How to remove stubborn price stickers

removing price stickers

We’ve all been there, you buy something ace then you get it home and try to peel off the price sticker or barcode but it just WILL NOT BUDGE. Lovely ace new find is now less than ace, bummer.
Enter your local friendly hair dryer. She’s the gal with the skills. A short blast of hot air should loosen that stubborn sticker in no time at all. Get that hairdryer on the hottest setting and hold over the sticker in 10 second bursts until you find it peels back with ease.
You’re welcome.


P.S. Anyone else have to deal with this problem on a regular basis?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A cloth and lighter fluid will also help get rid of sticky things, excellent for the bottom of shoes!

  2. This is brilliant! Such a good tip, I’ve found several items at charity shops bought them back and spent about 5 minutes trying desperately to wash the sticker off. Trying this next time! x

  3. Amazing!
    Would never have thought of this!
    Thank you :)

  4. All the time! Especially recently, I bought a set of lovely old vintage books with the most stubborn sticky labels, ended up lightly dabbing a wet cotton wool bud onto it, which eventually worked. But I will definitely be trying out your tip in the future :) x

  5. Also you can get little WD40 pens that work really well on doors or fridges :)

  6. This is the second tip using a hairdryer I’ve found out about this week! The other tip is to blow hot air on your eyelash curlers for a few seconds before curling your lashes, to get a stronger curl :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  7. God I had no idea. What I would do was pick it slowly and use an eraser to rub the residue off but this sounds a lot easier!

  8. THANK YOU for this! It’s always such a pain xo

  9. great tip! stubborn price stickers are the absolute worst :/

  10. Best tip ever!

  11. Brilliant tip! Had never thought to do this, have one on a mirror that I cannot budge for the life of me – sorted!


  12. Ha! brilliant idea, thanks for that x

  13. Yes! You are a lifesaver! I’m also an advocate of the lighter fluid to remove the sticky, but when the sticker won’t even lift i’m stumped. Thank-you!

    Rachel x

  14. Very weird but peanut butter works as well! just rub a abbot over the sticky and it comes right off!! I have no idea how I worked this out but it does work lol this is my first time commentingi love seeing new posts appear. hope you are enjoying your holidays xx

  15. I’ve recently just bought a lovely new notebook with a seriously stubborn sticker on it so this post has come at exactly the right time! xo

  16. great idea – I swear at least once a day I’m ticked off at a price sticker.


  17. such a great tip!! i tried it out and it worked like a charm!! i’ll never have to look at ugly price stickers again :) thanks

  18. You can also use face wipes to get that sticky residue off which just hangs around!

  19. I use sticky stuff remover, it’s fantastic! It makes stickers and barcodes so easy to remove and a little goes a long way. Occasionally you can find it in Poundland too! :)

  20. Just tried this and it worked! Great tip.

  21. wow, i sooooo needed this post! thanks a million for the tip! i always get out-of-proportion-ennoyed when this happens to me, so next time i’ll have a brilliant trick up my sleeve :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    I use duct tape to remove the residue left behind by stubborn stickers – wax it off baby! – but this tip sounds fab for preventing such nusiance residue in the first place.

  23. Thank you so much for the tip! Some sites say to use vinegar, which works, but not for paper items such as books — nothing worse than an ugly sticker or a sticky spot on a new paperback. Thanks again!

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