Finished, Used, Done | 1 year/£100 Beauty Challenge

Remember when I went plain old mad and decided to cap our yearly beauty and personal hygiene budget (for Mr Thrifty and I) to £100 last month in the 1 year/£100 Beauty Challenge? Well I’m one month in and actually doing fairly well so far.
I aim to use up my vast quantities of stockpiled beauty, make up, hair and personal hygiene products as well as stick to the tight budget I’ve set myself. I’ve decided each month to share my updates in two posts; one showing you what I’ve used up and the second to show you how I’ve fared budget wise.
So here is what I managed to use up in the time period between 27th June and 27th July 2013 – and I should really emphasise in the case of all of these products this is about using up already opened items and finishing dregs. I haven’t used an entire product in a month.
I went through a phase of stocking up on this hot cloth cleanser when Boots had their £5 off vouchers in store. It is so calming and gentle on my skin which is lovely in the hot weather because my skin really, really hurts after even the smallest amount of exposure to the sun.
This is my go to deodorant, it lasts and it stands up to exercise and hot summer weather with just one application. I have a few more of these deodorant sticks stocked up because I found them on an incredible discount a few months back but I know buying more of these will take up a good chunk of my £100 budget for the rest of the year. I went pretty hardcore on this actually, you see once you’ve rolled the stick up as far as it will go there is still and inch or so (at least a week worth I’d say) of product left, so I dug it out and used it. I paid for it after all.
Ah salt spray how I love thee during hot months. Alright, alright so I’m never going to look like a beach Goddess but this spray certainly makes my hair look a bit more relaxed and mermaidy than I could ever imagine. I picked this spray up in the discount shop B&M a while back and it has been a real time saver in giving my hair an instant ‘look’. I’m sad to see this used up.
Again another item I was lured into when Boots offer their £5 off vouchers. It is nice enough and lovely for removing eye make up and cooling the eyes at the end of the day but it is a ‘meh’ product if I’m honest. I wouldn’t buy this again.
I received this perfume as a PR sample. I have to say I was really surprised by it and I’ll thoroughly miss it. The scent isn’t my usual type – it is very sweet – however it really suited me for spring and summer.
I usually prefer the XXL version of Batiste purely for adding a bit of volume however the regular (in any scent) does a decent enough job. Have you got any recommendations for super cheap volumising dry shampoo?
This was a really nice day cream from memory but I only had one application left in the pot when I got round to using it up. I feel like it isn’t rich enough for my skin but definitely worth looking at if you’re younger (I’m 30) or less wrinkly than me.
Hated it. Liked it previously when I had another tube but I’m not sure why I hate it so much this time, I just did. Comprehensive, huh?
I try not to make it a habit to use wipes but if I’m coming home late from the pub I figure it is better to glide one of these across my eyes than to sleep with my make up on. Because I’m a lazy bitch and standing in front of a mirror with a muslin cloth after a night down our local just is not going to happen. Ever.
Two deodorants in one empties post? Do I stink or something? Probably.
I prefer roll-ons in the winter and sticks in the summer. I don’t know why, that’s just the way it is and yes it hasn’t been particularly winter-y of late but hey y’know, it was in the cupboard, my other deodorant was dead and I wasn’t in the mood to locate another stick deodorant whilst the puppy yelped to be let out for his traditional giant morning poo. Yeah.
Mr Thrifty also used up a deodorant (I bet you’ll sleep better for knowing that) but since he predominately applies deodorant at work after his post-cycle shower, he also disposed of it there meaning I couldn’t include it in my photos. The selfish bastard.

I’m pretty happy to be getting through the products in cupboards and drawers at a nice and steady rate but it’s only the first month, I think it will be interesting to see how I get on as the months of the challenge draw in.


thrifty_blogP.S. Yeah, I totally chucked them all in the bath and took photos.

P.P.S. Did you sign up to the challenge? Let us know how you’re getting on in the comments and if you’ve blogged about this challenge feel free to share a link too.

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  1. Very awesome! Since my husband’s current job pays less, I’ve started to use everything I own until it’s all gone. I don’t buy things unless it’s necessary. I love your posts and tips.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A tip for mermaid hair without the expense- just get a water spray bottle with a dash of coconut oil and salt (can be done without coconut oil if you don’t have this). Cheap, more natural than most hair products and instant beachy mermaidness!x

  3. I really admire you for doing this challenge – I don’t think I could ever stick to it! Saying that though, I am fairly good about using beauty products up before buying more. Mitchum is my favourite deodorant – I think it’s such good value for money.

  4. What an excellent idea! I have loads of half empty bottles squirrelled away in various parts of the house. I’m inspired to go and dig them out now so they are not out of sight out of mind….

