickers next time you are in x

  28. This is so helpful! We always shop in Aldi and top up with some food from Tescos, it saves us a fortune- we calculated approx £40 a week!!

    Food we love which you haven’t mentioned (I think!)
    The Hot Pepperoni
    Torchon Ham (this is incredible)
    Be Light low fat diet crisps

    Food we don’t like
    Harvest morn cereals: all have tasted like cardboard
    Specially frozen pizzas (cardboard again)


    PS We love their pesto too- also we like their spreadable cheese, each to their own!

  29. Yes, some great bargains. Lovely onion chutney, for example. However, their basic vanilla icecream is only so-so (when compared with other basics at other places).

  30. Yes, I agree about bargains. Love their onion chutney, for example. But the basics vanilla icecream is only OKish when compared with other supermarkets’ basic versions.

  31. This is so helpful! I used to shop in Aldi all the time as a student and knew exactly what I liked and what I didn’t, but I stopped once moved back home with my parents. Judging by our food bill this week I should probably start visiting again…

  32. I want to print this off, it’s so useful. I love the frozen basa in lemon breadcrumbs with their lemon and coriander cous cous (a lot of lemon but so yummy). I avoid Aldi dips like there’s no tomorrow, the sour cream and chive one is vile, everyone in my house hates it.

  33. Great post – really interesting to see what other people buy in Aldi!

    Don’t try their rice – it’s the starchiest rice we’ve ever used and doesn’t taste of much at all!

    We’ve also found a couple of their chocolate bars to be kinder copies – i think they’re called animations which are like the little kinder bars and there are also some that are like beunos (but better in our opinion)!

    Can’t go wrong with their cereal or cereal bars (by harvest moon), wraps, pittas etc.

    We also found some yoghurts which are like crunch corners but again even better!

    We do most of our shopping at aldi now but like you find we have to do a little shop somewhere else for things like cream cheese, dips and the odd bits of fruit and veg if we can’t find them in aldi!


  34. I love their jelly babies, they’re sooo tasty and excellent value for money and quantity!

  35. Fantastic recommendations thanks Thrifty. I like the frozen sea bass fillets from Aldi.

    We have bought the low fat custard and it is just as good as Ambrosia and also we like the Haribo copy sweets and chocolate.


  36. Great post! I’ve been on the verge of switching to Aldi for a while now and this weekend might just be the right time! I would love a Christmas version of this post as I’m hosing Christmas dinner for my family for the first time this year so I will need to save some cash!

  37. Fabulous post. We are Aldi converts, initially we only bulk bought their £5.99 Prosecco (we still do!)but more and more extras used to end up in the trolley starting with the Aberdeen Angus fillet steak which is half the price of our local supermarket Booths.
    Other foods we regularly buy;
    fairtrade coffee instant & Ground
    Specially Selected Quiches
    Foccacia -from the chill cabinet
    Chunky Houmous -I’m eating a pot right now!
    Specially selected crackers – cracked pepper especially
    Cumberland sausage
    Everyday essential rice pudding
    Devon custard in cartons -perfect for a quick trifle like pudding
    Cheese Scones – just make sure you eat them within two days
    Part baked rolls
    Toaster Waffles
    I also prefer their cream cheese to branded, try spicing it up with a spoon of Horseradish mixed in.
    Smoked Salmon
    4 bird roast
    Thai green curry sauce in a jar for those lazy days…

    Foods we don’t like;
    Tinned Soups – Apart from Heinz Chicken I don’t like ANY tinned soups,we usually make our own, so nothing particularly wrong with the aldi ones
    Alcafe coffee refills – too bitter
    Crunchy Cereal Bars – it’s like eating birdseed
    Frozen salmon

    Thanks for such a helpful post, you’ve mentioned a few things we haven’t tried yet. I tend to buy the same things every month so there are a few more bits to add to the list now!

  38. thank you so much for this!So useful!I use tesco and they tell you if you couldve got your shopping else where, generally it tells us we couldnt. I would say steer clear of Aldi’s nappies-theyre the worst ive used! x

  39. Thank you for this!

    Maria xxx

  40. Great and very useful post :)

  41. I’m another Aldi lover and have been for ages. I get a big shock if I ever go to Tescos now!
    We especially love the red onion chutney, the goats cheese, the Harvest moon strawberry crunch museli, the fake shreddies, baby nappies, and the kids yoghurt pouches they can drink up!

    Some of the fruit hasn’t been the best (kiwis that went from rock hard to shrivelled seemingly missing the ripe stage), and I find the chicken doesn’t last well… but if you buy then eat quickly its great.

  42. The medium cheddar they do is my most favouritest cheese ever. The 99p (Carlos?) pizzas are awesome too but we normally add a bit of extra cheese to our pizzas, not sure if that makes a diffference.

  43. Great post!x

  44. What a thorough list! Good stuff! Although, I must admit to never having shopped in Aldi, as I am more of a Lidl girl myself! :)

  45. hi !

    I really like Aldi , I like all the cooked meats and also the cereal bars but I once used the face was ( the foam kind not the gel one ) and it broke be out really bad , I now use the gel one which is amazing and cleared the brake out up , I also love the ice creams they have ( also the yoo moo frozen yogurt ) and the tiny pots of cheese cakes ( you get them in a pack of 3 for 99p )

    mollie x

  46. Great post. We did a shop there yesterday and my fiance really enjoyed the sweet potatoes he got. I’ve been impressed by the veg but the grapes, strawberries and blackberries have been dire. Makes me shudder just thinking of my fail of a fruit salad last night!

  47. This is such a useful post, I’m gutted that our local Aldi is so far away. I might have to do some calculations to see if the saving is more than the cost of travelling there.

    Slightly Skint Blog

  48. Almat washing powder is amazing, that is all x

  49. Love Lidl and Aldi, for all sorts of things but one thing I keep an eye on is salt and sugar contents of all sorts of thins from pizza to crackers, because sometimes the own brands are much higher in both than other compatible brands and own brands. Same goes for juices and drinks.

  50. I agree with the above comment, Almat washing powder (non-bio liquid, in my case) is wonderful and excellent value. I also love their washing-up liquid and their fabric conditioner. Personally, I also find their tinned salmon excellent and have no problem with their clingfilm either – unlike Sainsbury’s value clingfilm which drives me nuts! I would say steer clear of Aldi marmalade – yukkity, yuk.

  51. Love aldi coffee (Italian not French) it is fab and so cheap, potatoes always been a bit dodgy or us too x

  52. I love Aldi so really enjoyed this post! My top tips are the gnocchi, the basics tortilla chips (far superior to Doritos for making nachos), the Pimms knock-off, Austins, the cotton pads/buds, most of the biscuits and the luxury yogurts. I really haven’t enjoyed the Southern Comfort copy, Southern Delight, most of the yogurts, and the pizzas.

  53. I love their malibu rip off, can’t remember the name of it now, but for 4.99 may have gone up to 5.99 now its lush, and they do a pear bottled cider, I mean the big (drink in a park) bottles lol, now I was dubious as I rarely drink in parks 😀 but I bought it on hols as a change and its lovely, not acidic and I think a lot nicer than some brand names which can give me terrible heartburn sometimes. And come christmas you have to try their stollen, I have never had better anywhere else!

  54. I enjoyed reading your post. I haven’t really shopped much at Aldi before, they have a lot of brands that am unfamiliar with. I bought some toothpaste there and have yet to try it but thanks for the heads up about it.


