Doggie DIY

doggie DIY

Poor old Jarvis (our new puppy) is a teeny, tiny little chap weighing in at just 1.5kg and not nearly as fluffy as his fellow Yorkshire Terrier brothers and sisters – although he is becoming fluffier by the day. He feels the cold and can pretty quickly start to shiver himself senseless, which can make potty training outside in the frozen North a tad difficult. We’ve been trying to find clothes for him but they’re all too big by a long shot so I bit the bullet and decided to make him something with what we already had.
After a rifle through my linen cupboard I came across the box of socks who had sadly become estranged from their partners. I always keep these solo socks because they come in useful as quick dusters but this time they’d take on a more stylish purpose.
diy puppy clothes
I took this decidedly bad ass pirate sock and snipped off the both the ankle band (which I felt may be too restrictive) and the toe portion with fabric scissors. I wasn’t sure what length I’d need because I was unsure as to whereabouts he’d find it most comfortable to wear and as it turns out, he wasn’t keen on it touching his legs on the underside but once I fiddled around and moved it away from there he was happy with it.
puppy boob tubeBasically I folded the leg portion inside the foot portion (I didn’t chop the leg portion off simply because he is growing by the day and wanted to be able to unfold it a little every day or as required) and then pulled it on him over his head, gently moving his legs through and smoothing it out over his belly. I ruched it up a little so he wouldn’t pee on it and that was it, he was away.
There were no loose ends or threads but had there been I probably would have sewed a quick hem around the edges to keep him from mischief.

But there you go, it is pretty much a soft, cotton boob tube for a puppy. Please don’t tell Jarvis that because it might offend his masculine side.

Cute Jarvis puppyI’m sure there is more you can do with this but Jarvis is growing quickly so I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to go into more detail with fastenings and leg holes because he’ll grow out of it within a fortnight.
Now Jarvis can have a pee and poop in relative warmth. Hurrah!



Sorry for the rubbish photos! You have no idea how hard it is to photograph a hyper puppy in a stupidly dark cave of a flat.
P.P.S. Here is a sweet video for all those Jarvis fans out there.
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  1. Sqeeeeeeeeeeee. Too cute.

  2. OH MY WORD he is the cutest little pup ever. Love this thrifty make.

  3. Oh so cute! He’s a pirate pup! <3.

  4. Awwwwww! He looks wonderful!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. He’s so beautiful.My boys would probably be able to wear that as a sock.To make them a coat I would probably need a duvet cover!

  6. Wicked cute & you have taken thrifty to a whole new level! Brava, my dear! :)

  7. He is the most adorable little pup! If only I had a puppy, I don’t think my cats would let me do this to them haha!

  8. So cute! Love it! :)

  9. Cuteee idea Miss thrifty!

    Hamida x

  10. I never get tired of puppy photos (or small dogs in general), give me that anytime over 1329753 pictures of Facebook babies :) Hannah x

  11. Very cute! You can also make little doggy sweaters from a sleeve. Use the cuff as the neck, fold the sleeve so you can cut out arm holes on each side, then hem those and the bottom. I used to make these for my kittyboy — drove him crazy but it looked cool. You can add all sorts of embellishment and the nice thing to is that if you use cotton or knit sleeves, they stretch for pulling over the animal’s head.

    Sew little pockets into the side and slip a couple of poop bags in….

  12. Jarvis is an absolute babe! Look at him showing off his macho outfit. :)
    I worried about Percie getting cold when he was little, but he’d get out of anything I put him in (staffy so very clever and good at eating through things)

  13. That is so cute! Makes me think squee how tiny he must be to fit in a sock. Great idea :) x

  14. Oh this almost made me cry, it’s just so cute! We have a standard poodle called Dougal. He recently had to have a hair cut because he was beginning to resemble the badder-ass cousin of Mr. Yeti. Anyway, now he shivers when the heating isn’t on, but he’s way too big to get away with having a coat made out of a sock :( so he has to suffice with getting bundled up in my Cath Kidston for Ikea throw, it’s so manly you wouldn’t believe.

