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excited about craft I used to get really excited about crafting. I’d try to learn new skills or just sit down at a desk for an hour with some paper and glue to see what came from it. For a while now I’ve managed to drive myself further and further away from that kind of innocent, happy-go-lucky crafting. 

You see, I think it is an internet thing. Pinterest and those kinds of sites are wonderful but everything must be so painfully perfect, that whilst the finished items look amazing it seems to spur some kind of competitive element inside me. That competitive element (which comes with a weird excitement quelling double personality) doesn’t want to bother trying if I too can’t achieve one hundred per cent perfection. I suppose I’m the kind of person who lets that sort of (non-existent outside of my own mind and that one Pinterest tutorial) pressure put me off doing things. Is anyone else the same? I’m usually happy with the things I make but when I see someone doing something similar but a glossy and perfectly lit version I beat myself up and lose interest in innocent and care-free craft and creativity.

To hear that many Pinterest and blog tutorials are ‘faked’ (held together with tape, assembled by professionals etc.) for traffic has helped me a lot, it isn’t all perfect.

Well damn it, I’m not letting the internet versions of perfection permeate into my offline life. I resolve to just bloody go for it, to try stuff, to have fun – pah remember fun? I’m excited about craft again. In a five-year-old-with-poster-paint-and-a-blank-wall kind of way. I’m excited about just sitting down and trying something for the sake of trying it.
This isn’t to say tutorials are bad, I find them endlessly usefully and I’m thoroughly addicted to great craft tutorials and occasionally produce the odd tutorial over here or on my YouTube channel (and that isn’t going to change). But sometimes for the sake of creativity it is great to turn the computer off, to set down your phone and get out some craft bits and bobs to see what happens. It doesn’t have to be perfect, that seam can be a bit wonky – this is about having fun and just giving it a go.
I’m seriously lusting after these spring craft bargains to get me going on my bit to soothe my soul with craft. Have you seen any cut price crafting bargains which can inspire and excite? Do share, do share!

craft bargins
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P.S. Have you tried a craft recently without the aid of an online tutorial?

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  1. I see where you are coming from. Pinterest is full of utter gorgeousness that I can only dream of replecating – however I have found it very inspirational too!
    I have just picked up new crafting skill – needlefelting. An impromptu demonstration by an expert at a craft show led me to have a go too – it was fab. I am now stabbing wool to my hearts content :-)

  2. To me it’s no different than looking though books at an old fashioned, library to gain inspiration. It’s noting new, just technology has made images and ideas more accessible.
    I wish there were such a ‘thing’ as Pinterest when i were a youngen at Art College.

    Jules x

  3. I agree with you 100%!

    I find that I tend to go through cycles. I sew (clothing mostly) and sometimes the things I see on Pinterest really inspire me to create something FOR ME that I’ll really like, and I don’t really care about documenting the finished piece so much, because I’m so happy to have the thing that I have created, but then at other times I become so disheartened by how poorly my creation stands up against similar projects, either because my sewing skills aren’t good enough, or because I don’t have a fancy DSLR camera and feel that my photographs themselves aren’t up to scratch. That’s when I find I have to leave sewing alone for a little while, so that I can become inspired all over again!

    It’s a shame when you hold yourself back because you don’t think you’ll create something perfect, yet I do it all the time!

  4. You should check out the various blogs devoted to pinterest fails – “real” people following pinterest tutorials and the actual results, more often than not resulting in failure!

    They are quite amusing!


  5. I have always been at my happiest when I’ve been creating something, no matter how it might turn out. I like the feeling of satisfaction when you’ve made something you like. But I have started to get more and more put off by online photos of perfect makes. (I don’t have Pinterest but can imagine it’s a million times worse).
    Now I never seem to have time for the crafty things I wish I was still doing. Never enough time for anything.

  6. I get frustrated if i cannot do something straight off the bat. I have had to put both my crochet AND knitting down of late because GAH-I-JUST-CAN’T-FREAKING-WELL-DOOOOOOOO-IT!!! And then I come back to it and something has sunk in and I get a little further. But, in a similar vain – I get insanely envious of other people learning crafts that DO just get it – and then? Well then I have to step far far away from the knitting needles.

  7. firsty, some pinterest pics are faked?? I did not know that, and I feel really let down now.

    I love Pinterest, not just for the tuts, but the general inspiration.

    Personally, I’ve never been into perfection. One thing I say on my blog time and time again, is just give things a try and see what happens. Absolutely EVERYTHING I make is riddled with mistakes and errors, but I genuinely don’t care. It’s good enough and that’ll do me.

    What I have been doing this year, is making projects that I see and like on Pinterest. Not the Fancy Dan brilliant stuff, just the easy things. Most of my blog posts during Feb. were my version of ideas found on Pinterest. It was fun to do, and nice to be taking ideas and using them, rather than just collecting them online.

    To me, I look at Pinterest as somewhere to get inspired and nothing more. That keeps it fun. If it made me question myself or made me feel like I was as good as others, then I think I’d have to leave!

  8. I only posted this morning about rekindling enjoyment in crafts again, I have this habit of trying to make them into businesses and then something I enjoy turns into something I really hate. It’s nice just to make something because you want to and you have some pretty materials and for no other reason http://blog.pennydog.com/2013/03/07/crafting-but-because-i-want-to-not-because-i-have-to/

  9. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Also I sometimes don’t get started for fear of enjoying it and spending too much time on it. Too much according to who I’m not sure…. Gotta love the guilt complex…

  10. I’m the same with baking, I see all these beautiful cakes all over pintrest and mine never come out the same, I don’t think I’m a natural baker waa!

    Georgia x
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  11. I’m defo going to do this too :) xxx


  12. I find it best to keep telling myself that I want everything to look homemade (which I do) and that means wonky and/or with rubbishy bits. It’s more original that way. I find photos of styled food equal parts inspiring and depressing- I think I make pretty tasty dinners but they look like pig swill in comparison to everything on Pinterest :p xxx

  13. I’m exactly the same.

    I recently cried after sewing a hem on a dress i bought from a charity shop. something i have done loads of times before, but i took a picture of it ( for the first time) and despite intragramming it like crazy it still looked rubbish, despite i know its not.

    Pintrest and Instagram are effecting my confidence in my ability to craft for sure! x

  14. I’m exactly the same.

    I recently cried after sewing a hem on a dress i bought from a charity shop. something i have done loads of times before, but i took a picture of it ( for the first time) and despite intragramming it like crazy it still looked rubbish, despite i know its not.

    Pintrest and Instagram are effecting my confidence in my ability to craft for sure! x

  15. So happy someone else is in the same boat. I can resonate with this so, so well x

  16. I completely agree. For mother’s day this year I am making my mum a collage to put on her wall. Instead of doing lots of careful planning and research online to make the ‘perfect’ outcome, I decided to just sit down with the materials and photos I already had and see what I created. I am really pleased with the finished project, I think my mum will love it too.

    Love Katie x

  17. I’ve actually started doing less DIYs since I started blogging, there is so much pressure to share the end result that it puts me off starting projects that I’m not already 100% comfortable with. And holy heck I had no idea people faked Pinterest photos, although it does kind of make sense it a twisted way xo

  18. I was only saying the same thing the other day! Nearly all the bits and pieces I have made over the years look more than a little wonky, but then isn’t that the beauty of something being handmade? I hope you have fun in your craft adventures! xx

  19. Ah, people shouldn’t feel bad about what they create! What should matter is that they enjoy the process of making whatever they create. Sometimes I can be a craft snob towards my own craftions, but doesn’t practice make perfect? It’s all fun on the way!

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