  55. Anonymous says:

    Read the ingredients on the yogurts, you may be less inclined buy them again :( Try the gin cheapy or Oliver Cromwell both aces :)

  56. Greetings from australia’ I shop at Aldi’s and find that most of their products are pretty good’I always buy their flour,diced tinned tomatoes,which are really good.(Great for sauces)Tomato paste,Canned tuna in brine,dried pasta, Brooklea yoghurt is good.Not keen on their bread and sometimes fresh tomatoes go rotten fairly quickly.I use the Lacura Serum.That is excellent value.On the whole i shop at Aldis for most of my grocerys.I have noticed that in reading this very helpful post (thanks by the way) the different varieties available in other country’s.some of it sounds great.Shopping at Aldis certainly makes a difference at the checkout for sure*( oh their choc chip cookies are yummy LOL) cheers everyone :)

  57. Hi from Australia ‘I shop mostly at Aldis and buy most of my ‘staples ‘there.Their ‘White Mill flour is great value,as is the diced Italian tomatoes and tomato paste.Their Romano dried pasta is pretty good’Not too keen on the sliced bread or toothepaste (tastes odd)The ‘Grandessa’Jams are ok.Fresh free range chickens are good.Good flavour.The pre-packaged cooked meats are a bit tasteless and dry” Cheese variety is good is pretty good. as is the Brooklea Vanilla Yoghurt;interesting to see the varietys available in different countrys.Some look great.Most produce is sourced locally,which is good.All up Aldis prices certainly help to keep my grocery shopping bill down.( I also use the ‘Lacura Serum’ fab value) cheers everyone. and thanks for the lovely and helpful post :)

  58. There are lots of things I agree with here and in general I like cupboard basics like pasta, tinned tomatoes, baked beans etc. But the following are items I love & can absolutely recommend you go and buy now lol –

    -Frozen specially selected 2 x battered extra large cod fillets. Really good size compared to other brands ideas of ‘extra large portions’ and very very tasty. Price is good when you compare the quality and what you are getting. Very delicious.

    -Moser Roth Milk chocolate. In my opinion slightly nicer than lindt and a dam sight cheaper. Love the fact it’s split into 5 individually wrapped bars too making it easier to manage or I’d prob be tempted to scoff the whole lot in one go. I also have it on good authority from my mother that the dark orange & almond one is very good too. It’s her favourite chocolate of all time now.

    -Gianni’s Deluxe 3 milk chocolate & almond ice cream sticks. The ice cream is really nice, doesn’t taste cheap at all rather the opposite and at 99p they are less than half the price of Magnums. Just as nice as well!

    -snackrite tortilla cool chips. Fab with some snackrite mild salsa (my fave ready made salsa) and some fresh sour cream. Great value as a fraction of Doritos and in my opinion nicer even than equivalent own brands as well.

    -Belmont jaffa cakes. McVities jaffa cakes were on a really good offer recently and as my husband is a jaffa cake addict and I rather love them too we picked them. I was so disappointed they seemed drier and had less flavour. I always thought Belmont ones were tasty but I hadn’t realised just how much nicer they were. Lidl’s versions are nice too but they are bit more tangy and I can find them a little too acidic for me.

    There aren’t many things I don’t like but these are some of the few –

    – Bramwells tomato ketchup. I can’t stand vinegar, not one bit (I know I’m odd, I blame my father & grandfather for this) so any slightly vinegary ketchup is going to be a big no no for me. There aren’t many ketchups I do like. I believe most people like a vinegary ketchup so maybe others will love it.

    – Specially selected west country yogurts. To me they just taste very sweet & full of sugar. I love chocolate but I don’t have a very sweet tooth. I rarely eat doughnuts as they normally smothered in caster sugar to give you an idea of my strange tastes. I much prefer Brooklea individual creamy yogurt pots.

    Tbh that’s all that comes to mind for dislikes though I’m sure there are a few more. In general I love Aldi and love waiting to see what special buys they have. I’ve picked up cycling gloves cheaply, a pair of shopping panniers at a good price and we often pick up various other seasonal items / special buys throughout the year to put in our Christmas present box. I also shop at Lidl too though not quite as much, but I recently came across a fab gem. The Cien nail varnish remover has a pump you press down on limiting spills (fab for me as most of my last remover accidently ended up on the floor) and the cotton pads are nice and thick. However seeing your recent post about reusable washable ones I may be looking into them now. Anyway great post, Aldi is definitely do well in reputation only problem is we’ve noticed over the last couple of years our local store has become very popular, when we started shopping there the carpark was barely ever half full but now we have to time our visit carefully otherwise there isn’t any available parking! Plus we’ve noticed a lot more top range cars in the carpark too. 😉 x

  59. Hi I have recently started following your blog & find it very interesting to read :’) I usually do most of my shopping at Aldi & can agree with your what to buy and what not to buy!

    If you have time please take a look at my blog(s)





    Rach xxx

  60. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this!
    My husband is a supermarket snob and to him the thought is Aldi was ridiculous, only poor people shopped there!
    Knowing he knew I followed this blog I left the screen up one day and an hour later found him pondering the list! 10 minutes later he said ‘let’s try this’ …… Woah!!
    We went yesterday and although there were some products I just could not convince him to let us buy we managed to get a full weeks worth of food for 42!! Wow!
    We will be heading back to Aldi!


  61. Hi

    I recently found your blog, great post. Another Aldi fan here! not too much to add that hasn’t already been mentioned, but when you get to Christmas time you must mention the German marzipan logs, heaven… (if you’re a marzipan fan of course) – the plain ones are the best, the praline ones not so much as a bit too sweet. They used to do fab rye bread but I rarely see it now, and was also dischuffed when they seemed to discontinue the oat bran flakes, hope they bring them back.

  62. Ooh, great post! I’m a recent convert to Aldi for some of my shopping too. I buy mainly milk, but their bitesize shredded wheat are great, and so is the muesli. Also, the value orange juice is tasty, and I love their cheese topped buns and seeded bread, and the bananas are great value and in good condition. The wine is nice, and I’m determined to try their gin soon, as it’s a winner in blind taste tests. The chocolates are edible and cheap too! Whatever you do, do not try the shreddies, they stay cardboard like, no matter how much milk they absorb!!

  63. Their beauty products have received rave reviews, I know the face creams in particular were proved better than high end on a Gok Wan show! Their lipsticks have also been praises

    http://www.hervintagemind. blogspot.com

  64. Anonymous says:

    there carrabian rum with coconut is devine! but not to keen on there fresh fruit and veg it goes off quickly ! other than that i have no problem with aldi its excellent!

    • P Crisp says:

      I stop by at Lidl for fresh fruit and veg. Unlike at Aldi it isn’t wrapped and stays fresh very much longer. In our local Lidl, they discount all fruit and vegetable every Thursday….check it out…… and their plum tomatoes and Iceberg lettuce are far superior to Aldi’s.

  65. I never thought Aldi was that good a supermarket, I always chose the more high end ones like M&S. Thanks for your interesting post :)

    • It is not too good, unless you are a penniless student, or unemployed.
      Their quality control is very poor, so I cannot tolerate any of their fruits and veg.
      Frozen shrimp – I tried their tasteless shrimp rings £4 – worthless, and the frozen
      10 party shrimp for £1 – almost no shrimp inside lots of pastry and no flavour either.
      Frozen Lobster £10 for 2 usable ounces out of 8 0z sold, from Bahamas is way below
      legal size to take from Bahamian waters and is very very poor value. This means they
      are emptying the waters, and there will be none left in the future. The tail should be
      at least 6″ long to be harvested at all, and Aldi’s ones are all less than 3″ tails, tiny and
      poor. I thought German companies were environmentally responsible. Obviously that
      does not include Aldi.