  5. Hi, I’m also trying to use up stuff I have. Over the years I have been bought high end stuff like Decleor and Elemis so I shouldn’t be letting them lie in the drawer going to waste. Plus I want the space !

  6. Oh this is quite a challenge. I could easy spent £50 a month on beauty products. (Ridiculous amount I know). One of my tips for finding a bargain is check the damaged section in shops. I recently picked up a huge can of Batastie for £2 (normally £4.99) because the can had a small bash in it and a Pantene hairspray for a £1 (normally) £3.69 beause the lid was missing!

  7. Loved this post! I think I’ll be joining you on this idea….not the “£100 a year” bit, but definitely on the “using up stuff I already have” bit :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love this :-) inspired me to try the same. As for dry shampoo with a bit of volume I use the one from Wilkinson (wilko, or whatever) it is a black can & comes in 2 shades for blonde or brunette :-D x

  9. When I saw your challenge I thought it was an excellent idea (I am somewhat of a necessity item hoarder) so shouted “challenge accepted!”, but thought because my hoard was so big that I’d include the husband and baby in there too (including nappies and wipes (yeah, my hoard is THAT big!)).

    One month in and I’ve spent £8. It was time to change toothbrushes so I bought 2 multipacks from the poundshop so we had an even number, and some for the baby. Then my hairspray ran out! My eyeliner ran out too but I replaced that with one from a magazine… does that count? It’s a pretty crap and I’m sure it’ll dry out in about a month :

    I tried to get my sister involved in this as she buys so much stuff she never uses and she laughed in my face at the prospect. I did get a friend involved though :D

  10. I always find it really satisfying to see all my empties if I end up with a collection of them. I think it’s because I have a terrible habit of getting about four fifths through a product and then moving on to a different one.

    I’m really enjoying reading about your £100 beauty challenge!

  11. Really impressed by how well you’re doing so far! I’ve got enough shampoo and conditioner to last me a year, but I wouldn’t be able to do this challenge re skincare x

  12. People are now just crazy for their looks and dressing.They spend huge sums of money in beauty treatment and products.But I would rather prefer to do exercise and taking balanced diet.

  13. It’s always interesting being able to have a nosey into other people’s beauty products! I’m a big fan of the VO5 Plump Me Up Backcomb Spray as a dry shampoo, but it’s not that cheap… I did buy it recently on (I think) 2 for £4 in superdrug though.

  14. Oh my goodness that is truly an inspired idea for taking photos – chuck them in the bath! My flat can get a bit dark and the brightest room is surely the bathroom so I will definitely be doing this for future blog photos :) Good luck with your challenge! You’re a braver lady then I…

  15. Dry shampoo-wise I really like Superdrug’s own. I think it’s 2 quid for a pretty big bottle.

    I’m currently in the process of getting rid of every beauty product I don’t use on eBay and will then be aiming to finish everything I DO want to keep before I buy anything else, so will be keeping a keen eye on your posts!

  16. Im a sucker for stocking up on No7 when I get the £5 off vouchers, they recently did a 3 4 2 and then £5 off so they worked out at £3 each rather than £7 – thats being thrifty to me!

  17. Hi, I have joined in with this challenge and thanks I will post a proper link with my next post, although I do make sure to mention your blog and the fact that I am joining in with your challenge every time I post about it.

    I really needed this challenge as I have a stack of products to use up. I think I panicked a bit when I first started and bought even more especially when I saw it on sale for a good price. I’ve calmed down a bit now I’ve got used to the idea and am gradually working my way through my stash.

    I’m doing okay, a little above budget at £9.67 spent this month as opposed to £8.33 budget, but hopefully I won’t need to buy much else for a while. I’m missing my Coco Chanel though which ran out just before I started, so will have to wait for Xmas/Birthday to have it replaced.

    This is a great challenge. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Have you tried GIRLZ ONLY dry shampoo, doesn’t leave white marks/ tint on dark hair. It’s almost half the price of the others, I’ve seen it in Sainsbury’s and Tesco

  19. Anonymous says:

    Was desperate for dry shampoo (i need the volume dammit!!) on a month where i had more month than money…i resorted to poundland….i think its called intu or something??…was a big brown bottle for brunettes …it didnt smell brilliant (but the smell wore off pretty quick) but it did give lasting volume and my hair looked and felt clean!! I was pleasantly surprised to be honest Shelley x

  20. Great post! I’m trying to use up my supplies too, I keep finding miniatures that need using. I like Bastiste, but when you’re on the lookout for a cheap alternative, don’t bother with Supedrug’s own brand. It made my hair greasy and look terrible. Looking forward to see how you’re doing with the budget.
    Best wishes.

  21. I was wondering how you were getting on with this the other day. I am doing the same (although I started last year) and I am still going through body moisturisers. I got tons of the stuff last year for Christmas. Some nice ones like Molton Brown and some cheaper ones. I also stock piled day cream when I was an avon rep for some reason so have plenty to keep me going.

