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This is one of the few areas of organising I advocate taking a whole day out and just doing the whole thing but please don’t empty out every drawer in one go, take it slowly. Take one day 9am – 5pm and spend that day organising and decluttering your clothes, underwear shoes and accessories.

Obviously your storage set up is going to be different from mine, so use your imagination. You don’t need to go out buying a lot of new organisation equipment, you can usually use what you already have to hand but if you do need something you can probably pick it up in a cheap shop or on eBay without compromising on style. Just keep your eyes peeled and view the item in isolation not muddle in with the cheap looking stuff next to it.


– Empty your knickers drawer and sift through everything checking for size, wear and general would-my-mother-approve-of-me-wearing-this-in-the-event-of-a-bus-based-emergency type thing.

– Do the same for bras, tights, slips, socks etc. methodically remove the crap from your life.
Now it is time to sort and organise.  Here’s how I do mine
– Everything is divided into colours first.
– Then I divide by use. We all do it subconsciously so why not think about it for a while and make life easier for ourselves? Which knickers etc. are comfortable for sitting around in, which are better for work and which work best for super active days. I divide mine into three categories and separate them out using both Ikea drawer dividers and perfume boxes.
– Clean out each drawer, pop in a lavender pomander like this one I made on the cheap last year and allow to air for 30 mins before popping your organised clothes back into their fresh, clean home.
T – shirts, lazy clothes and sleep wear etc.



– It’s t-shirt time! Why yes my friend, I did just quote Jersey Shore – don’t judge me. Empty out your t-shirt drawer. Remove any t-shirts and vest tops which no longer fit or are past their best. Then fold them as illustrated in this post so you’re able to see the ‘spine’ of each top.
– The same goes for work out clothes, pyjamas and lazy jumpers.
– Make sure you clean out the drawers before you pop the clothes back in.
12pm – 1pm
– Drag out every pair of shoes, boots, sandals and trainers you own. Evaluate them and choose those you really need and get rid of those which pinch, rub or are uncomfortable and impractical. Be honest with yourself here, spending a day in painful shoes is pure misery so why continue with it?
– Clean the shoes, trim or restring laces.
– Neatly organise your shoes. Do you have the original boxes? If so pop them back in a pop a photograph on the front (you can snap them on your phone and print them off in supermarkets on the cheap). Do you need to buy something to store them in? You can buy clear shoes boxes in bulk on the cheap here or perhaps check out your local charity shops to see if you can spot an unwanted shoe rack or even book shelf. There are also lots of shoe storage ideas on my dedicated Pintrest board.
1pm – 1.30pm 
1.30pm – 3pm
Now it’s time to go through everything hanging up in that wardrobe of yours.
– First remove the tops and dresses and deal with those. Do they all fit? Are any in need of repair? Which can be sold, which can be donated? Tops can slip off hangers very easily especially if they’re a silky material. Good hangers are a great, life time investment. You can grab 50 velvet hangers for £20 here.
Make sure you fasten buttons and zips in order to keep them neatly stored.
– Remove skirts and trousers – again do they fit? Are in any in need of repair? Sell/donate?
It’s important to store correctly so they don’t come out of the wardrobe as a messed up, creased ball. Proper trouser and skirt hangers like these help no end. I like to pop a bit of acid free tissue paper around the garment (especially on items not worn very frequently) where the hanger clamps down to protect the item.

Which items are unsuitable for this season? Now is the time to work out if you can store those summer dresses somewhere else whilst we’re in the deepest depths of winter, in order to free up some wardrobe space. There are various different ways you can store these items depending on your storage and home situation. Take time to think about it – we favour under bed storage like this but other systems may work better for you.

Now here is the bit I really enjoy doing  – organise into colours and then into subcategories of shirts, tops, dresses, skirts and trousers then pop into the wardrobe and admire. – 3.30pm

3.30pm – 4.30pm


As with everything else – take your collection out in small subcategories and work through to see if the items still works, if it needs repair, if it fits and if you still like it.
– Clean up items and then put in a ‘keep’ or ‘donate’ pile.
– Accessories are easy to build up a huge stash in the blink of an eye so promise you’ll go through one subcategory (jewellery, scarves, bags, hats, gloves etc.) and declutter every month.
– I always think accessories are the one thing it’s okay to have a great stash of (if you keep on top of what you have) because you can change up staple outfits at the drop of a hat. You can easily rotate which items you’re using so it’s a great idea to have some out on display for ease of use with the rest stashed away.

– I have a large collection of costume jewellery collected for the past 15 years or so – I keep them all because I end up wearing each one at various points throughout the year, however I only have 10-15 out on display in my bedroom at anytime because I hate how cluttered a room can look with everything out on display at one time. I do the same with other accessories like scarves and belts, it’s easy to create a go to accessory ‘station’ with your current favourites out on display.

4.30 – 5pm
Donate or list
You probably have a huge pile of clothes to donate or list on eBay – DO IT NOW. You may not get all of it done but you can make a good start. You’ve achieved so much today, don’t lose your momentum, get those unwanted clothes out of your house.

– Look after the clothes you have. You spent your money on them, don’t waste that money. Mend them when they need mending, take shoes to cobblers and deal with stains as they appear.
– Don’t over stuff drawers and wardrobes. Just because you can fit 12 extra dresses into that space it doesn’t mean it’s a good fit. Don’t squish your clothes!

Questions to keep in mind

– Does it fit?