      • Lucy K says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a shrimp ring that had any flavour whatsoever…

        I am neither a penniless student nor unemployed, but I shop at ALDI all the time as my main shop and then top up at other stores – why spend more when you don’t have to?

        I’m lucky as the ALDI I shop at has very good quality fruit and veg – always fresh and lasts for ages. It’s a relatively new store though so I wonder whether that has something to do with it?

        I am a proud ALDI shopper!

  66. great post. Just think that perhaps some of the stuff is question of what one is used to. I am from Central Europe and a lot of tastes are familiar to me including that cream cheese :). I go there for all their German cold meats, and that frozen strudel which I love! I am also happy with their potatoes in the sense that I cannot taste any difference whatsoever between any potatoes in the UK – to me they are all white and watery – so I just buy their basic potatoes as I am not willing to pay any more for them.

  67. I love this blog! Lively, interesting, helpful…
    Aldi’s Lacura Daily Face Cream is fantastic – it’s not greasy, it’s SPF 15 so protects you from too much sun, and it’s only £1-something, which saves oodles compared to all those ‘posh’ face creams in Boots.
    I like Aldi’s dark chocolate too – the darker, the better.

  68. Great post! I would love to hear your suggestions on Aldi alcohol.

  69. Their choc and orange benfeit bars are delicious and much cheaper than alpen lights too.

  70. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the best buys in their dairy section, the creams: either their single, double or soured creams are excellent and cheaper than in other supermarkets. The butter is also OK.
    We also like their spray cream (hardly seen at other supermarkets and for more money, it’s not very British I think).
    Their nutty cereal is also great, I would compare them to the Dorset cereal but much cheaper.
    And finally Aldi is the only supermarket which has the frozen chicken breast without added water.

    • P Crisp says:

      Quote: “And finally Aldi is the only supermarket which has the frozen chicken breast without added water.””

      I have NOT spotted this. My local Aldi had 2 brands of frozen chicken breasts and both contain only 82% of chicken.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I live in the US & I shopped at Aldi’s for the first time last week. My favorite purchase was the Roma Parmesean Cheese Encrusted Tilapia. I also like their Millville Get Balance cereal (a knock off of Kashi Go Lean). I couldn’t taste the difference! The fit and active protein bars were really tasty too. The only thing that I bought that I didn’t like was the buffalo chicken pizza. It was way too salty!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Aldi really offers a great value for money, because most of the articles are popular branded goods sold under aldi’s private brands. I wonder wether there is nearly the same product range available in UK as in Germany. I will check it out next time in Uk. Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland :o)

  73. Oooooo! Shampoo’s are good VFM, I like their Herbal Essences copy for shiny hair (green bottle), and they also do a good Tresemme copy, which smells great! I’m also a big fan of their Power Force Lemon Fresh Kitchen Cleaner, which is about 64p for 750ml, and is comparable to Flash Orange Kitchen Cleaner, which can retail from anything between £1 (if on promotion!) to as much as £2.29 (that was in Sainsbury!) for 500ml. It is absolutely fabulous at doing exactly what it says on the bottle *Tough Cleaning *Removes grease & grime – I even use it to loosen up stuck on food on my plates when washing up, and it makes the crockery and glassware shine a treat!!! There are so many great products, it’s difficult to list. My suggestion to a ‘newbie’ would be to go and give it a go, see what your likes and dislikes are. There is definitely more to like than dislike, and you’ve gotta luv them prices 😉

  74. Anonymous says:

    It must depend on your locale (I am in the US), because we have found all their produce, especially their berries, to be far superior to the chain groceries in both flavor and shelf life. We avoid most of Aldi’s frozen prepared foods; their pizzas for example are awful in our area as are most of their Asian frozen meals we’ve tried. The children will eat most of their cracker type snacks and chips/crisps but I feel they taste “off” and their cereal bars are overly sweet IMO, even the “healthy” label variety. We’ve never had any trouble with their plain or flavored cream cheeses, although I believe those come from a dairy in our state, which may explain the discrepancy. It just goes to show you have to experiment with some of their products until you find what you like, but there are huge savings to be had!

  75. Ehhh thank you for this! I never go there and should now you have made it easier.

  76. We are obsessed with Aldi! Probably my absolute favourite thing I buy there is the maple syrup and pecan cluster cereal by Harvest Morn for £1.19 a box. It’s only a small box, but tends to last me a week and is pretty much the only cereal I will eat now! We have also found that their pesto (the more expensive one) is our favourite out of all the big supermarket pestos (found by extensive experimentation during a period our aldi were out of stock)!
    I also love their angus steak mince, angus burgers, bacon and sausages and the prices for them are fantastic. Their frikadellen burgers are really tasty and the meatball version are great for recreating swedish meatballs at home for dinner.
    My fiance finds their Highland Earl whiskey to be his favourite, and we love their church’s ginger beer. Next for me to try is their dark rum.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I think Aldi’s is very good value shopped there before it became as popular as it is now.

  78. Anonymous says:

    I love the savings like everyone else. but I would like to mention that the aldi version of cereals have almost have the sugar of the national leading brands. Great health benefit.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Loved the fish – Best frozen fish of any supermarket at £2.99 for 2 large pieces of haddock. Tried the assorted chocolates that were supposed to be a sort of Roses assortment – ate them, but wouldn’t buy again, even if they were cheap. I was put off initially by their frozen turkey breast – did not have the consistency of a bird at all – couldn’t stomach it.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hi I have just tried Aldi tinned Ravioli for a quick hot lunch at work, (popped into the Aldi in Lichfield for a quick look and purchased quite a few items), I am sure it was only 35p I have not tried tinned Ravioli for years and was worried I might be disapointed but no, its was spicy and tasty just as I remembered and a bargain and according to a Slimming World member in my office only 1 Syn per tin!!!!!!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Hi- I try to get to Aldi as much as I can. Although I have not tried the canned tuna yet, but it sounds like everyone seems to enjoy it. I have tried some of the boxed pasta meals, and we have had to throw them away. Are there any updates about the horse issue?

  82. Anonymous says:

    I work for an ‘upper class’, well known supermarket and get a discount and admit there are still a few things I prefer from work….but not many! Aldi’s Chicken is always good and plenty of meat on it, but watch for it’s sell by date, as from our experience it has gone off a few days earlier than marked, a couple of times. The pork leg is excellent and lean. My Mum was hesitant about buying their tinned corned beef, but tells me that it’s a cut above the leading brands and isn’t fatty like them. Baked beans….I’m not a fan of ANY baked beans but their own brand, I honestly couldn’t taste the difference between them and Heinz thought it was just me, but baked bean lover, Mum, confirmed my feelings. We find their fruit and veg lasts longer than any other supermarket and tastes as good. Their peaches in the Summer are what you pay over the odds for in other places, as they’re ripe and juicy! Someone mentioned their Special K? I have the one with berries, cheaper and preferred! I sneak a couple of naughty chocolate eclairs in, every few weeks…they have more cream in than other supermarkets. Their baby bath is lovely too! Remember parma violet sweets? Smells like them! Their 1000 island dressing is as good, if not better, than the leading brand. Their frozen prawns, taste better than the ones labelled as premier in other supermarkets. Mother likes their smoked haddock, oh, and their evaporated milk. (Not that she eats them together). Booze wise? Their version of Stella is 100% better than Stella and doesn’t give me a headache either!

