Free Summer Printables

Summer has shown up and we’ve trawled the internet to find the best summer themed printables. Ranging from gift wrap through to art work for your home, gift tokens and activities to keep your children busy. You can be creative this summer on even the tightest of budgets.

1. via Oh Happy Day
2. via Just Something I Made
3. via I Heart Family Travels
4. via Lemonade Moments
5. via Sweet and Lovely Crafts

6. via Hostess with The Mostess
7. via Simply Kierste
8. via One Charming Party
9. via Ciera Design
10. via The Pretty Blog
11. via Lia Griffith

To use these lovely freebies visit the listed link and follow the full instructions for printing, copyright and fair use instructions.

By the way if you’re worried about printing costs check out Phoenix Direct, and Refresh Cartridges, we’ve used all three here at Thrifty Towers and have found them well priced and good quality.  Your local large supermarket may also turn up a few surprises too, own brands can be worth investigating.

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P.S. I’m Alice (El’s assistant – read more here) and this is my first post here on A Thrifty Mrs. I do hope to blog here more often if you will have me, so let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hello, Alice – thanks for a great bunch of resources! I love that family travel map. Congrats on your awesome first post – looking forwards to many more!

  2. Great blog post Alice, would like to see more! x

  3. Great blog post Alice, I look forward to seeing more. x

  4. Hi Alice! Thanks for sharing the free resources. Look forward to more of your posts :-)

  5. Great first post Alice :) Would love more from you too :) x

  6. Hi Alice, and welcome; Question on affordable cartridges – I brought some cheaper cartridges for my printer, but it refused to work afterwards and just kept telling me that they weren’t the proper HP brand. Is there anyway around that? Thanks :)

  7. Nice first post Alice! Love the ice cream holder and the ice cream gift wrapping idea… I can see a theme emerging here!

    Lucy xo

  8. Hi Alice, great post! Thank you for the links.

  9. Loved the post – Great work! Such cute things :) xxx

  10. Thanks for these, I’ve just downloaded a couple of them :)

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