The Simple Things Issue 12 | Reading list


When I hear the distinctive ssssiiiiiiiffft sshhlopPLOPP! noise in my hallway it can mean only one thing – the arrival of a plastic wrapped magazine subscription slipping through our letter box onto the doormat. The arrival of The Simple Things each month is a moment of unadulterated pure joy because, as I’ve mentioned before, The Simple Things is as near to perfection as any magazine could ever get for me.


If you’re not familiar with The Simple Things it is an easy mix of interiors, lifestyle, food, travel and more. A Sunday morning of a magazine if you will.  I read the magazine in stolen 15 minute chunks away from the working day and never fail to come away inspired, relaxed or uplifted. This is issue 12 which I think they’ve designed to make even summer haters (like me) love the thought of lazy, hazy days.

My favourite articles in this issue include an inside guide to Vancouver, a jaunt through the history of lidos and public swimming baths, a day of fishing with friends and a recipe for basil ice cream which has made me want to attempt a trip into the garage to find the ice cream maker we were given as an engagement present in 2005. Not to mention interiors shots and articles which made me purr with delight and want to save all the harder for a house deposit.


I always think of The Simple Things as a perfect read for a member of the Famous Five if they’d been born between say 1972 and 1990. With less of the twee ginger-beer sloshingness (although that sounds less fun) and red trousers and more of the nous for technology and hardened citiness that they’re desperate to escape.

Which magazines or books have you been reading this month?


P.S. The Simple Things is £4.99 per issue which isn’t cheap but I get so much joy from it I think it is worth every penny and more, however if you buy it online here you can get a decent discount.

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  1. There’s nothing like the feeling of a new magazine and knowing that you have 10/15 minutes of uninterrupted joy with a cup of tea by your side.

    I’d never heard of this magazine until now – but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out next time I’m mooching on the magazine aisle.

  2. I’m a big fan of The Simple Things too. So lovely to read a magazine that makes you feel inspired rather than depressed like the majority of magazines for women.

    Have you read Gathered on the iPad? Beautiful craft magazine, with a bit of a The Simple Things vibe about it.

  3. Sounds like the most awesome magazine! Wish I was still in the UK to get it.


  4. I love The Simpe Things. I may buy a copy to take camping this wknd.
    Have just started reading The Great Gatsby. So that shall be going with me too.:)

  5. It sounds amazing :) xxx

  6. I love reading things like that, almost like a blog in a magazine! If only I could afford the subscription :(

  7. This is my favourite magazine too :)
    Thought you might like to know your post about spending less on food isn’t working and won’t open.

  8. ooh I saw this on the shelf the other day and picked it up, then put it back down again. looks like I should have trusted my instincts! I currently have a subscription to psychologies magazine (christmas present) and bbc good food (5 issues for £5). I love getting magazine subscriptions as a gift for people, and it can be quite thrifty with special offers and cashback deals! Will look out for this one next time!

  9. I picked this magazine up while on holiday and loved it! I’m definitely asking for a subscription for my birthday.

  10. Hi Mrs Thrifty! We advertise with The Simple Things mag and we all love it in the office ( & http://www.sheila I have just been speaking with their team and let them know about your posting, so they are coming over to you to have a look – Amanda x

  11. I’ve wanted this magazine for ages,can’t believe I still haven’t bought it!

  12. It’s by the same company as Simply Crochet and Simply Knitting, both of which are great.

  13. Lovely post.
    What do you use to edit your pictures? It’s lovely

  14. I simply adore this magazine it’s one of the highlights of my month x

  15. Oh dear. I was born in 1968. Does that make me too old for the Simple Things? Shame, because I really like it.
    It is beautifully photographed, and I love the way it makes me think of things I want to do but probably won’t.

  16. have you seen pretty nostalgic? that has a touch of the simple things about it but with a vintage twist, lovely! x

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