  83. Anonymous says:

    I would avoid the Strong White bread flour. I love making bread and when I’ve made a plain white loaf with this, it is so hard to knead and the gluten doesnt develop even after 15 minutes vigorous kneading. When proving, it just sits there, a sullen little lump. I’m using Allinson Yeast so no issues there. The moisture is fine and its not drying out.
    After an hour’s proving it had barely risen, knocked it back which I’m sure damaged my knuckles and gave it a 2nd prove and it very slowly got going. I’m going back to Allinson, or better still Wessex Mill. Never get any issued with either of these brands. Never using Aldi bread flour again

  84. Anonymous says:

    Here is a great tip a chef gave me with tomatoes: buy the cheap as chips, usually fairly tasteless ones going for practically nothing in Aldi. Halve and mix with olive oil, salt and pepper and spread out on oven tray. When oven is heated to 80 degrees C (no higher), bung in tomatoes and and leave there for eight hours. When done, stuff in a jar and they make a such a tasty relish, addition to pasta sauces, whatever you like. I think they’re better than the sun dried ones from shops and are a million times tastier than eating raw cheapie tomatoes.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I have shopped at Aldi for several years both on my own and with my parents. Most of the items they sell are great, however I highly recommend do NOT buy their canned pumpkin! I got some to use in a drink recipe and took one sip before spitting it out into the sink. It tasted like dirt and had little black chunks of something as hard as rock. After a closer look these little black specs were all through the can. I dumped out my drink and trashed all the pumpkin I had purchased.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Greetings from the USA: I LOVE ALDI’S!!!!!!
    Vegetable Juice
    Parmesan (shredded)
    Peppers, Carrots, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Celery, Seedless Cukes, Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce,
    Pesto (both basil and tomato OUTSTANDING!)
    block Cheeses
    canned Salmon
    all canned Vegetables
    Baking supplies (sugars, baking powder. baking soda etc),
    frozen Fish (just because it comes from China, as in most stores)
    Chips ( the vegetable ones….all others are fine)

  87. Anonymous says:

    I really can’t agree with this list. I think it all has to do with preference. For example, I think their ground cinnamon is ridiculously over powering but another person may think it’s fine. This post is strictly one persons opinion and may be regionally different from what your local Aldis might carry. My advice is to try something anyway. Their prices are low enough not to make a major dent if you don’t like it and feel the need to throw it away.

    • Of course it has to do with preference and I would encourage people to try anything they liked. I’m sharing what I like, what my family likes and what I do and don’t buy for whatever reason. The reasons I might dislike something might be the exact reason someone else loves it and I given people the opportunity to share what they think of the products they’ve tried.
      The list isn’t set in stone.

  88. Their Greek Style yogurt and fruit pots are excellent and far cheaper than the Muller (i think) they sell in Tesco. My wife is happy with the £2.99 white wine. Incidentally, when living in Mallorca a few years ago, a friend swore by the cordon bleu that was sold in Aldi’s in Inca.

  89. My cat is a fussy eater but she goes mental for aldi foil portions. It doesn’t smell as bad as other brands either and some have veg which she also ate!!. I try and stock up as we dont have an aldi near enough for convenience. Do like their root veg crisps though.

  90. My cat is a fussy eater but she goes mental for aldi foil portions. It doesn’t smell as bad as other brands either and some have veg which she also ate!!. I try and stock up as we dont have an aldi near enough for convenience. Do like their root veg crisps though.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Recent Aldi convert, I’ve saved an absolute fortune. My normally fussy cat loves their food both dry and wet. My son loves the garlic bread, sweets (of course but come on, 29p for a bag of choc eclairs and 27p for a bag of toffees – who wouldn’t! yummy too), diet lemonade, Barvarian ham. I love the whole chickens – at £3 for a small one although it’s more like a medium at Sainsburys and I can honestly say Aldi chickens are so much tastier than the Sainsburys chickens too. Bratvurst sausages yum and really cheap too. Haven’t been brave enough to try washing powder as this along with loo roll and washing up liquid that my mum told me never to skimp on! However, a few of you seem to like it so will give it a go next week. The Ridges crisps are lovely too – nicer than McCoys I think.

  92. I loved this post but I’m wondering if the same will hold true for our Aldi stores here in America?!

  93. Sorry, but have tried Aldi and Lidl…hate them both. The prices may be cheaper but have you checked the pack sizes? Much smaller. Any major supermarkets basics ranges are just as good and same price. My husband recently made redundant and to keep paying the bills our food bill has taken a major hit so I have been shopping around…plan to stick with Morrison’s though.

    Aldi foods tend to be heavily processed and full of additives…read the labels folks.

    Sadly this “lets all shop at Aldi and Lidl” is a new trend, a fad for the middle class. You should see the cars in the car park at the Aldi near where I live…yesterday there were two Jaguars, a Rolls Royce and three of those 4 x 4 monstrosities.

    • Don’t agree at all. All supermarkets process foods and use preservatives. Aldi came out on top when it came to lack of preservatives. It’s one of the reasons why they won supermarket of the year. And Morrisons. ……..enough said. They will be gone inside of two years.

  94. I use Aldi for a main monthly shop usually in combination with a money off voucher for £40 spend.

    So far I can say that there are very few things I would say we’re of inferior quality to any mainstream brands. Some items obviously are not quite to my taste but most are great. Their white chocolate and cranberry cookies go down a storm in my office. They are far better than any others I have tried.

    I always use Magnum washing up liquid and its great. No problems with itchy skin after using it which often happens with cheaper brands. I will steer clear of their luxury toilet roll as it didn’t last anywhere near as long as my normal brand.

    I have only ever had one occasion when I had to complain about something which I did by letter as my nearest store is approx 15/20 miles away and it was dealt with by the Area Manager with a full refund on my next visit in store AND a personal home visit to deliver flowers by way of an apology. Incidentally the flowers were obviously from Aldi and lasted in excess of 3 weeks. They don’t appear to have the standard Customer Service (complaints) Dept that all major supermarkets have. Is this an indication that they have fewer complaints to deal with?

  95. David Potter says:

    On the odd occasions that I’ve had reason to complain, the store duty manager has refunded without question. Moreover, the staff know where everything is shelved and have left the till to get something for me when I couldn’t find it. In the major supermarkets I’ve found that customer services have to contact departments to find out about products and years ago when one store lost our photos – which we never got back – and after several visits, we were never not allowed to see the store manager, but after making a scene we did eventually see the Assistant Store Manager and received a small amount of compensation. In Aldi’s I would have seen a relevant manager immediately!

    • Think that you are getting off the topic by talking about the ‘complaints procedures’ …all supermarkets have customer services that deal promptly with complaints. The original post was all about ‘what to buy’ and ‘what not to buy’

  96. I avoid fruit and veg from all supermarkets, cheapest place by far is the market. We’ve had some hit and miss moments with their coleslaw and I’ve found some of their freezer stuff is cheap, but sometimes its cheaper to go Iceland for that. They’re still good value tho, I get a lot for what I spend.

  97. Someone commented on throwing away minced (called chopped in the USA) beef because it was too fatty. That’s not necessary at all. If the fatty variety is a better buy (based on the weight of the non-fat component), then just drain all of the liquid (including the fat) into a glass container and discard most or all of the fat from the top. Then rejoin the rest of the liquid to the beef and use in a non-fat or low-fat recipe. Figuring out whether the fatty package is the better buy is a matter of doing some arithmetic. If the item is listed as 20% fat, your 10 ounce package contains 8 ounces of usable food and you can figure out the price per ounce. If another package 10 oz. package was 10% fat, that would be an actual 9 oz. package of food, etc.