  15. Our standard poodle, Dougal, needs something like this. But he’s way too big to fit into a sock. Unless it’s the BFG’s sock. He currently has to suffice with getting bundled up in a Cath Kidston for Ikea fleecy throw. It’s so manly you wouldn’t believe.

  16. I love yorkshire terriers they are so cute!
    I have just started here in the blog world and would love if you came to check mine out! :)

  17. Oh this is so cute! And brilliant! Now all i need is a little puppy to make this for! Our dog is far too big, but he does need a playmate!! Xoxo, jess

  18. Oh my days! Jarvis is the cutest!!!!

  19. o my word. how adorable!


  20. That is one cute and cool pirate dude.

  21. Too. Cute. :)

  22. What a cutie. Elsie’s best friend is a Yorkie and he may be small but he has a character the size of a bus. xx

  23. My goodness he is teeeeeeeny! Bet he loves his new jumper!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  24. That is the cutest pup and so very tiny. Made my day to see this. :)

  25. Oh now that is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! And a genius idea.
    Happy New Year!

    New Year’s Resolutions of the Stars!

  26. Super cute. Awwwwwww!

  27. Too cute! My son is now in love with your puppy. He also wonders if we could use a large Christmas stocking to make a similar outfit for his Cocker Spaniel!

  28. He looks so cute! I wish my boyfriend’s dog would let me dress her up, I feel I’d probably just end up with some shredded fabric if I tried though!

  29. What a sweetie and so like my daughter’s Darwin for whom I knitted a coat which he grew out of too quickly!

  30. Wow. He must be tiny! How cute x

  31. I can’t believe how cute this is!

  32. How adorable!!!!!

  33. Hehe so cute!
    I’m getting a greyhound soon and I can’t wait to dress it up! (It’s actually required because they get cold easily)

    The Lovelorn

  34. hahaha omg this is TOO CUTE. i love it!

  35. Your blog is lovely!

  36. Ah bless! My dogs won’t let me dress them up anymore so make the most of it! I’m puppy broody now! xx

  37. He’s so bloody cute, I live for Jarvis pics on my Instagram feed through the day. I get the feeling that puppies are like children in this sense- buying super expensive or elaborate clothes and shoes for them is such a waste when they grow so quickly.

  38. awwww, how cute is that <3

  39. this is so adorable i think i just melted <3

  40. Awwww, how cute x

  41. Aww he’s adorable. My dogs called Jarvis. He’s a cocker spaniel named after Jarvis Cocker x

  42. Aww he’s adorable. My dogs named Jarvis. He’s a cocker spaniel named after Jarvis Cocker x

  43. Hey! cute post!

    Thought I’d just mention that I just uploaded a post on my blog today about clothes that look similar to designer but with a much less price tag, thought you’d be interested! :) It’s at my blog called I Hate Ads

    Emily x

  44. Awwwww x millions. Gorgeous. A house is truly a home with a dog x

  45. That is just too cute xo

  46. Absolutely love this idea!
    I will have to tell my aunt who is also struggling with the same problem as you but with her very small jack Russell :)

    I just started a blog the other day and i would appreciate it so much if you checked it out :)
    thank you! x

  47. He looks amazing, what a cute pirate outfit! :)

    Maria xxx

  48. Awww he is sooo cute!! bless him! :)
    LaceyLoves x

  49. He is so cute 😀

  50. This is so cute!! Awwww


  51. Love love love your puppy’s new sweater.
    I think I might attempt to make one for my puppy

    Follow one another? Let me know 😀

    Kenneillia M.

  52. Oh my! Cute beyond belief! I will never throw my spare socks away again. Although we are planning on getting a labrador so not sure how that will work :) Happy New Year x


  54. I adopted a really cute dog from a rescue organization over the summer.Her name is Tulip. She came with a collar, but she clearly needed a warm harness, i will definitely make that for her.


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