Free Meal Plan Printables


Meal planning and budgeting are made easy with an organised system. Here at Thrifty Towers we use either a white board or free printable meal planner sheets. Here’s my selection of the seven best free printable meal planning sheets.

1. via Becoming Adorable

2. via LiveCraftEat – lots of colour choices!

3. via Craft and Creativity

4. via Lifeonpaperco

5. via Economical Me

6. via Mom It Forward

7. via Sevin Family (bonus cleaning available printable too!)

If you have a laminator (or can access one) simple laminate your printable then you can write on it with a board marker and wipe clean each week. Or pop it in a glass front frame and write on the glass!

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  1. Such a good post! I am such a list girl, so definitely getting a couple of these printable’s printed for my new house!

    Charlotte xx

  2. We plan our meals for the week every weekend and write them all on a white board that hangs in our kitchen. I’ve had some people tell us it’s weird but it saves us money and stops us wasting so much food!

  3. Cute printables! Love them!


  4. Excellent. We use a chalkboard for our meal plan, but before that we were using something like this. It just makes it so much easier to plan everything out x

  5. Thank you :) So useful xxx

  6. Such a fantastic idea to laminate these, they look very cute indeed.

    Slightly Skint Blog

  7. Ohh I like no.4, with the sections right underneath for shopping reminders. They are all really cute though. I always have a better week when I plan meal in advance, and a cheaper food bill. great post <3
    Sammy xxx

  8. Great Idea :) I love organizing meal plans, I tend to eat much healthier when I do and it makes things really simple :) The more organized I am the less I waste time … so its a Bonus :)

    Lovely blog with really helpful tips and ideas :)


  9. Excellent idea :) I love being organised as it saves time and makes life much easier :)

    Lovely blog :)


  10. Great, I love these 😀 We use a chalk board for our meal planning, I’m to a list junkie 😀 but I may just print one of these and use your laminater idea!!!
    Loving your thrift posts and hoping there’s many more to come 😀

    Emily X

  11. These are wonderful and SO cute! Thank you for sharing. I just love your blog so much, you’re so clever!!

  12. Hello El, this is really useful thanks for sharing. I really like your tips in the articles at the bottom of this post too (meal planning 101), particularly your tip around sorting out your recipe folder so that you never get bored and you always have something to make that both you and Mr Thrifty like. You’ve inspired me to get a folder sorted too as we seem to do the same old recipes all of the time and we need more inspiration. Have a great weekend, Sam xx

  13. thanks so much for the tips, lovely ideas!

  14. Kandi says:

    Hi there – love these printables! I tried to check out that last printable on the Sevin Family blog, but it says that only invited users are able to access the blog :(


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