  98. A late commenter here, as I’ve just been browsing your blog and spotted this post.

    I would like to recommend Aldi’s ‘Benefit’ cereal as a very good alternative (knock off version) to Special K. Kelloggs in their wisdom (NOT!) decided to change the recipe of their very popular cereal last year and the new one they’ve come up with tastes like sugared cardboard. Despite protests to Kelloggs, they refuse to change back to their old recipe so we’ve all had to find an alternative. I find Aldi’s ‘Benefit’ to be the best I’ve found, so far and would like to recommend it.

  99. I was a happy girl when I found that Aldi sell Tetley tea, Warburton’s fruit loaf and Shredded Wheat. All branded! All LOTS cheaper than Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.
    I was really, really impressed with the cleaning power of both the bathroom and kitchen spray and the scent isn’t too offensive either.
    I don’t particularly like Aldi for anything to do with yoghurt, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese or eggs. They are all of peculiar textures, tastes and smells.

  100. This post is SO helpful! Check out my post about extreme couponing in the UK!


  101. Yo from Philly, Thrifty Mrs! Love the blog, fascinating to hear about English Aldi. I have been hitting the local one increasingly frequently, specially for their specials, but everything seems to be going up here and it’s a lot less at Aldi. Their German chocolate bars are amazing at under two bucks, better than anything at Trader Joe’s, which is otherwise the best upscale low-price place.

    Hats off to Ron’s arithmetic, but I’m pretty sure 73%-lean ground beef (which we usually call hamburger, chopped beef is something slightly different) is from a different cut of beef than 80% or 90%; I wouldn’t think you could equate them by draining off the fat? Over here, anyway, they taste somewhat different. Anyway the meat prices at the local Aldi aren’t competitive with some of our local supermarkets, so I don’t usually get any other than the chicken tenders, which are cheapest locally.

    Funny to hear you have the same cereals! Do you also get the Mama Cozzi frozen pizza? It’s the best frozen I’ve had. They also have a surprisingly good bagged guacamole. I’m not crazy about their canned tuna, but it’s just the same (but 2/3 the price) as Chicken of the Sea, a cheapie brand we see a lot of around here. We don’t use their flour because it’s bleached (be sure to use unbleached for breadmaking), but it’s a good price for flour.

    Aldi specials are really amazing. Did you get the zero-g recliners? They were half the price of what we see them for locally, and same quality. I’ve gotten a number of things that were a steal. And around here, if you spend over $80, you get a $10-off-$40+ coupon, which is pretty sweet!

  102. It might all be cheaper but when you check most of the ingredients its not hard to tell why.

  103. Julie says:

    Hi, I’m an aldi newbie and I love it. I have always shopped in M&S, Asda and Sainsbury but I went to Aldi last week for the first time and will be going back again and again. I bought the staples such as pasta, tinned tomatoes, ice cream, low fat yoghurt, wine (a staple in my house), the dorrito style crisps, chocolate etc and loved it all and I saved a fortune. I also bought branded items such as Hovis bread which was cheaper than in Asda. I also found that their potatoes were just as good as those in M&S. Loved the Washing liquid and conditioner – the only item that I won’t buy again is the eggs – they were just awful…maybe I was just unlucky.

  104. Caroline says:

    My daughter and I eat a lot of fruit so we always get it from Aldi as is a lot cheaper than our local Sainsburys. I was disappointed to find that they had stopped stocking the Lemon and Lime Marmalade which is my absolute favourite! Their Household goods ie Paint etc is worth a try. Their pet food section isn’t bad either price wise but their cat food in jelly has a lot of jelly and I end up opening a tin extra.Their Cat food in gravy however is great and my cats love it. Be careful though if you have a modern toilet as some of the loo roll is quite thick and often ends up blocking the loo.
    On the whole I love what Aldi has to offer but I have noticed that some of the prices are slowly creeping up.

  105. Scott B says:

    Trader Joes is owner by Aldi. In Germany they sell Trader Joes produce in Aldi stores, yet to see it in the UK but I suspect we get the same items in different packaging.

    • Used,to.live in LA and I sooo miss Trader Joes. wonderful chips, nuts,,wine, Seasonal things too. Maple,syrup. Aldi doesn,t match up,to TJ’s, but it,s at least cheaper than our regular supermarkets.

  106. Can anyone comment on the boxed wine, Chardonnay White and red Shiraz – looking for boxed wind for a party and given we’ve had a few of Aldi’s bottles, was going to give it a go?

  107. Just read through this and I wish my Aldi’s had the stuff yours does. Don’t get me wrong I love Aldi’s and shop there on a regular basis. I am in the USA in the midwesst so I don’t have as good as selection as you do.

  108. Rachael says:

    Excellent list. I worked at Aldi for a number of years. You may have noticed fresh produce and flowers don’t (or didn’t) have a best before date. A helpful tip is look at the numbers on the packaging of fruit, veg and flowers it has the date it came into store on it in the form of a week number and day number which gives you an idea of how long they have been out. All these items are delivered to store over night every night so should be put out daily.
    The bratwurst sausage from the chiller is a good seller and a favourite at our house, The green (has to be green) washing up liquid has won numerous awards and is fantastic. Tin foil is brilliant. Diet Lemonade is a huge hit in our house and another good seller. Whole chickens tend to have less water injected into them compared to other supermarkets. Something Aldi doesn’t tend to advertise is that all the cakes etc in store use free range eggs and as a whole the company is surprisingly green and recycles a lot!! The wastage in general is (or was when I worked there) very small. Before I worked there I was a shopping snob and refused to shop there, I then started to do my shopping at the end of a shift and didn’t shop anywhere else. Now I only go when I need to stock up on diet lemonade about once a month. Despite the produce being good and only being 10 minutes walk away from the store I don’t enjoy the experience of shopping in there at all so go as infrequently as possible and prefer to go in the car to Asda or Morrisons.

  109. Christine says:

    I love shopping at Aldi and found this article interesting as I agree with most of the good and bad comments Mrs Thrifty made. I particularly like the Gold instant coffee, red onion chutney, buy most of their meat and veg, although with the meat usually buy the higher end rather than value versions. The bacon is nice and I buy their free range eggs. Diet lemonade is good as is the chilled fruit juices. Haven’t tried the tinned tuna as was put off by the tinned salmon not being very nice but will give it a go now I’ve read this. The frozen raw fish and the prawns are very good, and find the creme fraiche excellent.I do not buy hardly any bakery products as I do not really like them except for wraps, naan breads and bake at home bread.
    The caramel wafer biscuits and jaffa cakes are better than the branded equivalents.
    Washing powder, washing up liquid and bubble bath, shower gel are all also good. Most wine good and as many others have said I do have a liking for the coco bay white rum. Particularly good in a cocktail! Finally, although I could name many other good items, the Prosseco with the yellow label is very nice.

  110. CherishFoster says:

    Thank you for your useful post. I think Aldi is great for the items mentioned in your list.

    I agree with you on the vegetables; it really depends on which time of year you go. The mange tout and pea pods stay fresh for a while. The satsumas are really lovely, not as bitter tasting as Morrison’s.