– Do I like it/would I buy it if I saw it for sale right now?

– Does it hold sentimental value?

– Could someone else make better use of this garment?

– Will I wear it in the next 6 months?


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P.S. Now isn’t that better?

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  1. Love this post – I so need your blog to keep my life organised!

    Great post!


  2. Great post! It’s easy to think you can just throw all of you clothes out the draws, but t doesn’t work like that! :)

    Shelley x

  3. Isn’t it incredible how having all your bits and bobs organised can make your mind uncluttered too, and help you to get tons of other stuff done?? Right, I’m off to tidy my room!

  4. Your t-shirt folding spine method (technical term) actually changed my life! I started doing this when I moved, and they take up so much less space this way, and I can see exactly what I have as soon as I open the drawer, so it’s a time saver as well. Genius.

    I live in a teeny studio apartment with no room for a wardrobe, so I’ve had to hang things on a free-standing clothes rail. This means they have to look tidy and nice, or my flat looks a tip. I’ve arranged everything by garment type, which saves a lot of time looking for a work shirt in the morning! I also group the pretty colours or patterns at the front, so the garments that are on show look nice. If I have to have my wardrobe out there, it might always add some decor!

  5. …if only our office were this tidy!

    Love from The In Cloud

  6. I am enjoying reading your organising series of posts – they come across as actual everyday useful tips that you have thought about! Not like a lot of blogs who rehash what’s been said previously and only can offer such tips like ‘store all your nail varnish in a nice jar’. My life contains more than nail varnish!

  7. I have all my clothes, shoes, bags and accessories organised within an inch of their lives! The other half on the other hand is in desperate need of a sort out but he wont! I’ve offered to do it he won’t let me either. We’re gonna end up on that horders programme (slight exaggeration) it gives me nightmares! If you open his wardrobe everything falls out! Apart from this he’s spotless maybe its his way of rebelling, he’s ex-army x

    P.S. I (the worlds worst money waster) did something rather thrifty yesterday. I had ran out of wax tarts and was about to place my usual eye watering yankee candle order but then I had a brainwave! I have tons of plug-ins refills yet I never bother with them as they just don’t give off a strong enough scent for my liking. So, you guessed it. I poured them into my burner and it worked amazingly well, I even took a burner into the bedroom and burned some of my Osmo berber oil, best airfreshener I’ve ever smelt! X

  8. Great post, I’ll be doing this soon! xx

  9. Really enjoying these posts and today’s one was especially helpful as i have been meaning to do this for a while :) Thank you! xx

  10. Great tips. If I do sort my wardrobe out I’ll have nothing left to wear, its all too small or past its best. I hate shopping and only do it when my clothes are so knackered they are indecent. ( I need a minion to do shopping for me.)

  11. Great tips,I recently started doing the seasonal storage one!My issue is under the bed,our bed is so low that im yet to find any storage boxes that fit.Annoying really,as that’s such a wasted space.So any ideas would be greatly appreciated!xxx

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you thought of putting your bed on blocks to raise it high enough to get stuff underneath? You could maybe get someone to make some for you, altenatively piles of old books would work as a temporary measure!

  12. This was a great post, especially because I’m clearing out my wardrobe at the minute!


  13. Uhm, nurse chiming in here. We really don’t care about your underwear! It’s an old’s mothre’s tale. If you’re not rousable we’ll just cut them off you prior to going to the OR. If you’ve been hit by a bus, we’re expecting bodily fluids and it to be a bit torn.

    Thongs on either sec will always make us giggle in the back room

  14. I’ve been meaning to reorganize my clothes & accessories, I was even planning to set aside half a day on the weekend to do it. Now I’ve got even more inspiration to sort it out! Thanks!

  15. I think I’m going to set aside a day for this during my week off from work. I’m probably the worst person for leaving clothes on the floor, then getting annoyed that they’re cold in the morning. Not to mention the amount of old tshirts that I have flying around, there may even still be some school uniform somewhere in the pile.
    In short you’re a life saver.

  16. I didn’t think I could love your blog more, and then you quoted Jersey Shore! <3

  17. LOVE this! EXACTLY what I needed – something structured! Thanks! :)

  18. I need to do this so badly, I’m so bad at clothes hoarding I just know there is stuff I could get rid of xo

  19. This was so helpful, and I regret to say VERY much needed for me! haha Now I have an organised wardrobe, yay! 😀

  20. Love this post!! It was ver helpful :))

  21. love this post! I have just moved house so will be considering this when i organise everything.

  22. It’s middle of the night, I have insomnia, I am in the midst of cleaning out/going through my clothes closet, and thus have stacks of everything imaginable all over our bedroom! Don’t know how Hubby can even sleep, but he is a very patient man! Your post speaks directly to me: how DID you know I’d need all this advice this very night to cheer me on to the “Finish Line” in this daunting task!?! Thank you, my dear! I am more than grateful for this helpful advice!

  23. Thanks for the valueable post. My cupboard never sort out. When I find any thing, I spread out the all clothes. It’s a major headache to organised all clothes after that’s happen.

  24. Great site! just wanted to say, regarding the tshirt stacking, this does not work with flimsy materials so I need to do it the old fashioned way, pile up, but I found stacking by colours makes it easier to find something.

  25. I’ve recently found that stacking tops and tees horizontally, not in piles is the perfect way to find them immediately. Like you say, you can see the ‘spine’ of each top.Here I found more interesting and inspiring ideas to try. Thank you!

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