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West Kirby is one of our favourite beaches in the north west of England because it is clean, pretty and easily accessible so when our days off coincided last week we drifted off to The Wirral for a stroll along side the sea with the puppy.


There’s plenty of free parking around West Kirby beach with lots of uncluttered residential streets connected to the beach by small passageways. And if you haven’t brought your picnic from home you can always nip to the Morrisons supermarket adjacent to the beach – parking can get crazy at that supermarket so I’d take your own lunch from home just to avoid the hassle.



We ventured onto a beach on a particularly blustery day whilst the tide was on a journey far, far away but we still had a great time walking toward the waves but didn’t quite make it out to the island off the coast because Jarvis is still a tiny dog and cold days and water can be quite overwhelming for him. If however, you make it to West Kirby beach without a tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy I highly recommend taking a stroll out to Hilbre Island in the estuary of the River Dee – just make sure you check tide times
or you’ll be stuck out there until the next low tide. It’s an easy walk and a great spot to take in the view or spot some birds if you’re that way inclined.




The views from this beach are utterly stunning with views across the Dee and a long way into the mountains of North Wales, technically the beach at West Kirby is quite small but it connects up to other beaches meaning you can take in more and more of the view as you meander along.



If you’re in the area grab a flask of something warm and some sandwiches and head down to this lovely clean beach for a bit of quite, scenic time out.


P.S. What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. I love cold walks along the beach, all wrapped up warm and cosy! Unfortunately I live in the midlands, and quite a long way from the nearest beach so I don’t get to do it too often! Looks like you all had a fab time!

    Bit of a Freak – Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have never met?

  2. I know Formby beach quite well but never got down as far as West Kirby – I love the beautiful expanse of white sand. Well done for getting out on such a blustery day – I bet that blew the cobwebs away! Love the jumping puppy pic! Jane x

  3. Looks like a fab day out and lovely pics of Jarvis! We had a very lazy weekend at home but went out for a coffee date. I am going to start joining in with some local relaxed cycling groups as it’s free and a nice way to meet others. Plus they have tea and cake stops!

  4. I love West Kirby beach, I went to school there so we always went and had lunch there on hot days in 6th form. It has really stunning sunsets especially in the winter x

  5. Beautiful place. Perfect for walking along the sea side. So love this place.

  6. I don’t think we’ve ever been to this beach with the dogs. We like to go to New Brighton beach and have been to Formby too. x

  7. If you ever go to Scotland I highly recommend you go the beach in St Andrews. I love the beach there I think it is beautiful (if you go on a day that is not too ‘touristy’)


  8. it looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. Looks really nice :) Sounds lovely too xxx


  10. my nan used to live near West Kirby so was lovely to see a post about this place :)I’ve got such fond childhood memories of being round there. I always remember the ice cream shop they had with all sorts of funky flavours. x

  11. Was really lovely to see this post. My nan used to live near west kirby and i have really fond childhood memories of being there :) I always remember the little ice cream shop there, which had all sorts of funky flavours. x

  12. I love a good beach! so much so I moved 4 hours away from home to go to uni in Bournemouth, looks like you had a lovely time xx

  13. Lovely pictures! My grandparents lived in Chester and althugh we never seemed to go to West Kirby, I remember spending lots of happy days playing on the beach with them at New Brighton – and we always used to go to the delicious ice cream shop in Parkgate for a treat afterwards :-) x

  14. Looks amazing, I might take Dodge (my dog) for a day out, she’s never experienced a beach before! x

    Michelle x

    Under The Cherry Rainbow

    Shop: Jelly Button
    Shop: Cherry Rainbow

  15. If you haven’t already, you should check out formby beach. It isn’t free to park because it is national trust but you can park nearby and walk in for free. The pine woods is stunning and the red squirrels are making a come back. The beach is amazing there, sand dunes and beautiful views. Definitely the best in the northwest if you ask me! But I will check out west Kirby on your recommendation, I’ve never been there before x

  16. The beaches there looks so different to the ones here in Australia! Different, but still beautiful :)

  17. I’m another Midlander, miles from the sea unfortunately. We did however have a great weekend, for free, at the Leamington Spa Peace Festival. Great music, entertainment, workshops and craftiness. It’s on every year and its brill, free and highly recommended. (See my pics of last year’s event on my flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/swirlyclicks/sets/72157634081076339/) Bit far for you to travel too though.

  18. Just adore that final picture of your puppy.
    Z xx

  19. Love that last picture of Jarvis; looks like he’s levitating!

    I do miss living by the sea, it was amazing. Unfortunately, while where I live is very beautiful, I’m land-locked these days.

  20. Thank you thank you thank you for this post!!! I went to university in Chester and one of my placements was in Heswall. I was talking to my boyfriend about this beach we must go to when we go to the NW on holiday (at some stage…not planned yet) and couldn’t for the life of me remember the name!

  21. We totally adore West Kirby. A fabulous beach with stunning views. We always walk around the marina and across the sands to Hilbre Island.

    There is a wonderful cafe/tea room in West Kirby called Aubergine Cafe, an absolute must after a bracing walk across the sands.

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  23. I can’t believe you are posting about West Kirby beach! Haha I live right by it, so weird to think of it as a day out destination but it is fantastic! And I agree with Chrissy Lewis, Aubergine cafe is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat! So scrummy! xx

  24. I can’t believe you are posting about West Kirby beach, I live right by it! So weird to think of it as a day out destination but it is amazing! And I agree with Chrissy Lewis, Aubergine cafe is a definite must go! Absolutely delicious food! xx

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