    Also, we are fond of the fajita wrap kits, which we are easily eating twice a week. They are really tasty and cheap to buy :) It’s nice to add the cream cheese that are found in the crisps aisle (the best aisle) to the wraps, along with the tortillas in the wrap, for a bit of texture. Another family favourite is the Salt n Vinegar Stackerzz (with a Zed :)) that taste a lot better than Pringles and are cheaper :)

    Re: beauty section. The moisturiser is amazing; great coverage and non-stickiness for night time.

    All in all, may be a contender for favourite supermarket :)

  111. Karen Elliott says:

    Aldi bolognaise sauce is gorgeous..the Rossetti zinfandel blush rose is to die for!

  112. Sandra Blattmann says:

    Since we are retired and we have all the time in the world we shop around. Aldi is top of the list for fizzy water and prosecco – Belletti is our favourite and the Tempranillo red. Himself likes the Harvest Morn Muesli (maple flavour) and he loves their caramels. In the chiller we buy the individual rib eye steaks and we love the spatchcock chickens ( piri piri and garlic and herb) We also buy their full fat greek style natural yogurt. I won’t buy half fat anything! It really shows in your skin. The smoked salmon which I bought last week was particularly good (can’t quote it by name as it is all gone). We always buy their dry cured smoked bacon. Delicious and never salty. I like their camembert cheese and their tiny German blue brie rounds. They sometimes have a really nice venison burger, and when in season their venison steaks are unbeatable. Also their fresh green prawns although not always available. I buy all my washing and dishwashing supplies from them as I am no connoisseur and the quality is good and the price is brilliant. On the negative side I don’t buy fruit and veg from them although they do sometimes have asparagus when Tesco don’t and I did buy their rooster potatoes and they are fine. Can’t comment on the snack side as we are serious low carbers but their chocolate is comparable to the better quality ones on the market. I cook with dark chocolate a lot and it melts well.
    So, all in all, our major shop is from Aldi in Walton on Thames (no Lidl near us) and my dip in dip out corner shop is Tesco, Addlestone. This will change when Morrison open up in Weybridge!! I have heard a rumour that there will be an Aldi inn Addlestone when they build the new shopping centre. Bring it on!

    I must say I only buy British and I do hope they are not lying to us by displaying the Union Jack on their products.

    Happy shopping

  113. I love their soft cheese, I have tried just about every reduced fat soft cheese available and Aldi’s wins for me. Agree with the filled pastas though and fruit is hit and miss. I love their brioche burger buns. My favourites when compared to other supermarkets are their extra light mayonnaise and frozen garlic baguettes, won’t buy these items anywhere else.

  114. Oh yeah P.S. tried their fresh salmon fillets for the first time yesterday, amazing. And their specially selected fishcakes and quiches are superb. Their canned salmon is impossible to open, smoked cheese slices very very thin and rubbery and my husband won’t touch their cheap quiches.

  115. Raleightom says:

    Enjoyed the list. I have shopped ALDI since it opened here maybe 10 years ago. I hear tell the German stores are larger and nicer; but, I like the small selection my two local ALDIs have. Less choices for me to make and haven’t found many ALDI products I found unsatisfactory. Must do is looking over all produce carefully. Some is border line ready to expire on you when you get it; especially their delicious fresh strawberries (first check for white mold, then dark spots) when in season. Watch tomatoes for dark spots. Watch those huge cucumbers for circular depressions the size of large quarter. I find the frozen Salmon to be good. The one pound package has four pieces (3.5 to 4.5 oz ea) individually wrapped without skin and taste better than the two pound (individually wrapped, size ea. varies) less expensive version with skin. They change suppliers ever so often; so pay attention to taste. It can be very different with same label and different supplier. The one pound version is now pink salmon and not quite as tasty as in the past (10/2014). ALDI contact up link works well. You can email them with questions, complaints, etc. When I ask about a product, I will get a written reply from the actual manufacturer that supplies them their product (not the brand on the label).

    There is one thing that often frustrates me. They have special items usually placed together on one or more aisles each week. Some of these are one time only. Others come back from time to time. Popcorn kernels, Bakers Unsweetened Baking Cocoa, Bakers Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, Balsamic Vinegar, imported bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, package of 4 color coded cutting mats are all repeats for me. However, there is no way to know when they are coming. ALDI won’t say. I think they come around the same time each year; but, I haven’t journaled that. Would be nice if someone that knows dates for repetitive special buys would publish a list here and/or post a reference to an existing list here. Many of the special buys are well worth the prices paid for them. Hopefully their dark baking chocolate returns at the same price as before. The product changed size similar to Baker’s brand dark baking chocolate bars; but, the price did not double like Baker’s brand (found in most other stores) did a year or so ago (10/2014) 😉 That is all for me. I really an thankful that ALDIs came to our community and I hope it remains much the same as it is now. I highly recommend them to all I know and all I come across at other stores.

    • Aldi is not too good, unless you are a penniless student, or unemployed.
      Their quality control is very poor, so I cannot tolerate any of their fruits and veg.
      Frozen shrimp – I tried their tasteless shrimp rings £4 – worthless, and the frozen
      10 party shrimp for £1 – almost no shrimp inside lots of pastry and no flavour either.
      Frozen Lobster £10 for 2 usable ounces out of 8 0z sold, from Bahamas is way below
      legal size to take from Bahamian waters and is very very poor value. This means they
      are emptying the waters, and there will be none left in the future. The tail should be
      at least 6″ long to be harvested at all, and Aldi’s ones are all less than 3″ tails, tiny and
      poor. I thought German companies were environmentally responsible. Obviously that
      does not include Aldi.

  116. P Crisp says:

    was disappointed today to be buying the last 2 packs of Reduced Salt Back Bacon. Hope Aldi stocks up on this. Been buying our bacon there for 10 years and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Have saved a fortune at Aldi….THANK YOU ALDI !!!!

  117. Aldi’s is right next to my Walmart so I recently started going there for a few items. We drink a lot of milk, and I haven’t noticed any difference, and I’m picky, so you can’t go wrong with saving a little over $1.00 per gallon. I also buy the cream cheese only for cooking, and the butter as well. It’s half the price of the walmart brand sticks of butter. I also get the knock off tub of country crock from Aldi. The block of colby jack cheese seemed to lack flavor and my kids did not like the knock off reese puff cereal. I also found a teriyaki stir fry that was great as we can’t find that at our walmart as we have in the past. We also buy the tubs of ice cream for $1.00 less than the Walmart brand.

  118. Nathalie says:

    I really enjoyed this guide!
    I went to aldi in the Uk for the first time the other day and it was reasonably good. The only thing that put me off was that a pack of dried ravioli was filled with mould and I was shocked that nobody noticed it.

  119. I actually hate this post and it has in fact turned me off of your blog all together. The post is completely opinionated in what YOU like and dislike, not pointing out what is or is not a goo deal at Aldi as the title suggests. This article was a giamt waste of my time.

  120. Irene Wilson says:

    This is such a good post about Aldi and agree with most of it. Also your comment about their potatoes is spot on. Why they can’t source a reasonable potato is beyond me. I occasionally buy them if I’ve run out and desperately need some but always regret it: full of bad bits and with no discernible flavour. I now do most of my booze shopping at Aldi: their Steinhauser lager is particularly good, as is their exquisite wine collection. Apparently they are selling Nordmann Christmas trees for the first time this year (from 4 December 2014) for £19.99. Will be going down to my local Aldi to see if they are any good, as usually pay about £35 for one at the major supermarkets.