    Now am only spending money on shower gel, handwash, roll on and mascara when it runs out.

  22. I admire you for doing this, but I don’t think I could live without a trip to Boots once a month!- I know that’s sad. I always want to try something new, just in case it’s somehow going to have the magical ingredients to make me look fabulous but really I know deep down the only way is a healthy diet and lot’s of exercise.

  23. That is such a great idea. I have such a bad habit of buying when things are on sale and then they sit in the closet.

  24. I wish there was an app or something that you could make, maybe a photo or video of you saying ‘do you really need to buy that?’ I have two boxes of toiletries stuff that I have to use and I still buy more!!!

  25. This is a great challenge and I’ve taken your lead and gathered all my beauty products up to use before purchasing more (I has quite a lot stashed away) as I’m on maternity leave. I’m a sucker for Boots and can usually spend £30 at each visit.
    I have bought a couple of copies of Red magazine recently which had some great cleansers & moisturisers free which has been a great way of buying high end products without spending a fortune.
    Good luck with the challenge.

  26. This is a great challenge and I’ve taken your lead and gathered all my beauty products up to use before purchasing more (I has quite a lot stashed away) as I’m on maternity leave. I’m a sucker for Boots and can usually spend £30 at each visit.
    I have bought a couple of copies of Red magazine recently which had some great cleansers & moisturisers free which has been a great way of buying high end products without spending a fortune.
    Good luck with the challenge.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Talcum powder works really well as a dry shampoo, it’s effectively the same thing but not in an aerosol. Obviously gotta make sure not to put too much on to avoid the grey hair look, but with a bottle of talc lasting so much longer than a bottle of Batiste it’s saved me a packet!

  28. Nice update! Since your last post, I have spent nothing on products (actually I might be lying, £3 or so on some Pantene hairspray I think, but thats all) and I have used up the following: Aussie conditioner, Fudge sea salt spray, Nivea roll on deo, Liz Earle moisturiser, Origins Dr Weil serum, Origins spf 35 moisturiser, St Tropez face tanner and Mitchum stick deo (snap!). At the moment, I have another 8 products on my ‘hit’ list to get out of my stash, but feeling like I have made a good start! Love this idea :-) x

  29. I remember reading your first post on this and for some reason didn’t feel the need to join in, I definitely will now though. Brilliant idea – thank you for sharing it :) x

  30. I’m not sure if anyone has said this but when I’m desperate for dry shampoo I use talcum powder! People say you can use bronzer too but that seems a waste haha. Just pile it on, leave it on for a few minutes then give your head a really reaaally good rub til you can’t see it anymore! Then I just have to back comb for the volume.

    Also props for being amazingly brave.. I can spend god knows how much just on my lunch break at work! Keep up the good work, I’m made of weaker stuff!


  31. I’m aiming to use up my stockpile too for a number of reasons. Mostly because I just bought a new storage unit for our bathroom which is smaller than the current unit (which is full to bursting with sample shampoos and half-used blister packs of paracetamol), and also because the new unit has glass-fronted cupboard, so my OCD isn’t going to let it look a mess. Good work on your challenge so far, Thrifty!


    P.S. Can’t believe Mr Thrifty. How selfish :p

  32. You’ve done so well! I’m trying to use up some of my body lotions and body sprays at the moment, as I seem to have acquired a few too many! :)
    Amy |

  33. Ooh you’re doing well then! You actually inspired me to clear out my bathroom last night – so now I have a bag of products I’ll never use because of my sensitive skin (and a very happy Mum/sister) and a bathroom full only of products I will use, including two baskets of products for the future. I literally do not need to be any more skin care for the next couple of months ;)

  34. I work for a popular health and beauty shop so I always have stockpiles of soap, shampoo and lotions,especially when things go on clearance sale. I don’t really know why I buy lots of these stuff as I have sensitive skin so I have to be really careful what I put on it. I end up giving stuff away or throwing them away, bad I know. I’m inspired now to just not buy things I know won’t be suitable for me no matter how cheap they are.

  35. It’s amazing that you’re doing this! I know I could never ever. I definitely spend that much a month on beauty/hygiene and I so can’t afford it! x

  36. I do love the Hot Cloth Cleanser, it’s really helping calm my very angry skin right at the moment, and I have to say, I find Mitchum’s is super high performance. I can’t shower after my cycle to work, only wash, and having a really good high performance deodorant already has been an absolute godsend. Super intrigued by this challenge, and seeing how you find it, as I go through stages of stockpiling a lot of health/beauty/etc products.

  37. Great idea. I’ve got loads of toiletries that people have bought me for birthdays and Christmas that I am trying to use up. It saves you money and gets rid of clutter.

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