That Housekeeping Post

Ah Monday, it’s good to see your fresh little face. Shall we get this show on the road? Here are some useful additional tasks to add into your routine.

Monday – Change any dead lightbulbs or fuses.
Tuesday – Clean out and organise one kitchen drawer.
Wednesday – Create a bathroom cleaning kit. – Check back on Wednesday for a dedicated post.
Thursday – Sharpen any knives in need of a good sharpen.
Friday - Wipe down the outside of your fridge.
Weekend – Have the weekend off!
Feel free to download the above schedule by dragging and dropping on to your desktop or simply click to open the image in Flickr so you can pick your size of choice.
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  1. Love these posts El, looking forward to the weekend on this one!

  2. Breaking the household tasks down into little jobs seems much easier than tackling it all at once!

  3. Love these posts, always so useful xxx

  4. I need to this with my shampoos and conditioners – am annoying myself with the number of half bottles ive got on the go!

  5. I’ve only discovered your blog recently and I love all your tips!

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