  121. Greetings from Ohio, USA. I used to shop at Aldi for almost all my groceries. While we never noticed much difference in taste, I noticed that my family was getting upset stomachs after eating certain things: Mac and Cheese, pudding, frozen veggies, spaghetti sauce… the list goes on. I finally realized it must be the Aldi food, its level of quality is just not great. Here, we have Marcs, which is a discount store that sells name brands. I’ve found that my bill is only slightly higher, but no throwing up.

  122. I only popped into Aldis for some cycling items and ended up doing all my shopping there instead of Tesco

  123. I am a confirmed Aldi convert. I love their Specially Selected filter coffee and it’s much cheaper than the big supermarket own brands. I highly recommend their extra virgin olive oil. Sorry I can’t remember the name. Begins with S. Might be Solesta. Their Cucina dried pasta is the nicest I’ve tasted. Doesn’t turn floppy. Keeps its shape too. I’d also recommend:
    Smoked back bacon
    Bolognese sauce
    Their xmas SS frozen toffee & pecan roulade was to die for
    Frozen prawns
    Large frozen Yorkshire puds
    Kick start shower gel (tea tree & mint)
    Fabulous Lacura face wipes
    Rockstone Ridge red wine
    Their Baileys – yum
    Their frozen Magnums. IMO better than the real thing
    Pistachios – green pack
    Pomegranate seeds
    Large navel oranges – beautifully juicy.
    Moser Roth dark chocolate with sour cherry & chilli filling. My mouth waters as I type this. It is truly magical. 80% cocoa.
    Almat clothes washing liquid & ‘fairy liquid’
    Pear squash
    Someone mentioned their Stollen. It’s lovely. I get the mini bites. Delicious.

    Now for the Simon Cowell bit:
    I don’t like their block Parmesan, their ketchup is vile and the sliced bread leaves me cold. Houmous is a bit thin and bland & I find their crisps a bit tasteless too. A bit “off”.

    Anyway suffice to say I save 40% on my weekly shop now and overall Aldi is definitely worth a visit. There’s a bargain for every taste

  124. I agree. I went to one in the US, ( Florida ) and was appalled by the Chinese invasion. Most of the cheap toiletries like toothpaste and mouthwash come from there and can contain heavy metals do it’s no wonder they’re low on peoples lists. I saw soup and other cans that were tapered, so it’s not a perfect cylinder,therefore less product. My husband bought a chilled mocha coffee and gagged. Lost money. I find much better ways to save money here with the price club stores like Sam’s, Costco, and BJ’s who carry amazing organic produce.

  125. I do all my shopping In Aldi, and love everything including the new 29p thick creamy yoghurts, Straw/Rasp/Passion fruit. the 69p Microwave Spag Bol is great value but one issue ive had recently is ive found there once amazing pizzas now smell quite a lot like Plastic once cooked. taste fine but the smell is rather off putting

  126. Interesting to read your perspective of the English Aldi’s! Here in Ohio, USA, my family loves Aldi’s. You really can’t beat their prices. I’m appalled by the numerous comments stating that they have bad quality control or that their products are sub-par. I have found many items here to be BETTER tasting than the grocery store brand names, and sometimes even brand name products. Examples are cottage cheese and the everything bagels. I’ve found other brands of cottage cheese to be extremely watery or chalky, and other brands of everything bagels to be doughy or skimpy on the toppings. The fruits and veggies are all excellent and the healthy brand of products is great (can’t remember the name).

    Our family favorites are the smoked salmon (HALF the price of other stores), wholegrain frozen waffles, upscale cheeses (blue cheese, smoked gouda, manchego, etc.), pita chips, cream cheese, eggs, milk, English muffins, broths, lean pocket sandwiches, bacon-wrapped steak filets, and ice cream sandwiches.

    We avoid toilet paper, vitamins, off-brand toiletries, and most canned goods. (We don’t eat a lot of canned products anyways.) I was pleasantly surprised to see they are now carrying some brand-name toiletries, like Always pads/tampons and Head N Shoulders shampoo.

  127. I’m a recent covert to Aldi and on te whole I really like their stuff, but the instant coffee is horrific!

  128. Lucy rennison says:

    i didn’t manage to read every comment but saw one from two years ago saying nappies are bad . Not sure if they’ve changed them but at least seven of my friends use their nappies and wipes. Comparable to pampers. The wipes are great too. Save yourself a fortune x

  129. Ann White says:

    Never had a problem with Aldi products until recently bought and used a pack of Pantry Self-Raising Flour which must have lacked the raising agent – spectacular cake-baking disaster for a special occasion : (
    Has anyone here had a problem like this? A packaging issue in the factory maybe?

  130. ConsumerWise says:

    Aldi lemons are a lemon.

    I purchased a bag of lemons from Aldi recently. For $1.99 I received six lemons that are about twice the size of those found in most big name supermarkets. Looks however, can be quite deceiving. The amount of juice in one of these dry gulch citrus fruits is miniscule. I may take three or more Aldi lemons to equal the juice found in one regular size lemon of superior quality from a Kroger or Publix.

    Here’s an example of an Aldi bargain that is no bargain at all.

  131. KittyKat says:

    We swapped over to Aldi 6 months ago and we love it! Things we particularly like are;

    Gold tea bags -just as nice as Yorkshire tea etc.
    Part baked baguettes and ciabatta rolls
    Specially selected wholemeal soft loaf
    The Moser Roth chocolate -I think their Madagascan vanilla White is the best I’ve tasted!
    The rhubarb and custard Sugarfree sweets
    The honey roast gammon joint
    28day aged sirloin steaks
    Aberdeen Angus burgers
    Specially selected Rosemary and sea salt crackers
    Their own mini cheddars and Teddy faces and their tortillas are lovely
    Specially selected deli coleslaw and humous
    Their spreadable butter (not the Norpack, that’s awful)
    Their mature cheddar and their specially selected parmasan is beautiful
    Fajita kit
    All the milks and creams
    Their Cornish ice cream and the magnum copies are awesome!
    The St Etienne cider, hope river sparkling merlot, toro loco red, their prosecco and Taurus cider are all great
    Their plenty copy kitchen roll is better than plenty
    The Amat washing powder and all the fabric softeners are brilliant
    Their magnum and magnum platinum washing up liquids are better than fairy
    The frozen deserts
    We love their fresh fruit and veg
    The specially selected and Carlitos pepperoni pizzas
    Specially selected beef dripping Yorkshire puddings

    Things that aren’t so great are the fresh eggs which are really thin in consistency somehow, their instant coffees which my hubby turns his nose up at, the pre packed ham for the same reason.

    We still go shopping for a few items at adsa or Tesco but it tends to be things like the eggs, coffee and ham :)

  132. I found a lot of Aldi products unfortunately contain Monosodium Glutamate and Hydrogenated fats where most other retailers have stopped using them. This is mainly in their crisps/Nachos.
    It also frustrates me that their chicken is from Halal suppliers. I don’t have a general issue with Halal, but it is the way Aldi have not marked the chicken as such. A quick check using the Codes on the front of the pack will trace back to a Halal slaughter house.
    Generally though agree with most of what’s said on here. Great value and gives the Big supermarkets a real challenge.

