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Yesterday we hopped in our distinctly non-vintage car and headed across the M62 to our favourite city, Liverpool. Speke Hall, a large black and white Tudor house surrounded by gorgeous gardens, was playing host to a vintage festival. We did get to visit the house but I’ll save that for another post and keep this one about the festival.


The festival was free to enter, save for donations and was jam packed full of beautiful vintage cars and a whole host of vintage stalls and local foodies.


The weather whilst still warm had cooled enough to make being out in the open for hours during the middle of the day a bit more pleasant than it has been of late. We spent a good 3 hours strolling around, taking in the music and performers, poking our way through vintage stalls and most of all drooling at the amazing variety of beautiful cars on display.


I’m not really a car person and nor is Mr Thrifty. I mean we use cars, we have a car, we like cars but y’know it’s not often we attend a car based event of a weekend. But it was lovely to see really amazing old cars and hear the history of each one. Most of the owners were chatterboxes so we got to hear some great back stories (not even of the droning, Saxondale-eqsue variety either) and shown some cool and crazy things.


I fell in L-O-V-E with this little blue Frogeye Sprite. Couldn’t you just imagine driving through the country side wearing a red headscarf in that little guy? As twee and blogger-guffery as it sounds I really did make a squeaky noise as I spotted this car lurking further down the field. So. Much. Want.


The vintage stalls were fab and turned out a really good selection of interesting and well priced items to peruse and buy. We were both pleased to find not much in the way of dross or filler products. So very often at vintage fairs, some sellers will struggle to fill the space and pad out their stall with crud from 2003 but there was very little of this – always a good sign.

One of the lovliest parts of the day was managing to meet a few blog readers and having a chin wag (not sure how I feel about that phrase) about vintage finds, bootsales and nights out in Liverpool. I may have drooled all over Penelope Cat Vintage’s stall because maaaaaaan does she do utility china well.


We muddled through the crowds before settling down to watch one of the bands with our treat of the weekend – a pulled pork roll in our hands. In the words of Mr Thrifty – AW YEAH!

I’ve also put together a very quick video about this event which you can view below or if the embedded version doesn’t work on your device just hop over to the A Thrifty Mrs YouTube channel to watch it there.



P.S. What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. Looks like so much fun! How do you find out about things like this? I can never find fun vintage events in my area!

    I spent my weekend avoiding getting sunburnt and completely redesigning my blog… for free! I find your blog so inspiring, especially when I look at my poor student bank balance and weep.

    • I really recommend following local vintage companies and local newspapers on Twitter or Facebook, they share a lot of useful details about fun events.

  2. Looks like a fab day out – some lovely pictures! That pulled pork looks AHMAYZING!

  3. i was meant to go but had to pull out at the last minute! gutted!

  4. Ah I’m so sad I didn’t know about this before, I would have gone myself. The Enid Blyton books have made me feel all cheery and happy – Chimney Corner Stories was my favourite as a kid!

  5. My dad had a Frogeye Sprite when I was little! It was red. I haven’t thought about it in years, but this post made me remember the first time he drove me around in it, which was also just before he sold it :-( Looks like a beautiful day out xx

  6. It looks amazing :) The cars are gorgeous xxx

  7. vintage book covers are just THE BEST. lookat them! so cute. xo

  8. Ah man, I want all of those old Enid Blyton books! She was my absolute favourite author when I was little and I used to keep a big pile of her books at the end of my bed for easy access when I wanted a late night read.

    Lucy x

  9. This looks like such a fun day out, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for something similar around here.
    That pulled pork – wow! x

  10. I had to sell my Enid Blyton collection when I immigrated, along with various treasures from such places as this – unbelievable!

  11. What a great day out. My husband would of loved the vintage cars while I would like the stalls. I have owned a vintage TR 6 in the past and still have a Karmen VW convertible.
    Loved your video.

  12. Thanks so much for the mention! It was a great weekend – so much fab stuff – and it was lovely to meet you too. Glad you had a good time.

    Nikki x

  13. This festival looks awesome! I love vintage cars! My boyfriend and I have a 68 Volvo P1800. Love it. We call the Sprite a Bugeye sprite here. They are ridiculously cute.


  14. Wow this looks like such a great day out!! The card and everything look so beautiful too I bet it was easy to get lost in everything and let time fly by :)

  15. We had a Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite as our wedding car and husband is in the process of restoring one. Not blue unfortunately but a white/cream colour. Fab little car.

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