  133. dizzie says:

    The majority of my weekly shop comes from Aldi now. Huge fan of:
    Brioche buns (gorgeous with a burger)
    Specially selected croissants – huge and very tasty
    Most of the fruit and veg (except celery – for some reason, it’s tasteless so I get it elsewhere)
    Pasta sauces (tomato and chilli is excellent)
    Free range chickens and chicken portions – SOOOO much cheaper than anywhere else and delicious
    Special mince steak
    Smoked sweetcure bacon
    Most of their cheeses, parmesan and mature cheddar especially. I do find their feta nearly unbearably salty, so that’s something I get elsewhere.
    Chorizo and their continental meats selection
    Milk, natural yogurt and kid’s yogurts
    Moser Roth 85% dark chocolate – best chocolate for baking I’ve ever used
    Their ordinary and low fat salted crisps – less salty than Walkers or the supermarket brands, some may not like that, but I do
    Their special wines, especially the Exquisite Collection Aussie Limestone Coast, that finds it’s way into my trolly WAY too often!

    Finally, although some people may find the varying nature of Aldi’s special offers tough to deal with, I love the sheer fun of finding something utterly unexpected, and dirt cheap, in the central aisle bins. Last week, my dad was complaining about his knee, and I got him a fantastic quality knee support (£1.99, when the same thing at Boots would have cost at least 5 times the price).

    Like others, I was a bit of a supermarket snob to start with, but honestly, I’ve halved our food bill, and have money spare to treat ourselves with the occasional M&S brand product (the kids adore their chicken pies and breaded fish far more than anything at any of the other supermarkets). My philosophy is mostly to avoid highly processed foods at Aldi, as their ingredient lists don’t make for the happiest reading, and the taste seems to compromise the more something has been ‘made’ by Aldi. But, keeping it to mostly basic food items, and carefully selected other stuff, my family has a fantastically stocked food cupboard, and we’ve lost no quality on the shops we did before.

  134. Went to our new Aldi in Coulsdon, Surrey UK, Tried Aldi’s Gianni Cornish Ice Cream. Looked the part nice colour, but found it had a strange after taste will be throwing this away – horrible. Compared to other supermarket brands this was a real disappointment and was more expensive than Tesco. Will not be buying this again. Cannot do your full shop in Aldi. Only some of the items are good quality like the “specialty brand” which are often too expensive anyway and often same or more than the other supermarkets. Stupid names for brands. No point shopping at this store now as other supermarkets are matching prices and its far more pleasurable walking around aisle of the likes of Tesco and Sainsburys rather than a badly organised warehouse which has a funny smell when entering the store. Revolting shop, rather starve than go there again.

  135. Have to say its the only supermarket apart from Waitrose where you can get fruit which is actually ripe. Love their mangos, avocados, pineapples and galia melons. I have a Tesco melon which is rock hard after purchasing a week ago, and an Aldi one bought a couple of days ago which is ripe and delicious. Some complain the Aldi fruit doesn’t last – good I say! Shows its ready to eat and properly ripened. You just have to shop more often, as we used to before the big supermarkets.

  136. Lyndsey says:

    Me and my partner really enjoyed their turkey and chicken joints for a fairly quick Sunday dinner. A lot of meat on them and surprisingly juicy. Haven’t been back to them for a long time as we had a ridiculous amount of tax put on items that shouldn’t have been more than 7 quid ended up paying over 18. Wasn’t impressed

  137. We love the frozen melt in the middle fish cakes, fresh soups, hummus, and both fresh and frozenburgers.

    However our two local aldis fruit & veg is disgraceful!!! seem to have a shorter life – ie most needing to be eaten within days before they go bad! And on a handful of occasions I’ve bought the pre packaged fruit such as the donut peaches to find that the EnTire!! pack are all rotten inside!

    So for fresh fruit definitely prefer asda/morrisons

  138. What not to buy at aldi’s there potatoes!!!

  139. I have just discovered Aldi (Neston on the Wirral) and I am totally blown away by the quality and price… The meat is excellent, I trust their source. The veggies very high quality for tiny price… oh yeah .. and variety!
    Thanks Aldi x
    I normally live in France, where we do have a little Aldi store, but not quiet the same as the one in Neston!

    Oh Yeah, furthermore… the cashiers – are the FASTEST I have ever, ever experienced! Two of us couldn’t pack bags fast enough……… awesome!

  140. The ‘odd’ texture of Aldi toothpaste might be down to the fact that it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulphate, an ingredient that makes the foaming effect. It is regarded by some as causing health problems.
    We now get most of our wine from Aldi and their meat and burgers are terrific.

  141. I started to go to my local Aldi to save some money on the food shopping, I always previously shopped in Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s. I love the following:

    All of the Moser Roth chocolate,I love good quality chocolate and I like to stock up some for Christmas!
    Magnum washing up liquid,does a good job on grease,as mentioned here as good as Fairy.
    Perfect Pud brand of fruit fools in Apricot,Strawberry and lemon. I have bought the equivalent in Waitrose; Aldi’s are better.
    Gianni’s icecream;the pots of four sundae’s in a pack,lovely. They have real vanilla extract in them also.
    German Brunswick ham for 99p and the fresh chicken legs are very tasty.

  142. I tend to get as much as I can from Aldi, then “top up” at Morrisons. Aldi’s sliced bloomer loaf (white or malted) is very nice, although a tad too thickly sliced. Their fruit, veg, salad etc, nothing wrong with it at all. They also do a 5% fat 500g minced beef (can’t fault it) and decent 1.5kg free range chickens. Their baked beans are absolutely fine, unlike Morrisons beans which are way too sweet. Aldi’s frozen chips are excellent, as is their extra thick double cream. Aldi’s version of Pringles are called “Stackers”. They are not quite Pringles quality but still perfectly edible and you’d be mad to pay Pringles prices. Aldi’s own brand sweets (wine gums and fruit pastels) are cheap but as good as any other brand. They do a gorgeous chocolate gateaux (under the faux brand name “Holly Lane”). Serve it with their extra thick double cream and it’s a winner! This comment is obviously not sponsored by the Heart Foundation!
    On the downside, Aldi’s tinned chopped tomatoes are too much juice and too few tomatoes, although it is a rich juice. Also I wouldn’t recommend their cheesecakes, which look nice but taste so bland, no cream-cheesey taste to them. Aldi’s own version of Kipling fruit pies are pretty awful, just sweet gloop and no substance…although you could probably say that about Kipling pies anyway!
    The good thing about Aldi is, even when it’s busy, you just fly through the checkouts. Just throw your stuff straight into your trolley or basket as it comes through, then pack it into bags at the front of the shop after you’ve paid. Good system.

  143. I have to say, as a twenty-three year old shopper at Aldi, I have to disagree with you on the potatoes and teh cream cheese. I find the cream cheese to be pretty good, especially the specialty cream cheese. The potatoes we use all the time,and they don’t go bad as quickly as other stores potatoes, which are complete rubbish. We live on Aldi’s potatoes.

  144. Gillian Kilroy says:

    hI just had my first visit,to Aldi new store opened up here and went armed with my list from your,page!! thank you so much, it made my shop so much easier. found mostly everything, and more, but couldn’t find the make up area and ran,out of time, although did find the Lacura face stuff which I believe is meant to be good. will be going back to find more next week for sure when. MOre Xmas stuff comes in, although the Stollen and puddings are already there!!

  145. I’ve had great luck with all their fresh fruits and veggies–really very good! (Except for organic–I’d never buy that, and it always looks pretty old and shriveled.)
    Frozen produce and frozen orange juice is cheap and good. Milk, eggs, butter, meat–just fine. Don’t know about packaged or canned food–I rarely use it.
    I would like them to sell brown rice though! And more packaged whole dates!


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